How to Prepare Your Vehicle For The Summer Heat

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Summer vacations are probably the most anticipated event during the whole year. The thought alone that you do not have to work and that you have a few weeks just for yourself is marvelous, not to mention that now is the perfect opportunity to visit your favorite summer holiday destination. A lot of people decide that they like driving to their desired destination, as that provides them with more time to spend with their family or friends, and to get to know them more.

On the other hand, summer can be quite tough on our four-wheeled friends. If you are planning a summer vacation, and you plan on getting there with only a road map and your car, think again. Summer presents different difficulties, and your car will require some maintenance before you hit the road. So, what are the most important things you need to think about before you are stuck in the middle of nowhere without a working car?

Heat vs the car


The same way you need to cool down during hot summers, your engine has its own cooling system that helps it lower the heat. While heat is required for the engine to run efficiently, too much of it will cause corrosion, and will even increase the amount of fuel your vehicle uses, and it can even change the oil viscosity. First, you will need to physically check the cooling system, and see that the radiator and hoses are not damaged, and that all the connections are tightly placed. The level of liquid should be adjusted, so add coolant. Despite this, your engine could overheat, so make sure that you constantly watch the dashboard and if you detect that it is too hot, make a stop, refill the coolant liquid and take a break – your engine will thank you.

Heat vs the passengers


Now that you’ve taken care of your engine, you need to take care of all the passengers since prolonged exposure to high temperature can put a strain on your

health. ACs are probably the most important systems needed for you to manage the whole trip, especially if you are planning on traveling with the elderly or small children – those groups are dangerously susceptible to high temperatures. You will need to check your AC if it is working properly before heading off, and check if the compressor and all the joints are not damaged. Clear any debris that may have stuck to your condenser, as that can lower the efficiency of your AC. But remember, never set your AC too low, around 23 degrees Celsius (74 degrees Fahrenheit) is just right.

Long trips put a strain on the wheels and the suspension


If you haven’t used your car in a long time, make sure that you have proper summer tires and not the version we use during the winter. They will enable you to have more speed, and better control over your vehicle – which all translates into better fuel efficiency during your travel. You can change the tires yourself or you can take your car into the shop for a thorough inspection, where they can check-up your brakes and engine as well. Make sure that your your wheels are well aligned – this is a process which happens gradually and you should check it up once in awhile.

Be prepared for every situation

Before embarking on more ambitious and adventurous trip, make sure that you are prepared in case of roadside emergencies. You surely do not want to be stuck in the middle of the road, without anything planned ahead, as that will cost you a pretty penny. Having a roadside assistance service on speed dial will ensure that no matter what happens, both you and your vehicle will arrive at your destination safely. Joining a roadside assistance club can offer a lot of benefits, not just assistance in case of emergency. Even running out of gas can be a problem, or blowing a tire, and this way, someone will always be here to help you, without having to walk to the nearest station. This can be quite expensive, and not to mention dangerous. Overall, roadside or breakdown services are just insurance policies, you have to pay for them constantly, while hoping that you will never have to use them. But with them, you will certainly be able to enjoy your trip and spend each moment the way you want.