Protect Yourself Online with a Posse

Your Online Posse

I find it amazing that searching the term there is safety in numbers yields over 12,000,000 results in Google. Probably because there are few statements that hold so much truth to them. Even in day and age where the Internet and technology make it that you never have to leave the confines of your own […]

A No-Nonsense Guide to Grooming and Dressing for Men


Let’s talk serious grooming and style. We’ll break our conversation into two parts and cover the things that really matter. After reading this article, the average guy in the world today will be able to completely refresh and re-design their look with ease. Part 1: Grooming is Half the Battle Man-hair, while it can be […]

Work on your relationship even when you grow old


Solitary life can’t do you good Having somebody next to you during your life, who will go through the good and bad things with you is something that we search our whole life for – until we find that special someone. It is much easier to go through all the difficulties that life brings when […]

Have you seen the new bluetooth toothbrush?


At the CES in Las Vegas this year the latest high tech gadgets were on sh0w. The annual event gives companies and people a chance to showcase the latest in consumer electronics that they expect to be hitting the shelves in the coming year. This year one of the items that generated significant interest was […]

The two secrets to happiness

The only person that really matters

I’ve been married for about eight and a half years.  I don’t know everything about marriage.  Actually, the longer we’re together I find out how little I know.  I find that over time the high, highs and low, lows can even themselves out.  This can bring you back to a sort of homeostasis in the […]

What are the different types of Symbols used in Hindu wedding cards?


In Hindu culture, the selection of wedding invitation marks the commencement of the marriage celebration. These cards contain all the basic information associated with the function and are printed with various religious symbols. The process of sending invitations printed with symbols of Lord Ganesha, OM and Mangal Ghat to guests form an essential part of […]

Our Top Ten Suggestion on how to Increase your Contract Bond Line

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OUR TOP 10!  OUR VERY BEST TEN SUGGESTIONS TO INCREASE YOUR CONTRACT BOND LINE In today’s unsteady economic situation and tight market, it has been increasingly harder for some service providers to get bid, construction and contract bonds.  For small construction company owners and larger companies alike, it has been an environment where there are […]

Building Healthy Habits: The Only Way To Build A Healthy Relationship

healthy habits in relationship

Whether it is a new year, a new month, a new week, or a new day, building and engaging in healthy habits is important. This is true in all areas of your life, including your relationships. In fact, relationships are built upon habits. You either have positive or negative habits, and you either have a […]

Decoding black tie code – A speedy guide to black tie dresses

black tie dresses

Strengthen your assets, Downplay your imperfections! I went to a company function last week, with a black tie dress code, and it shocked me how many women just do not know how to dress for their bodies. The black tie code can be interpreted in so many ways and yet I saw so many women […]

A Happy Retirement – 3 Suggestions for Bloggers

Fulfil your retirement

I was 38 on Sunday 1st December last and this got me thinking about my retirement and how I should be planning it!  It really hit me thinking that I am now just 2 years away from 40 and for the past 20 or so years I have nothing really saved for my upcoming future! […]