Why do I blog? Why do you?

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I love blogging

I’ve been blogging for many years now, but to be honest I am no where near being a problogger. I wrote articles and posted them on this site where only those where were members would see it and sometimes comment on them. It wasn’t until I wrote some controversial article on any topic (gaming, politics, electronics or even religious) that i would get more than 4 or 5 comments and replying back would surely get me a few more, especially from those who replied just to contradict anything I said because they already had an opposing mentality with me.

After several years of blogging!

But after several years of blogging, more of a commentator than a writer, I still have the desire to keep blogging. But”¦ why do I blog? From what I have seen thru out the years there are many kinds of reasons for people to blog. Some blog because it’s something to do during off time of downtime at work; some blog because they like arguing and debating; others blog because they like to speak their minds and recently I learned that some blog because it’s another source of income, in other words they can make money off of simply writing what ever comes to mind on any topic of their choice.

I blog for several reasons

Me? I blog for several reasons. For one thing I blog because it’s fun. Although I have never been much of a reader, I enjoy reader what other people have to say. Even though bloggers can and do put a twist of their own in their blogs on any topic, I am more likely to listen to what they have to say than the Media who is more concerned with writing what they think people want to hear than providing real, complete and unedited stories. I also like to blog because I talk a lot. I mean I talk “a lot”. In high school I was called “motormouth“ (I’ve got my yearbook to prove it) and I was nominated for “class clown” and “class chatterbox” for my Senior Year. Sadly enough I didn’t win (well, in a way it was sad, I think); not surprised though as

I was only in that school for 1 year so most of my class never got a chance to truly see just how much of a “motormouth” I really was. I would have won both nominations hands down. This is where I get my online name Chatterbox Chuck. Another reason I like to blog is because I want to voice my concerns about everyday life. Politics, current events, family, even technology. All these topics eventually yield issues that sometimes greatly concern me and as a person with the God Given freedom to speak my mind (at least that’s what the Constitution of these United States say) I feel it’s my responsibility to say something about these issues in the hopes that, at least, my words can make a difference and when ever possible I’ll take action as well.

Why blogging is fun?!

But while blogging is fun, a great place for a “motormouth” and the best place to voice my concerns; the biggest reason for blogging to me is that not only can I help educate people but I also get educated in the process. It’s been my belief that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were created with the intention of giving every citizen of this nation a place to live freely, a chance to live the American Dream, the ability to improve our culture, but most of all to have a Gov’t that, while responsible for safety, security and public services for the American people, was “of the people, by the people, for the people“. But we live in times where people are not fully educated in our history and our rights and I simply want to do my part to help educate people on the basics and in the process learn things I did not know before.

Another reason why I blog

As I mentioned before, I recently learned that blogging can also be a source of income. Considering things are difficult these days, only a fool would pass up the possibility of getting paid to do something you like to do, something that’s actually fun and something where you can be your own boss. So I can accept that this would be yet another reason why I blog; although I have yet to venture in making money on my blog, I eventually will.

This is why I blog. Why do you?