Improve Your Self-Confidence


Do you often find yourself feeling insecure and, because of that, unable to deal with certain types of everyday problems?  If the answer is yes, you should definitely do something about it. Lack of confidence can become a real big problem if you keep your eyes closed in front of it for a long time. […]

Top 6 Tricks to Make Your WordPress Site Faster


  Hi guys I have some great tech tips which will make your site faster. As most of the blogger use WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System) that’s why these trick are specially designed for those sites, which are on WordPress. But before starting let’s answer the most basic question here. Why the load time of […]

How to: Content Marketing


If you were on the planet Earth during 2013, than you have probably heard about what Red Bull did. What we saw was such a creative way of brand promoting that it is simply hard to explain with words. As a business owner, you need to look into the future, having what Felix did in […]

How to Download Play Store apps on PC without any software


Everyone knows about android operating system as it is widely used by most of the  smartphone users and it is leading Operating System in mobile market as of now.  One of the main reason for Android OS to become popular is because it is a free  operating system and allows users to access file system […]

Adsense, every blogger’s dream!

get adsense approved

Getting your Adsense approved is the most prevalent dream of any blogger. Making money has always been an arduous job, be it online or offline. I started blogging around three and a half months back, the only motive behind my blogging was earning money. I am from a middle class family with gargantuan dreams, be […]

Yahoo changed its policy for emails using services like Mandrill

Keep Your Email Delivery Reputation

Yahoo changed its DMARC policy for emails sent via third-party services. If you send customer’s emails via third-party services like Mandrill, then this affects you. Let’s start by looking at transactional emails. What Are Transactional Emails A transactional email is a one-to-one email of some kind. You can contrast them with one-to-many emails such as […]

The New Laws of Affiliate Marketing: Why Your List Never Buys From You!

while your list ignores your offers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online…till date, I have yet to find a better method that is so great at consistently offering money – then profits – and more money on a consistent basis that makes any other method look not just cheap – but very cheap! However, if […]

How to get Loyal Readers for Your Blog

Loyal reader

  I can talk a lot about how to get targeted traffic to your blog. But it will not be useful if you get crappy visitors who haven’t found anything useful and interesting on your blog. So you have to catch their attention with substantial content from the very first second. Ok, I guess the intro is […]

Promote Your Dental Clinic Using the Internet


Being a small business owner can be a very satisfying, yet sometimes extremely troublesome experience. Not only do you have to work with everyday tasks and problems, but you also have to have in mind a bigger picture, which is expanding your business. Of course, every business is made to produce money, and running a […]

3 Ways to Get More People to Consume Your Content


You hear it time and time again, “Content is king!” And it is hard to argue with that mantra when you consider the following statistics: Companies that blog receive 55 percent more visitors than those that don’t Content produces 3 times more leads than legacy channels do Seventy percent of consumers prefer to get to […]