Health Tips For Bloggers

Night Blogger

Being a blogger for so long, certain habits have gone into me in a way that it has become part of my life. To name a few, late sleeping which results in late rising, sitting on the computer for hours and the posture getting worse with every passing hour. Starring on the computer screen for […]

Have you seen the new bluetooth toothbrush?


At the CES in Las Vegas this year the latest high tech gadgets were on sh0w. The annual event gives companies and people a chance to showcase the latest in consumer electronics that they expect to be hitting the shelves in the coming year. This year one of the items that generated significant interest was […]

10 Super Foods To Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Many wise people say that ” you are what you eat” or ” your body is what you eat” . Well they are correct in every aspect to say that. Our body is complex machinery. It is a compilation of various systems like nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, reproductory system and excretory […]

Unbelievable Power of Thoughts

Power of Thoughts

People don’t give needed importance to their thoughts which ultimately results in unhealthy body and mind. Everything depends on your thinking. Whatever you get in life whether it be success or failure has its origin in your believes. Have you ever wondered why a poor person becomes millionaire and vice versa. All is the result […]

A Happy Retirement – 3 Suggestions for Bloggers

Fulfil your retirement

I was 38 on Sunday 1st December last and this got me thinking about my retirement and how I should be planning it!  It really hit me thinking that I am now just 2 years away from 40 and for the past 20 or so years I have nothing really saved for my upcoming future! […]

Does Sex Count as Exercise?


According to research, women who exercise on a regular basis tend to have a more active sex life. They are able to reach orgasm at a quicker rate and get turned on easier than women who don’t live an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the more fit a woman is, the more sexual position she will be […]

6 Free and Easy Ways to Great Health

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Posture, Deep Breathing, Sleeping, Water, Inversion and Stretching By Terry-Ann Coley Our health can be vastly improved with some simple adjustments to our lifestyle. Poor lifestyle habits that have taken root in our lives lead to or worsen ailments in our bodies. Bad posture, rarely drinking water, sleep loss, shallow breathing and lack of physical […]

Losing Weight With a Positive Mindset


Mindset is the first and most important thing that you should make sure is in place before you start dieting and exercising, especially if these two things are well outside of your usual routine. The “I can’t do this”, “there’s no point”, “I’ll never lose as much as I want” and similar self-talk will get you nowhere, […]

6 Steps to Beat Cellulite for Good


6 Steps to Beat Cellulite for Good Cellulite is the unnatural fat deposition in different part of the body especially found on women’s thighs and adjoining areas. Most of the adult woman population faces this problem. Bad body shape, sometime, makes one shy to socialize. Cellulite causes deformed skin and skin sagging. The major causes […]

Gratitude and the Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction isn’t a new thing – people were using its power to improve their lives long before The Secret came out. There’s been a lot of talk about how to successfully visualize the positive outcome, how to use positive affirmations etc, but what many people seem to overlook is the importance of feeling […]