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Responsive email design: what to watch out for.

Creating Responsive Email Design: What to Watch Out For

Have you figured out how to reap the advantages responsive email design? To design for mobile you need to know what to watch out for. Reading email on desktop is still a wide practice; however, industry reports show that the numbers of emails read on … [Read More...]

How To Make Money Blogging

4 Lethal Mistakes You Are Making On Your Blog That Makes The Money Run!

Making money online is certainly hard - at least harder than you've been imagining or have been taught and programmed to believe: thanks to the poor infrastructure in most  countries and the less than honest persons who only use the internet for scam … [Read More...]


Modern Business: The Secret to Success

Running a successful modern business demands a number of different skills and you, as the business owner, must be ready to organize your time and be prepared to take any shift necessary because in these troubled economic times you are the most … [Read More...]


Having Fun with Your Children

Raising your kids can sometimes be quite a hard task, but as all parents know, it is also one of the best experiences life can throw at you. Sure, there are headaches, sleepless nights, crying all the time, but once that stops, you can enjoy all the … [Read More...]

Commentluv is Top Rated for a Reason is a website that can help bloggers get a ranking boost for their blogs when they post comments or do guest blogging for the site. It is a PR 4 website, which means that it has a very high rating that Google loves. ComLuv stands for … [Read More...]


How to do Smart Social Media Marketing

The internet today is an extremely competitive place where companies and business of different kinds must be the absolute best in what they do to make a mark in the market. It is, thus, essential for every business to make smart decisions when it … [Read More...]


Helpful Yard Arrangement Tips for Novices

While decorating the interior of your home is very important, a lot of people just don’t pay enough attention to the exterior or the yard. I can’t say that it is as important as the interior but it isn’t something that should be disregarded. Having a … [Read More...]


Godaddy coupons and vouchers for .com and .hosting

GoDaddy is an Internet web hosting company that delivers all that is needed to create and run a personal or business website. This well-known web hosting company can provide its services to both MAC and PC users, something many other hosting … [Read More...]


Importance of Bloggers Meet Ups

Some people believe that being a blogger is very easy, and that anyone can become a blogger. Nothing, however, could be farther from truth. No one can claim to be an expert in a field just because he is writing on it or running a website related to … [Read More...]


How to Control Your Expenses and Run a Successful Business

Controlling costs is not something that any business owner should take lightly. It is probably the thing where a lot can happen, and which can endanger everything. This is especially important when the business is still young since mistakes that … [Read More...]


3 Ways to Get Real Comments on Your Blog

I cannot think of anything worse than having a blog without any comments. Comments, feedback and conversations of your blog readers in combination with strong social signals and influences are the lifeblood for the success of any blog. Newbie … [Read More...]

Mess Up as a Freelancer

What to Do if You Mess Up as a Freelancer

Dropping the ball, so to speak, is not a popular topic among freelancers. And that's for all freelancers - writers, designers, consultants, everybody. We all do like to read and learn interesting case studies, success stories, "underdog turned big … [Read More...]

Google Glass

Practical Applications of Google Glassware is a reality now

There is a host of companies all over the world trying to create Google glasses apps in order to ensure that their company can increase their turnover overnight, but hey let’s face it, when it come to practical and usable applications, one has to … [Read More...]

25 reasons to NOT use a site creator or business website builder (and The Only 3 Times When It Makes Sense to do so)

25 Reasons To NOT Use A Website Builder (and The Only 3 Times When It Makes Sense To Do So)

Is there any good reason to use a site creator or business website builder if you are a serious business person who considers their website to be an investment, a technology asset?My Opinion (of Most) Website BuildersLet me say two things right … [Read More...]

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