Is GetResponse the Marketing Automation Tool You Need?

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GetResponse—hailed as one of the best email marketing platforms—is now evolving into an all-in-one digital marketing solution. Now, will it retain the quality and ease of use it is known for? How big is the scope of automation and how will it affect businesses? To answer all these questions, here is a breakdown of everything […]

How to Set up Your Own Blog in 5 Easy Steps

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If you are wondering how you can set up your own blog, you have come to the right place, because our goal is to explain all the necessary and easy steps that will get you off to a successful blogging start, without the need for any technical experience. The first thing you need to ask […]

Why Your New Site Needs a Time-Tested Content Strategy

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Content is the main building block of digital marketing. Remember that you do not just put a something up for sale and expect the cash to roll in. You need to build and offer value first. To do this, you must invest in building your brand’s authority, establishing your online presence, developing your relationship with […]

5 Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Improve Your Event

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Holding events is a great way to connect and promote your brand to a bigger audience and potential business partners. Today, businesses in all industries can either launch a physical event or host them online using social media. But if you truly want to make a name for yourself, you need to integrate digital marketing […]

Best Email Marketing Platforms For Small Business

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Are you into email marketing? Well, if you are running a small business, then you should. Building a mailing list is one of the most effective ways to create a strong relationship with your audience. Your subscribers are not just your most loyal fans, but also a reliable source of traffic and potential customers. There […]

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Market Your Business

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Marketing is usually the last thing on every entrepreneur’s mind. Managing employees and keeping the customers happy is rather time-consuming, and business owners simply do not have the time to create and implement an engaging marketing campaign, which would boost their sales and generate leads. Since we are now living in the digital age, we […]

Do Presentations Play a Big Role in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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You may have already asked yourself this question while creating visual content for the promotion of your business. Sometimes, you might even think that it is an irrelevant question. However, apparently, presentations can help you get ahead in the game called Marketing. Slide presentations have come a long way since being used conventionally for academic […]

Reasons Why Business Owners Should Rely on Webinars for Management and Marketing

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As we all know, in order to stay successful in your line of work, you must stay relevant. This means you have to keep up with the changes, and alter your perspective if needed. Of course, you do not need to follow every new trend, but when something becomes generally accepted it makes no sense […]

Content is the New SEO: Tips to Creating Content That Will Earn You Links

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Unlike what naysayers keep saying, SEO is not dead. It is just different. “Building a successful blog is more than writing,” says Rob Lons, Marketing Manager of RankPay, a pay for performance SEO service provider. “As a blogger, the right mindset should be a combination of writer meets SEO, meets social media manager.” “Content marketing […]

Tips for Flipping a House in Florida

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When it comes to flipping houses, your chances significantly increase if you are planning to invest in state like Florida. Cities like Miami and Orlando are some of the most desirable places to live – it is always sunny there, filled with tourists, and they do not fall short off attractions. In other words, if […]