4 Reasons Why a Logo Is Important for Business

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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One of the ways to tell the community that you intend to become a world famous brand is to add a logo to your company. This may prove to be more challenging than you initially anticipated, and it is definitely not something that should be done hastily. One day, your logo may influence your business in a good way, provided that you indeed have a good service when it comes to your line of work. In case you are planning on creating your logo, here are a couple of tips about logos and the messages they should convey.

1. Reason behind your logo

It is a well-known fact that not only business companies, but also almost any existing institution has its own logo. The reason for that is quite simple, it is much easier to establish your own identity as a company if you have a logo to back you up. In fact, we must all agree that it is more plausible to remember a picture which is unique than to remember a unique name. Just think about all the logos in your head and think about why you ended up remembering them. There is no doubt about the conclusion, which you are going to reach – because they were incorporated in good marketing, and conveyed a powerful message.

2. It should symbolize the basic idea of your business


This does not mean that you should put your product as a logo, it means that your logo should be an idea that you promote. Allow me to elaborate – if you are a company that produces cell-phones, your logo should be a picture which shows connection between people, like Nokia for example. So, if you are in the line of work that produces fast food, you will try to promote happiness, if you manufacture padlocks, then you will promote safety, etc. Take a moment to consider what would be the best symbol for the idea you are selling, so you can make that symbol your logo. Do not forget to be cautious, for sometimes, symbol may be ambiguous and therefore, it may confuse the intended audience. The way you use your logo should also reflect your company’s philosophy. For example, if you opted for a paper free work philosophy, don’t print out thousands

of business cards. Promote yourself digitally and use your logo to brand your content, website, etc. This is a major image inconstancy which ruins reputations.

3. The design

This is not as easy as it sounds, mainly because a logo should promote your idea, be more or less simple, in order to be easily remembered, and be unique at the same time. It is for this reason that you should not form your logo all by yourself, unless you are acquainted with the art of graphic design. It would look really unprofessional if you start changing the appearance of your logo for the worse but if you do a good job with logo design, it will certainly help your business to some degree. Perhaps the best thing to do is to make a survey, which consists of various ideas for your logo, and see which logo picture was the most memorable one for the viewers, or which one they liked the most. Once the survey is finished, you will have a basic idea of how to create your logo.

4. Logo should be followed by a slogan  


Sometimes, it is impossible for your logo to clearly represent the intended idea (usually in cases when your logo is just a single letter, like McDonalds and Facebook for example), then you need to add a slogan to it in order to boost its representative potential. Slogans should be a short message, which also promotes the idea behind your product. Think of a creative slogan that can do that for you and but don’t take it lightly, it may seem simple but there are some tricks to it. Also, with a good slogan, you have a high possibility to go viral on the internet, meaning only one thing – people will start advertising you on their own.

To sum up, a logo is quite essential for success, despite the fact that it is just a picture, because it is a tool for your products to be recognized in the eyes of the consumers. Once you manage to satisfy the needs of your customers, your logo is associated with quality service and in the digital age it is immensely important to retain a consistent visual presence. Just make sure that your logo is designed properly and propped with a good slogan. Once all of these conditions are met, just sit back and watch how your brand name spreads across the globe.