The Six Main Myths Of Making It Online

Andrew Rondeau
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Andrew Rondeau
Andrew Rondeau

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Andrew Rondeau
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Most people come to the idea of making a living from online services through a desire to improve their work/life balance, enhance the quality of their career and free up more time to spend on the things they love, and less at work.

However, often there can be some serious misconceptions relating to how easy it is to make a living using the internet, and many potential entrepreneurs fall by the wayside once it becomes apparent that running an online business is a bit tougher than they expected.

Here are the top six myths I come across regularly through my company that people have about working for themselves and making an online business”¦

“It’s easy to work from home and run a blogging business”

It always makes me grin when people speak about the internet as if we were still in the heady days of the online boom. These days, making a living online is highly possible, but only if you’re prepared to put in a lot of time, effort and energy. The customers I have that succeed are the ones that fully understand that working for yourself online takes just as much commitment (or usually more) as any other career, and the likelihood of stumbling across a winning formula for success that doesn’t need any effort is minimal at best.

“I never need to leave my house”

People who assume that working from home means that they never need to set foot out of their front door again to make their business work are probably not going to make their business work! Although most of what we do is conducted through online networking via Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn and other virtual communities, no business can survive if it is conducted purely in isolation.

Apart from the fact that most of us would go crackers if we were holed up day after day with a laptop in some dusty basement, we really do need to network face to face to get the most from our business relationships. Breakfast meetings, clubs and social events are all just as crucial to good networking as staying in and chewing the fat over Skype!

“I can make a fortune overnight”

Unless you know something that I don’t, it’s not actually possible to set up a business online legitimately and walk away

the following day as a millionaire. Most of us know that there is no magic formula for success through online working, other than hard work, a bit of innovation, and a bit of luck!

Unless you happen to be the one person in a million who manages to stumble across a really unique and innovative idea that goes viral, don’t expect to make your fortune and retire to sunny climes for the rest of your days from your online business.

“I don’t need to have a long term strategy”

Successful online businesses need strategic thinking to stay ahead of the competition. With the rapid shifts and trends which take place each day in the online world, we each of us need to be really focused on where we are headed, to achieve our goals. Understanding where you are, and what you want to achieve is much easier if you have a strategic game plan in place to follow, which reflects your industry niche, your capabilities, and your aspirations.

“It’s all been done before”

This is not a true reflection of online business, as there is never an area which has been focused upon so much, that there is nothing else to do with it. Even if your market sector is saturated, it’s worth thinking of ways that you can provide a unique twist on to existing services to make them a success.

When Henry Ford started making cars, they weren’t the only cars in the market – he just devised a strategy to make them better. Similarly, the online world always has potential for new innovations and fresh takes on existing ideas.

“I’m not technical – I could never run an online business”

No-one starts out with an innate knowledge of the net when they start out in business online. However, they pick up knowledge as they go along, gaining more experience. The beauty of our industry is that there are always talented people out there to support us with areas of our business that we may not be experts in – it makes sense to play to your individual strengths, and let the experts take care of the rest! Never let a lack of knowledge get in the way of a fine idea – hit the books, call the experts, and you’ll succeed online.

So what do you think? Have you ever believed any of these myths?

Please share your views in the comments below. 


  1. Hi Andrew, this post speaks real fact that working from and the points you have highlighted are very true. I do agree with this…………. Great share.

  2. Twitter:
    Of course you can’t become millionaire over night working online. Only a newbie believe his kinda of stuff and they end up buying clickbank secrets :D

    I wanna talk about passive income working online, yes you can achieve this if you work hard more than just couple months, somewhere around 2-3 years, I’m talking about real income, real business, things like this take time and money to invest too.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Thesis vs Genesis / Best WordPress Premium Themes for BloggersMy Profile

  3. I do not think I ever believed any of them, just hoped!!
    Greg Urbano recently posted..Your postcard made it to England.My Profile

  4. Maikel Michiels says:

    From what I’ve seen and questions I’ve had, the number one reason for much of the frustration and people that quit is unreasonable expectations, sometimes combined with trying to get something for nothing.

    For some reason a lot of people don’t seem to realize that blogging takes hard work, at least to get it off the ground. You make some good points in your article.

    Kind regards,

  5. Twitter:
    Andrew good to see you! Easy lol….this is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. By far. Power share man.
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Things You Should Know Before Investing in Gold CoinsMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hello Andrew,

    Your article is so on point. Usually, when I tell people I am a blogger, they simply imagine its one simple hell of a business model…the reality is that it’s far from the truth and that stereotype is simply false.

    To make money online, I keep on telling people you have to simple unlearn all that you’ve hitherto learnt if being an online success means anything to you…there are just too many false information out there!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..HOW TO LOWER YOUR BLOG’S BOUNCE RATE IN 7 CREATIVE WAYSMy Profile

  7. Hi Andrew Rondeau ,
    Blogging is not an easy task especial when you don’t have much experience. But also it is a best and simple way to start your business with $100. Online business success depend upon your passion and desire. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.


  8. Twitter:
    Hello Andrew Rondeau ,
    Your article is really worthy and informative. Especially for me , I get some tips from your post which definitely help me out.
    Thanks for sharing
    Ritul Gangwar
    Ritul Gangwar recently posted..Best Features Of VLC Media PlayerMy Profile

  9. Sarmista Aun says:

    Hi Andrew,
    You are absolutely right. No business can flourish only from home. Thanks for sharing the myths. It do agree with you. It is not easy to achieve anything overnight, we need to set a long term strategy in order to achieve our desired results.

  10. Twitter:
    Totally agree with you Andrew. Just because the online business gurus and online business information services and product providers seem to be every where on the Internet the truth is that they are a very small percentage of the successful online businesses making a great financial profit on the Internet.
    Worli recently posted..5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Can FailMy Profile

  11. Remi Badozi says:

    Hi Andrew

    You are spot on… online business is no different from offline business, the main difference is your platform – where you market your service or product and where your customers are. Just as someone starting an offline business has to learn the strategies, the same applies to starting an online business. The quicker one is able to grasp the concept and act on it the quicker you begin to see results.
    You can’t just sit in your shop/office and not go out in the name of running a business neither can you just sit behind your computer all day long! There’s need for going out to network, fresh air and even just snooping around for ideas as you never know what can spark the next big deal for you.

    Sometimes I blame some of the myths of making it online on the so called “gurus” that paint it out like everything can be achieved at the push of a button! It makes new starters have a wrong conception of online business and after so many weeks of looking for the right button… they give up.
    Thanks for sharing this post on the myths of making it online.

  12. Leon Bailey says:

    I 100% agree with “I can make a fortune overnight”. A lot of people just simply think they can make a website, fb, twitter, write some blogs, and the money starts rolling in. There is so much more to it. I’ve been doing websites since 1999 and still haven’t come up on that fortune. I tell people all the time this isn’t so easy, but they don’t listen. Got to let them figure this out themselves. Good post about myths online! :)

  13. Twitter:
    I started my blog when I knew nothing about blogging. Anyone can make money online if they have the zeal and the passion of blogging.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted..Post Status Updates On Facebook VIA AnythingMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Lots of people start blogging thinking that it’s just a piece of cake and after few months they realized the reality and after that 90% of them stop working.
    Janmejai recently posted..Top 10 Benefits of Practicing YogaMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    I have zero level knowledge on all this and yes I aspire to travel through this path too. Was very helpful for a beeginner
    Freddy M Thomas recently posted..#4: HIS SEARCH FOR RESPECT,PRIDE AND EDUCATIONMy Profile

  16. I am sure you didn’t mean it that way but one of your subtitle suggest that it is not a good idea to run your online business from home or you cannot be successful that way. I think you would be better off starting from home and perhaps while you are still in employment. Initial months can be real tough and it would be best if you kept your day job and don’t create other overheads by running from home.

  17. Twitter:
    I have been doing business online for a very long time and it took me a long while before i ditch my 9,5 job.
    The myths are all true, a lot of people are scared to get started.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Public Case Study: Building A Successful Niche Site from ScratchMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Hey Andrew,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading. These days blogging business is really very famous and everyone is trying to join it for making money online. Its very tough to make money online as its require lots of hardwork and patience.
    Sudipto recently posted..Flappy Bird FOR PC / Computer / WINDOWS 7/8, MAC AndroidMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Hello Andrew
    What I learn for the one year blogging experience is that it is not that much easy as it seems from outside. It needs strategies,time management ,hard work and dedication with patience. Nice to read you here. Thanks for the nice post.
    Mahendra recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Star Trios triple Sim phone Specs, and PriceMy Profile

  20. Making it online is just as hard as in any offline business. You have advantages provided by the technology but that doesn’t make it easy. It just requires you to learn a lot and learn all the time.
    Andy Kent recently posted..Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

  21. Ha ha ha
    Never need to leave my house
    I think when i do business online, i have to do more work than go to official. But it’s interested and you can manage your time.
    Jolice recently posted..FB Echo Review – 60% Discount Code OfferMy Profile

  22. I think blogging is kind of helping other human being all over the world.I like to do blogging for share the knowledge you have first it is really helpful for other peoples sometimes not, blogging is also improve over knowledge and helping understand the other people’s thinking.through blogging we interact the other peoples which are to far away for us…
    its my part time to spend little bit time on internet…
    Mohit recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S5 in indian MarketMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    People always think that making money online is just few click away. You have to be dedicated and do the hardwork to achieve what you want. I have seen many fallen blogger because they were mislead by the community. I am sure this post can help understand the new bloggers that making is not easy but it is also not hard. All it requires is some dedication and consistency.
    Ashi recently posted..World’s Slimmest Smartphone will Launch Tomorrow in IndiaMy Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Hello Andrew Rondeau,

    Great post, very funny! #1 “It’s easy to work from home and run a blogging business” is what everyone thinks! Running a blogging business is so hard. It takes time, effort, patience, and a positive attitude and approach. A lot of people lose it due to frustration, or when they fail to yield the results they dream about.

    And for “I don’t need to have a long term strategy” – everyone needs a long-term strategy to be successful, especially in the blogging business. You can’t be successful without the passion, drive and vision.

    Great post.
    J. Wright recently posted..Super Slim-Down for Lisa Marie PresleyMy Profile

  25. These myths sound so obvious, but I see so many people that believe they can become internet megastars overnight with 1 idea. Great list, thanks for sharing.
    Adam recently posted..High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  26. Rich Emmett says:

    That’s a really perceptive list – so right about the most common misconceptions. It’s not assisted, I guess, by the email offers regularly sent out to people by some internet marketers promising overnight success and riches. With a long term strategy as you suggest, it really is possible to establish a successful online business by blogging. I find that the most important thing when approached by anyone completely new to making a living by blogging is to stress that it is a real business, like an offline business. No one would expect to start earning in an offline business without putting in the required time and effort, so why wouldn’t that be the same online? I’m looking forward to reading The Income Blogging Blueprint.

  27. Hello Andrew,
    At my place and within my cousins the biggest myth is online sitting at home and working is pretty easy, all you need is sit in front of the PC and do work what can be done by every one.

    All the time if some one comes home ask me how also can i earn from home, But they literally don’t know the difficulties what we face in this online world is same like other job we do online.
    Aquila A recently posted..Get iMessage on WindowsMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    Nice post :) but I never believed any of them. one thing is true people always think that making money online is just few click away. Thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..How To Use Fetch As Google In Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  29. Twitter:
    Truism at its best! Andrew some of those were my exact thoughts a few days back ,when a friend of mine said that blogging is “easy money”. How many such people hold these misconceptions, god knows! Working online requires as much efforts and skills than any job in the world. Thanks for the share Andrew! Again a great job!
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..Maya Angelou : Letters to My Younger SelfMy Profile

  30. I quite agree with the 2-3 years span you gave, Daniel. During that time, one must have gathered links, created enduring friendships and marked his/her name in an indelible fashion on the minds on Internet users…haha
    Thanks for the share Andrew! Again a great job!
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

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