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I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get something simple to work!. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of eyes on the problem. There is a full support ticket and FAQ system available in your back office that you can use for all your support requests, complaints, suggestions and feature requests.

Before you submit a ticket, please take a minute (just one is needed) to look over the common problems below and see if any of them match yours and follow the instructions on how to fix it.

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The first step in solving a problem is to identify the problem

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  • Problem with the installation
    This is if the badge isn’t showing or something isn’t working when you have installed the plugin to your WordPress blog.
  • Problem with commenting
    This is if you’re trying to leave a comment on a commentluv enabled blog and it isn’t working correctly for you
  • Problem with this site
    This is if you’re having trouble registering a url or a page on this site is not behaving properly

Problems with installation of the commentluv plugin

The CommentLuv plugin is designed to work on WordPress self hosted blogs, there is also a version for IntenseDebate which means you can have CommentLuv on Blogger and other platforms.

Here are the most common questions that get asked by users who are installing CommentLuv to their blog…

  • How to install CommentLuv?

    Visit the WordPress official download page to read the installation instructions for WordPress.

    Visit IntenseDebate to read how to install CommentLuv for blogger and other systems using IntenseDebate.

  • Why is the badge not showing in comment form?

    If the badge isn’t showing at all then your theme is probably missing the action for the comment form in it’s comments.php file.
    Make sure there is the following command before the closing /form> tag
    do_action('comment_form',$post->ID); . It needs to be wrapped in php tags and be sure it hasn’t got a # character in front of it if it is already there.

  • Why doesn’t it add last blog posts to existing comments?

    Commentluv will only add last blog posts to comments made after it has been installed. It will not add last blog posts retroactively.

Problems when you comment on CommentLuv blogs

All CommentLuv does is read the url you enter into a comment form and asks the comluv server for what posts are available on that sites feed and displays them below your comment while you are typing it. If you enter your url wrongly or your feed has an error then comluv wont be able to send back any posts. These are the most common problems people encounter when they’re commenting on commentluv enabled blogs.

  • Nothing happens when comment is made, not even an error message

    Be sure to use http:// in front of your url in the comment form. CommentLuv will not fire if you do not use http://


    you’re logged on to the site that you are commenting on, make sure you have an entry in your profile for your website. You can edit it by going to your dashboard and clicking Users/Your Profile

  • CommentLuv is showing old posts

    CommentLuv can only show posts that are on your feed.

    If old posts are showing when you comment then the feed used to send back your posts must be sending back old posts. Visit your feed in your browser and see what posts are showing.

  • I’m seeing no last blog posts to return when I comment, why?

    There are many reasons this could be happening. You need to click the down arrow next to the error message and expand the drop down box and read the message that it has there. That will tell you what error happened and how to fix it
    Common Errors

    • Empty feed
      This is a generic error that happens if the API cannot complete the request to fetch your feed. You should visit the post linked to below to try the things it suggests
    • Curl Error (or similar error with Curl
      Read the explanation of why this happened below the error.
    • A feed could not be found
      This is mostly due to no entry in your header pointing to a valid feed. You should add one by following the instructions here or visit the member page and edit your site details, make sure you enter a feed url there so commentluv knows where to look to find your posts.

CommentLuv Site Problem

  • Where to download the plugin

    You can download the plugin directly from or by searching for “commentluv” in your add new plugin section of your site dashboard.

  • I submitted a guest post but I can’t see it anywhere

    Guest posts have to first be approved by an administrator and also conform to the rules set out on the guest poster guidelines page. Make sure your article follows the rules.

  • My site is not appearing on the CommentLuv search engine

    The commentluv global search engine uses the Google custom search engine service which only allows 5000 sites to be included. If your site is not one of the top 5000 sites that have given out comments in the past 7 days then it wont be included.
    Only sites that have successfully given out some last blog posts in their comments will be included and only then if the site has been fully registered with a category, description and keywords on the member page

If you’ve read through these and you still find that you’ve got a problem that cannot be solved then you can submit a support ticket. Be aware though, if your problem is one that has been explained above and you could have solved it yourself if only you’d spent more than a minute reading this page then there’s a good chance that your ticket will be moved to the back of the queue.

Please help me to help you by trying to fix it yourself by reading the above page and if you must submit a ticket then it really helps if you describe the problem, giving your site url AND a direct link to a page where the problem is happening.

You can visit the support area by visiting the  Commentluv Help and Support Site 

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