Wish You Could Get Paid for Playing Games Online? Your Dream Could Become a Reality

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Shane Jones
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Video game station

It’s a gamers dream – sitting around all day playing video games and getting paid for it. But how realistic is this scenario? The truth is there are thousands of people out there that actually get paid for gaming. Check out some of the ways people make money gaming and decide if this profession is right for you.

Video Game Tournaments

Playing in tournaments is how hard-core gamers earn the most money. Usually, they specialize in playing one game, and they play that game all the time. This is a very serious profession and requires massive amounts of dedication. We are talking about having daily schedules where you spend hours upon hours playing the same game. Professional gamers aren’t playing for fun – they are playing to be the best.

Becoming a professional gamer is almost like becoming a professional athlete. The chances of making it are very, very slim. There are people out there doing this, but it isn’t a common career and it’s not something you can stumble into. It takes hard work, dedication, and skill.

Game Testers

A more common gaming profession is working in the quality assurance and testing field. Games go through several rigorous tests before being put on the market. So, there are several people out there who actually get paid for testing these games. To get started in this field, you will most likely need to do some freelance game testing work

to build up experience before you can get hired at a big company. BeAGameTester.com is a great place to start freelancing.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean you get paid for playing the game, because quality assurance is actual work. You could spend hours doing meaningless tasks just to make sure every aspect of the game is perfect. Some of the tasks may be fun, but some are sure to be monotonous and time consuming. Still, you get paid to explore new games. It’s definitely not the worst job you could have.

Paid-For-Play Games

Several sites actually pay people for playing online games. This is something anyone can do, and isn’t really a job. With this option, you actually do get paid just for having fun playing online. The catch is you won’t get paid much. You really won’t even make minimum wage doing this. But, if you already spend time playing online games, there is nothing wrong with earning a little extra money for groceries or skin care products.

If you’re interested in playing online games for money, check out sites like Swag Bucks or The Game Show Network to get started. Just watch out for scams, which can surface in any work-at-home opportunity. Remember any site you play for should be paying you. Never pay them to let you play.

So there are ways you can make money-playing games. If you are just looking for some extra money, playing online games is a great way to supplement your income. If you’re looking for a serious career in the gaming industry, get ready to work hard and do lots of different tasks, not necessarily just playing the game.