10 Websites to Download Modern WordPress and Blogger Template

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Website to Download Template

Website design is one of the important things that affect the visitor and user experience. So, it is important to your blog, especially if your blog is made for making money online. And, if you are using wordpress or blogger as your blog platform/cms, you can easily modify or change your web design just by […]

A Bright Future Seen for the International Student Industry

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The number of full-paying international students for 2013 of 526,932 represents a 2.6% increase in enrollment compared to 2012. However, this is still a long way to go to the 7% annual growth rate of 7% that Australia has to attain if it wants to maintain its share of the international student market. In fact […]

Resilience: Your Bullet-Proof Vest in a War Called Modern Life

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Courage to come back

According to a paper entitled Attachment and Emotional Resilience published by the University of Essex, “resilience is not just a matter of constitutional strength or a robust temperament, it is also a product of how people perceive, appraise, approach and tackle stresses and challenges.” Resilience is also defined in a PBS article as “the capacity […]

How I Got 240 Unique Visitors To My Site By Just 1 Comment!

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My Weblog known as Tech fanboys is a technology blog that gets some 500 guests daily. Here are some excellent opportunities for generating many visitors to your website by leaving comments on some excellent high-profile blogs. This content which i’m composing today will describe how I got 230+ unique visitors in a week by posting […]

Guest blogging deserves a bit of respect

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Show some respect

There’s been a new guest post almost every single day for the past two weeks and for the most part, they’ve been excellent! There have been a couple however that I have had to reject because they weren’t guest posts, more like excuses to publish sales pages that lead to more sales pages or written […]

Database cull to remove over a million rows of sludge

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I have spent the past two days firefighting on the server… here’s what I got up to here’s the sql notes I made to remove the comments and associated comment meta and then remove all users except administrators and contributors * find all non contributors and admins SELECT distinct user_id FROM `wp_usermeta` WHERE meta_key = […]

Commenting your Way to Blogging Success

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comment success

Being a newbie is one of the worst fears every blogger can face. I began blogging almost a year back and I remember with shudders the idea of writing blog posts. But, the worst fear was whether the target audience actually got to read my blog. I am sure this is what every blogger fears. […]

Why do I blog? Why do you?

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I love blogging

I’ve been blogging for many years now, but to be honest I am no where near being a problogger. I wrote articles and posted them on this site where only those where were members would see it and sometimes comment on them. It wasn’t until I wrote some controversial article on any topic (gaming, politics, […]

What to do if commentluv is not showing the latest post

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There are the things you should check if you’re not getting your latest blog post returned when you comment on CommentLuv enabled sites, it has all the major things that cause people to scream at their PC (and sometimes me!). I’ll republish this any time something new is discovered so eventually it will have all […]

The 4 Irrefutable Laws of Blog Commenting

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Whether you are launching a brand new blog or just putting out a new product or service, in all seriousness, if you wanted to, you could successfully promote it just with blog commenting alone. You’d need to be strategic, consistent and intelligent about it, but there is so much more to blog commenting than you […]