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Black Sheep and Salt

Years ago, I was cooking a meal for my family. The smells of beef, red and green peppers, onions and tomato filled the air.The scents and flavors made their way upstairs and filled all of the rooms as the pot continued boiling, and the steam … [Read More...]


5 Reasons Why Your Blog WILL FAIL

Blogging is a superb way to get your message out to the world. It's also (depending on one’s goal) an excellent way to earn full or part-time income. We all know the stories of bloggers who managed to quit their jobs and make a living online. I … [Read More...]

Courage to come back

Resilience: Your Bullet-Proof Vest in a War Called Modern Life

According to a paper entitled Attachment and Emotional Resilience published by the University of Essex, “resilience is not just a matter of constitutional strength or a robust temperament, it is also a product of how people perceive, appraise, … [Read More...]

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Too much BLOGGING Can Lead to this…

If you are a blogger, then you know that sometimes it can be fun, while other times it can be frustrating or even lead to situations that you never knew was possible. For instance, here are some possible outcomes of too much blogging: May Lead to … [Read More...]


The Benefits of Ghostwriting for College Students

If you hear the phrase “ghost writer,” you may conjure up the idea that the person is someone who writes ghost stories. However, ghostwriting is actually a type of writing that someone does for a client so that the client doesn’t have to write it … [Read More...]

5 Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Social Media Disorder

You will have to excuse this post as it all started with an idea and got twisted from there! :) There is a new addiction that has spread amongst both webmasters and normal people and they are calling it "obsessive compulsive social media disorder". … [Read More...]

History of Chocolate

The History of Chocolate

Chocolate has been called the divine substance and the gift of the gods. And really, who can argue with that? Chocolate has become the world's favourite dessert food and an outright obsession for many chefs and food connoisseurs alike. But it hasn't … [Read More...]


What precautions you should take before applying to Google Adsense

Hi, this is my first post on comluv and I am writing about Google Adsense. You start a blog for just passing the free time or getting the attention on the internet, but if it also give you some Monetary Gain as well. Hence you start looking for an ad … [Read More...]


The Jack of NO Trades – New Breed of Online Entrepreneurs

Here's one for you: would you raise your hand to be a part of a team responsible for building a nuclear power plant if you were not an educated, nuclear scientist? Probably not. So what makes you think that you can start an online business if you … [Read More...]

Your Online Posse

Protect Yourself Online with a Posse

I find it amazing that searching the term there is safety in numbers yields over 12,000,000 results in Google. Probably because there are few statements that hold so much truth to them. Even in day and age where the Internet and technology make it … [Read More...]

Guest blogger writing the perfect post

Five Steps to Finding a Great Writer

It's no secret that great content can significantly impact your SEO rankings, as well-written copy is more likely to get hits, comments, links and kudos. If you lack the time or desire to create this kind of content on your own, then you'll need to … [Read More...]

motion lights

Home Security and Burglary Prevention Tips and Tricks

Our home is our sanctuary – it’s where we come back to forget about our daily troubles, relax, sleep and spend some quality time with our family. Your home should be a place where you and your children feel safe throughout the day, but you also need … [Read More...]


How I Got 240 Unique Visitors To My Site By Just 1 Comment!

My Weblog known as Tech fanboys is a technology blog that gets some 500 guests daily. Here are some excellent opportunities for generating many visitors to your website by leaving comments on some excellent high-profile blogs. This content which i’m … [Read More...]

tech blogging tips

Running a Technology Blog: Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to blogging advice, it is not the shortage of information that many new bloggers are struggling with, but rather its overwhelming abundance. Anyone who is just testing the waters and looking for some guidance is normally confused by … [Read More...]

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