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Scott Craighead
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CommentLuv VS Disqus

Disqus VS CommentLuv Commenting Plug-ins

It seems to me lately that everywhere I have been going I run into the Disqus comment plug-ins on other blogs. I really can’t help but wonder, Why? Why in the world do we have numerous websites that are using Disqus on their blogs? There’s a lot of crippling factors you just don’t understand about Disqus being present on your blog and just how much it can hurt your blog.

Disqus VS CommentLuv:  Loading Times

Disqus: I don’t know how many times this has happened to you. But for me, it’s a consistent thing. I want to comment…I wait…I want to comment…I wait..I JUST WANT TO COMMENT…Still waiting! It just doesn’t load! I have something to say but 80% of the time it refuses to load, I sh*t you not! Also, you have to think about it from an average Joe’s viewpoint. How do you think they feel when they come to your site and notice Disqus is still pretending to load? I’ll tell you how they feel. Your website is broken! They say to themselves “This website is the pits! It can’t even load comments right!” People are blind, assuming, and cranky animals! You have to take that into account when you run a blog.

CommentLuv: It’s true that if you’re get a lot of comments and the comments are not next page surfing friendly like mine is due to my theme. That it can bog down your page or post load times. It can also take forever to scroll down your huge list of comments.  so your user can comment on the blog post itself. So the disadvantage to CommentLuv is..too many comments! I’m not really seeing that as too much of a disadvantage if you ask me.

Disqus VS CommentLuv: User-Friendly Usability

Disqus: Now once you get Disqus all setup with your own personal Disqus account! I have had no problem signing in and commenting. Given it loads the Disqus system on your blog that is! However, I can tell you that when I used it previously when I wasn’t a webmaster.  I would only comment as a guest! Why? Because using it to sign in with one of my social media accounts was just not working out for me half the time! It would result in me losing whatever comment I just wrote after I finished signing into my social media! Often making me say “Jesus, really? Well forget it!” Also, is the average Joe going to want to register with Disqus just so they can comment on your blog? The answer is simply no.

CommentLuv: Now the only problem with CommentLuv is actually not really CommentLuv’s problem. It’s the WordPress default commenting system. It asks for a “Website”. I have clear indications on my blog that you do not need to fill out your website to comment. However, this can be extremely helpful for not only webmasters but for people boosting their social media. Other users can put in their Facebook URL or Twitter URL as their website and connect with other people that way. On my blog thanks to CommentLuv. I allow people to put in their Twitter Username and I also have a little button next to the input field asking if they want to follow me on Twitter.  Talk about something so user friendly for the both ends, it’s incredible.

Disqus VS CommentLuv: User Distraction

Disqus: Something most webmasters overlook is a feature of Disqus that makes you lose traffic and you don’t even know it. Yes, you heard me right. Disqus makes you lose traffic. Huh? What? How? I know you find it hard to believe. But it’s a little feature called

“My Disqus”. Let me explain, When I scroll down to comment on your blog, I wait for the thing to load and I go to click the comment box to type in my comment. But!! Before I click on the comment box, I notice one thing. “My Disqus” has some replies due to the red blip sticking out telling me so. So now the most important thing for me is the reply “I” got on another website and is no longer the comment I was going to leave on yours. So I’m gone!

CommentLuv: CommentLuv isn’t distraction free. Given that it lets users leave a post to one of their websites below their comment. Something might catch a users eye and they will no longer leave the comment on your blog, it’s true. However, for webmasters this is important because they can also leave a post below their comment and makes it a treat to comment on your blog. Also, for me personally. I usually visit the commentator’s posts that they leave with their comment on my blog That Gaming Critic and I myself will comment on their blog post. You see? It helps everyone. Sometimes it will lead into a comment frenzy between two blog owners. How amazing is that? I’ll tell you, very amazing!

Disqus VS CommentLuv: Comment Moderation

Disqus: Disqus handles blog moderation differently because your not using your WordPress admin to moderate your comments. Because of this feature.. most just simply allow commenting with zero moderation. Do you want some ugly, hateful, and gross troll comments below your post? I don’t think so. The fact is, it’s not even worth having comments if you can’t moderate them. Look at YouTube, that’s the perfect example of UN-moderated comments. Just a bunch of trash talking and fighting. Think people, Think!

CommentLuv: There’s really not much to say here. You use your WordPress admin just like you always have before. It’s the perfect system allowing you supreme control over what you’re doing with your comments. Not to mention CommentLuv comes with WASP which filters out spam comments which you also have supreme control over. So once again, I have nothing bad to say about CommentLuv.

Disqus VS CommentLuv: Social Media Sharing

Disqus: Disqus has no sharing. It allows you have your posts below the comments for your site or you can use other peoples posts for advertising revenue. Is this a bad idea? Of course it is. You just need a related post widget if you want to do this better and more effectively on your blog. As for the advertising revenue, It’s pretty much useless. It’s unused. How many times have you went to the very bottom of a page and decided “Hey! Look! Free Viagra Pills!” and clicked off! My point exactly.

CommentLuv: Commentluv can bring in tons and tons of sharing. I kid you not. When I comment on someone’s post and someone has CommentLuv Premium allowing for social media sharing. Do you know what I do? I share on every single one of them (Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.) Why? Because it makes me feel good! It also makes the author or webmaster extremely happy with you and will often return the favor on your blog. Do you understand why that’s so important to your blog with SEO? Just trust me social media is very important.

Winner : CommentLuv

Disqus Vs CommentLuv