Creative Ways To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business

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Shane Jones
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Shane Jones
Shane Jones
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Whether you’re peddling rat traps or buying stock options, your business has undoubtedly set up a profile on LinkedIn. But are you tapping the full potential of this social networking site?

Here are some creative ways to use LinkedIn to market your business.

Create a LinkedIn Group

Find a topic within your industry that could generate some attention and debate. Invite others in your industry, people you want to network with, and potential customers to join.

Be sure to monitor the group and post topics and questions to get people engaged. Promote the group with links on your website and by advertising it on your business’s other social media sites.

Employ LinkedIn’s DirectAds

This feature allows you to target certain demographics much the way you would with Google AdWords. Since you pay per click, it’s a relatively low-risk proposition, and you have the flexibility to tweak how you are targeting: by industry, by location, by age group, etc.

Include a Picture

Strange but true: Social media profiles without pictures are less likely to be viewed, including on LinkedIn. The lack of a picture is seen as unprofessional and technically unsound, two negatives when judging a business.


Out Your Profile in Full

The more details you provide, the better lead generation you’ll get from LinkedIn in terms of contacts, potential employees and groups to join.

It will also give potential clients and customers a better understanding of your business and whether it is a good fit for them.

Integrate Your Social Media Sites

LinkedIn can be fully integrated with Twitter, Facebook and more giving businesses a chance to cross-pollinate, so to speak. Track down some of the businesses and people you follow on other social media sites and connect with them on LinkedIn.

You can also add your Twitter feed to your LinkedIn profile in order to give a fuller view of what your business does and what your customers value.

Use Your Employees as Evangelists

Unlike most other social networks, LinkedIn is based on business and business relationships, and most employees will be eager to show off their worth on their profiles. Encourage them to connect with people in your business community and to post PowerPoints and SlideShares demonstrating your company’s biggest accomplishments.

Make your employees double as your business’s best cheerleaders.

Use Polls to Interact with People

Have some fun. Quiz people on their opinion about your website’s new color scheme with a poll or have them weigh in on something as frivolous as who will win the Super Bowl, building goodwill among your followers.

You want a brand that makes them smile.

Using these tips you should be able to market your business both creatively and effectively on LinkedIn.