Wish You Could Get Paid for Playing Games Online? Your Dream Could Become a Reality


It’s a gamers dream – sitting around all day playing video games and getting paid for it. But how realistic is this scenario? The truth is there are thousands of people out there that actually get paid for gaming. Check out some of the ways people make money gaming and decide if this profession is […]

A Little Green Goes a Long Way: Best Places to Recycle Ink Cartridges


Whether your business requires a lot of printing or only a few pages now and then, there will come a time-usually at the most inconvenient moment possible-when you will need to stop and replace your printer’s ink cartridge. What should you do with the old cartridge? Well, before you toss it into the nearest trashcan, […]

Tackling Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions:  Not quite sure what this means? It’s the first 120 or so characters (not words) that show up underneath your website or other online presence on a Google search. You know – that beginning sentence of, “Browse for lunchroom tables for your cafeteria here by…” or other snippet. Meta descriptions might be small, but […]

Internet Rehab: Do You Need It?


Addiction can come in virtually any form. First there was alcohol and drug rehab for chemical dependencies. Then there was support groups and counseling for those struggling with pornography and gambling. There are even options out there for people who become addicted to their work. It should come as no surprise, then, an addiction to […]

Creative Ways To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business


Whether you’re peddling rat traps or buying stock options, your business has undoubtedly set up a profile on LinkedIn. But are you tapping the full potential of this social networking site? Here are some creative ways to use LinkedIn to market your business. Create a LinkedIn Group Find a topic within your industry that could […]

The Art and Science of Cold Calling


Some sales people love the thrill and unpredictability of cold calling, but they’re in the minority. Most of us would rather walk on hot coals than pick up the phone and try to sell something to a stranger. When you’re in the business of selling and marketing, though, making cold calls is usually a job […]

Fight Focus-Block with these 3 Productivity Apps


It doesn’t really matter how comfortable that executive office chair or shaker furniture in your office is – when you can’t focus, you just can’t focus. Many times, that dreaded focus-block occurs at the most inopportune moments. You know you have a huge project to finish, and you know it’s due in four hours “¦ […]

Tips for Choosing a Security Gate


Are you thinking about getting a security gate for your business? Maybe when your company bought the building, the neighborhood was okay, but lately it’s started going downhill. Maybe you’ve been expanding and want to be sure all the new inventory you’ve acquired is securely locked away. Before you make an expensive purchase on the […]

Your Website can be your Best Sales Rep


Marketing and sales used to require printed ads, commercials, sales reps, customer service reps and endless time and resources. But now, all those functions come together in what could be your best sales rep – your website. In a matter of days or even hours, your website can launch your product, tout its features and […]

Top-Ranking Google Chrome Apps


Google Chrome is a relatively new browser that was created by the geniuses at Google. Users are provided with a wide array of applications to enhance their browsing experience. A number of Google applications are free even though some of them require payment. Either way users are rewarded with efficient and technologically savvy applications. Snap […]