Africa Photo Safari – What Makes It a “Must Once In a Lifetime Experience”

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Africa photo safari

Africa Photo Safari  – Is it Really Such An Amazing thing? The simple answer is that Because it is an unforgatable experience , because for the first time in your life you will feel what real nature is, how was it millions of years ago We are wired that way, from the very beginning of all times we […]

Rajasthan – Travel Photography Paradise

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The Colorful Place On Earth - How Does It Make Your Photography Better?

  Rajasthan – The Colorful Place On Earth – why it is the best travel photography destination   Rajasthan,the land of kings is the largest state in India. The magic of this place is its royalty, vibrant colorful art, culture and heritage. From the sun kissed Thar Desert to colorful cities, breathtaking palaces, exquisite handicrafts and […]

Guest blogging deserves a bit of respect

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Show some respect

There’s been a new guest post almost every single day for the past two weeks and for the most part, they’ve been excellent! There have been a couple however that I have had to reject because they weren’t guest posts, more like excuses to publish sales pages that lead to more sales pages or written […]

Disqus VS CommentLuv Commenting Plug-ins

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CommentLuv VS Disqus

Disqus VS CommentLuv Commenting Plug-ins It seems to me lately that everywhere I have been going I run into the Disqus comment plug-ins on other blogs. I really can’t help but wonder, Why? Why in the world do we have numerous websites that are using Disqus on their blogs? There’s a lot of crippling factors […]

Use This Tool: Word Processor (Up to 5+ Languages), & Calculator

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  Not this tool! A valuable tool; yes and no A tool that acts as a multi-lingual word processor and editor, as well as a calculator must be quite valuable, right?  Yes, and no.  This tool, in the hands of creative people, has produced awesome results.    Like other tools, it can have great value or […]

What Is Linking To Your Website?

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link building

The “Dofollow” Link Building Strategy We all want dofollow links. These are what ranks our sites higher and higher on the search engines. This is how we are able to get our blogs in front of the eyes of the readers to actually have a chance to make money. Link building is probably the number […]

What Does It Take To Get Website Traffic?

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SEO for Internet Traffic We all know how aggravating and tedious it can be to get ranked up for Google or some other search engine. All of the hassle that it takes to actually get your blog or site to the first page really takes a lot of time. This in itself is time consuming […]

3 New Ways to Rank & Succeed with Blog Commenting

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blog commenting success

I recently got a DoFollow PageRank 7 link with anchor text from blog commenting.  Here’s the technique I used and 2 more actionable strategies for successful blog commenting. Blog Commenting Strategy #1 PageRank serves as a good metric for the overall authority of a webpage.  Getting links that pass PR to your site is one […]

No PayPal ? No Problem. Micro payments with your cell phone.

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Pay with your mobile

There’s a new payment system in town! Now you can pay with your mobile phone to activate your ComLuv blog if you don’t have paypal or credit card. 1. click the button This is the screen you see if your ComLuv blog has expired. It will give you the option of using Paypal to process […]

The Credits System

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The credits system was introduced to take care of administrating and controlling of the premium add ons and features that can be put on ComLuv blogs. The plugin is provided by the guys at Premium WPMU (you can download it here) and it’s been modified to integrate with the affiliate plugin (download that here) so […]