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Tips for New Businesses – How Not to Step on Your Own Toes

When people search for tips on how to successfully start a business, they are actually asking how to start up a business without the risk of it going on pause permanently. Unfortunately, there is no bulletproof way to start a new entrepreneurship, … [Read More...]

L'Ile Rousse, Corsica

Ten tips for selling your travel photos to the tourism industry

Are you a travel blogger who enjoys photography? While travelling have you built-up a huge collection  of beautiful images from around the world. Have you ever thought of selling your photographs to the tourism industry through a photographic library … [Read More...]


4 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

This article is going to be a little different. I know a lot of the content in ComLuv deals with internet marketing, generating traffic, making money online, establishing your own online business(s), etc. But what if you’re not interested in leaving … [Read More...]

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Science Behind Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous human combustion is something most people will roll their eyes or laugh about when brought up in a conversation. Of course now you’re probably thinking, “well that’s a subject normally not brought about in everyday conversation.” And … [Read More...]


5 Essential Repairs to Do around the Home before Selling

Selling your old house is much more complicated than selling a car or an old piece of furniture. The potential buyers will be investing quite a bit of money, and this house will possibly become their new home, so it is only fair that they have plenty … [Read More...]


7 Hacks To Get the Most Out of Your 24 Hours

Each person is unique in countless ways, but we are all alike in one way. No matter the status of our births, our heights, our weights, our experiences, our hopes, our dreams, we all have one thing in common. We will have it common from the day we're … [Read More...]


Godaddy coupons and vouchers for .com and .hosting

GoDaddy is an Internet web hosting company that delivers all that is needed to create and run a personal or business website. This well-known web hosting company can provide its services to both MAC and PC users, something many other hosting … [Read More...]

5 Ugly Blogs in the World

5 Ugly Blogs in the World

As to whether you guys love it or not, I do find myself here as well with my turn of writing on the great site. I do love the last three letters ending the and obviously it hasn’t got to do with the .com but instead the … [Read More...]

Freelancer At Home

3 Free Tools That Make a Freelancer’s Life Easier (Plus Bonus Free Tools!)

If you're not a freelance worker now, you very well might be in the near future. While full-time work has become scarcer, freelance work has grown in the last few years. Not only that, but according to a recent Elance report (PDF link), freelance … [Read More...]


5 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthier and Slimmer Body

A new fad diet comes out literally every year, right in time for summer when people start feeling very self-conscious about the way their body looks. These diets prey on people who are in a very vulnerable state and strive to dramatically cut … [Read More...]


WordPress SEO Mistakes – Are You a Victim?

Even though WordPress is user-friendly, and even search engine-friendly, are you sure you are taking its SEO potential to the fullest? Even if you are certain of your on-site optimization skills, you can't be sure you are not making a single mistake … [Read More...]

How to write high quality articles fast

How To Write High Quality Articles Really Fast (20 Or 30 Minutes)

  Let’s face it. Sometimes write new content is a hard work. But not only that. 90% of the people are busy and don’t have the enough time to write content when they want. Maybe you can pay someone to write content for you, but, if you want to create … [Read More...]


The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Future Dads

Dads around the world, prepare yourselves for doing the thing you always find a way to avoid - shopping. With your wife pregnant, you will have to take care of all the things necessary for her and the baby, and don’t even think of outsourcing this … [Read More...]

Google Glassware

A Computer on your Face!

Yes, that is exactly what the Google Glass is. It is a wearable computer that you can mount just like eye glasses and use all the advantages of computing without having to touch or type on it. You know, I’ve probably been working in the application … [Read More...]

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