5 Reasons Why Your Blog WILL FAIL


Blogging is a superb way to get your message out to the world. It’s also (depending on one’s goal) an excellent way to earn full or part-time income. We all know the stories of bloggers who managed to quit their jobs and make a living online. I believe everyone has the potential to do the […]

Resilience: Your Bullet-Proof Vest in a War Called Modern Life

Courage to come back

According to a paper entitled Attachment and Emotional Resilience published by the University of Essex, “resilience is not just a matter of constitutional strength or a robust temperament, it is also a product of how people perceive, appraise, approach and tackle stresses and challenges.” Resilience is also defined in a PBS article as “the capacity […]

The Jack of NO Trades – New Breed of Online Entrepreneurs


Here’s one for you: would you raise your hand to be a part of a team responsible for building a nuclear power plant if you were not an educated, nuclear scientist? Probably not. So what makes you think that you can start an online business if you haven’t gone through any kind of business school? […]

Customer Service – The Customer is always right?


Working in Customer Service and Operations for the majority of my career this mantra has been something that I have very much tried to live my life by.  I have not taken it to extremes by looking at businesses providing me with shoddy service and abraiding them for their lack of service, but have always […]

The Six Main Myths Of Making It Online


Most people come to the idea of making a living from online services through a desire to improve their work/life balance, enhance the quality of their career and free up more time to spend on the things they love, and less at work. However, often there can be some serious misconceptions relating to how easy […]

Laying The Right Foundations For Your WordPress Website Business

Wordpress website business

As with a real bricks and mortar house, you need solid foundations to build on when starting your WordPress website business. A website is considered a valuable piece of virtual real estate. A successful website can be worth more than your family home and without a solid backbone to your website, you run the risk […]

Expanding Your Solo Startup Without Breaking the Bank (or the Law)


It starts with something small: a passion-fueled blog, a consulting contract, a few freelance gigs. If you’re lucky, you build up some momentum and see opportunities to build something bigger. With those opportunities come greater responsibility, and individuals are often ill-equipped to handle such a workload by themselves. There comes a point when expanding a […]

Own Your Content Channels (Why Email Is An Old Friend)

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The strongest way to build your digital space is to own it. Don’t build it on someone else’s terms. Anyone who thinks that Facebook or Twitter is a place owned and controlled by yourself is bonkers. Whether you’ve taken your time to go through Facebook’s 14,000 word terms and conditions or think that it’s ok for Twitter […]

Talking Content Marketing – Sonja Jefferson Interview


To have the opportunity to discuss content and the role it plays with one of the creators from one of this year’s truly insightful books, was always going to be an interesting chat. Sonja Jefferson is co-author of Valuable Content Marketing, a truly valuable book from 2013 that helps others understand the importance of content in […]

Content Marketing’s Paperboy Comparison

Design and content marketing Bournemouth The ID Group

The role social media plays in the progress of your content marketing is similar to that of the role of a paperboy. Yes, it’s another article with a metaphor. Your Website Is Your Primary Source Your website represents your key platform of information and the main source of content. The role that the channels you use form the distribution of information where […]