Traveling Necessities: 5 Types of Kits You’ll Need

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Traveling light is the most convenient way to travel, but that doesn’t mean you need to compensate, and leave some personal items you consider necessary behind just because they’ll make your bag heavier. There’s a way to bring everything with you, but you need to be highly organized – the secret is in kits. If you start a couple of days before your trip, you’ll be able to pack absolutely every item you consider important without having to deal with extra weight which will just slow you down. Check out the next five types of kits – you might find quite useful!

Cosmetics Kit


Instead of having several different pockets where you’ll store your creams, makeup, shaving equipment or other personal items intended for hygiene, you should have only one. Carefully select a few items that you actually plan on using from each of these groups, and pack them into one toilet kit. In order to do this properly (so you don’t find anything missing in the middle of your trip), you need to think about the number of days you’ll be spending away and, accordingly, the amount of cosmetics you’ll be needing. It’s a great idea not to bring shampoos, conditioners, soaps and baths if you’re staying in a hotel, because the hotel management will most definitely provide you with those.

Gadget Kit


The fact is, you can’t go anywhere without your toys, right? And it’s so simple to leave something out while you’re packing, which is why you need to use your organization skills and place everything in one pocket – a gadget kit! This way, you’ll be able to manage your cables efficiently, and everything will be in one place – the chances for losing something are significantly decreased.

First Aid Kit


Well, this one goes without saying, really. You shouldn’t leave your house, even for just a couple of days, without having at least a couple of

first aid items with you. If you’re highly practical, you’ll be able to place a couple of bandages, a bottle of disinfectant and most commonly used medicines along with your cosmetics. However, if that kit is too small for these two groups of items, just pack them separately.

E-Cigarette Kit


Being a smoker can be quite impractical while you travel – you need to wait for brakes, your pack of cigarettes can be pricier where you’re going, or you might not even be able to find it – which is why I often turn to e-cigarettes at those times. Getting a fully equipped kit that contains everything you can possibly need is much more efficient, and you’ll be able to save some money along the way. However, you should definitely do some research if you haven’t used them before, so that you can find that one kit that’s just perfect for you.

Sewing Kit


Considering the fact you’ll bring only so many clothing items, it would be too bad if something gets ripped, right? Besides, wasting money on purchasing clothes in a foreign city may be exhausting, and you’ll probably spend more money on them than you should. Having a sewing kit that consists only of a few basic items will be more than helpful in these situations. I find it most practical to place those items in a small jar, so nothing gets misplaced or lost.

One last piece of advice – if you do end up with a lot of clothes (which may happen if you’re going somewhere rainy or cold, because outfits you need are often massive), you should know that it’s smarter to bring two smaller bags instead of a large one. This way, you’ll find carrying your luggage easier, because you’ll be able to distribute that weight better.

It’s quite important to take your time for packing, even if it’s just for a weekend. Take a couple of hours to think about everything you’ll find necessary during your trip and pack all those items. Some people find it very useful to create a list, and follow it through while packing, which is quite smart actually, because you’ll be able to do the same upon your return, without forgetting anything. I hope you’ll find my suggestions useful!