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5 Ugly Blogs in the World

5 Ugly Blogs in the World

As to whether you guys love it or not, I do find myself here as well with my turn of writing on the great site. I do love the last three letters ending the and obviously it hasn’t got to do with the .com but instead the … [Read More...]

Freelancer At Home

3 Free Tools That Make a Freelancer’s Life Easier (Plus Bonus Free Tools!)

If you're not a freelance worker now, you very well might be in the near future. While full-time work has become scarcer, freelance work has grown in the last few years. Not only that, but according to a recent Elance report (PDF link), freelance … [Read More...]


5 Simple Diet Tips for a Healthier and Slimmer Body

A new fad diet comes out literally every year, right in time for summer when people start feeling very self-conscious about the way their body looks. These diets prey on people who are in a very vulnerable state and strive to dramatically cut … [Read More...]


WordPress SEO Mistakes – Are You a Victim?

Even though WordPress is user-friendly, and even search engine-friendly, are you sure you are taking its SEO potential to the fullest? Even if you are certain of your on-site optimization skills, you can't be sure you are not making a single mistake … [Read More...]

How to write high quality articles fast

How To Write High Quality Articles Really Fast (20 Or 30 Minutes)

  Let’s face it. Sometimes write new content is a hard work. But not only that. 90% of the people are busy and don’t have the enough time to write content when they want. Maybe you can pay someone to write content for you, but, if you want to create … [Read More...]


The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Future Dads

Dads around the world, prepare yourselves for doing the thing you always find a way to avoid - shopping. With your wife pregnant, you will have to take care of all the things necessary for her and the baby, and don’t even think of outsourcing this … [Read More...]

Google Glassware

A Computer on your Face!

Yes, that is exactly what the Google Glass is. It is a wearable computer that you can mount just like eye glasses and use all the advantages of computing without having to touch or type on it. You know, I’ve probably been working in the application … [Read More...]


Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Relationship

Just to be clear, there is no magical potion or solution that will create the perfect man or woman you’ve always been looking for. Chances are, you’re going to find someone who is similar to you, but you’re going to work hard if you plan on enjoying … [Read More...]


26 Things That Can Make You Money Blogging

Yeah, I know ... posts like this can get really corny at times. I mean, it seems that there's more advice out there on monetizing a blog than you can shake a stick at (provided you shake sticks at advice). Yet, when I was doing research for this … [Read More...]

Blogger legal issues

Bloggers: Avoid Legal Trouble With These 5 Tips

Blogging might seem like an innocent activity, but it is riddled with potential legal issues. OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Most bloggers won't break the law, and those who do probably won't get caught. It's a fool's errand to police the … [Read More...]


What Is Gazumping and is it Legal?

 Sydney’s real estate market is “hot”! Prices of median houses increased by 15% last year and in some suburbs it even raised to 27%. As of April 17 of this year home values in Sydney increased by 5.48% as compared to last year according to the … [Read More...]

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss There are various eating plans available on the market nowadays, one among which happens to be the green tea extract fat burning plan. Green tea for weight loss works because of an increase in the rate of metabolism on the … [Read More...]

healthy snacks

The Best Healthy Snacks

Who doesn't like a snack? Just about everyone I know gets hungry during the day at some point. But, if we eat too much of the wrong thing we can gain weight. A healthy body weight is very important to your overall health. Eating healthy doesn't just … [Read More...]


Mistakes of a Modern Human Being

The twenty first century is not the worst period to live in, it is quite fun actually - we have the internet, which is the greatest source of information ever, we have cable TV, mobile phones, fast vehicles, and many other commodities, but how is it … [Read More...]

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