Fun & Stimulating: 7 Types of Children Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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These days you can literally get lost in a children’s toy store, and it can be quite the challenge to find the perfect gift. Besides, children aren’t that easy to entertain anymore – their IT intelligence is far more developed today than when you were a kid.

However, that doesn’t mean you should give up and get an generic gift they’ll just throw into the “boring toys” pile, as that’s nothing more than a waste of money. It’s like with adults, really – you need to select a present according to a child’s interests. This list consists of seven different types of gifts, and all of them are stimulating and entertaining, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

Illustrated Books


It’s never too early to start with books. Naturally, you just need to keep the child’s age in mind and a find a suitable theme, but that shouldn’t be an issue. There are so many talented children’s authors, so your selection is quite wide.

In order to really draw a child’s attention you should go with illustrated books – you need to understand that visual information provide the strongest stimulus, so make sure that you go with something entertaining, but colorful as well.

Board Games

It is extremely important for children to develop their social skills early on. Children may have a lot of difficulty socialising later in life if they don’t learn how to get along with others from an early age, which can lead to them developing certain psychological issues as adults.

Board games are mentally stimulating and quite useful when it comes to learning how to share, negotiate, develop strategies, etc. However, like with books, you also need to adjust the difficulty of a board game according to a child’s age.

Coloring Sets & Finger Paints

Kids finger paint

Enabling a child to have an artistic filter may be just the thing they need. Besides, they might discover they have a talent, and when something that valuable is nurtured from a young age, it can grow into something really extraordinary.

The obvious start would be with coloring sets, but if you want to put in some additional effort, you should

go with finger paints. These paints are unlike anything else out there, because they allow freedom of movement and require a child to find unique artistic solutions. It’s quite entertaining, really.

Wooden Beads & Alphabet Set

Making jewelry, and ornamental items in general, is another way for children to explore their artistic capacity. By getting a set of colorful wooden beads you’re actually opening a whole new world for a child where options are practically limitless.

It’s a great idea to combine that set with an alphabet bead set, so you can help them develop their reading skills further. Nice and practical, isn’t it?

Musical Instruments


Speaking of exploring artsy talents – music should definitely be one of your options. Enter any musical instrument store and I’m sure you’ll be able to find an interesting instrument that’s appropriate for a certain age. Once again – it’s never too late to start with something like this. Besides, the gift of music is probably one of the greatest gifts you could ever give.

Kids’ Tablet

We already mentioned how children grow up with the latest technology at their side. Obviously, any gadget would be a well-accepted gift, but I’d suggest to get a kids’ version if you’re getting something for a toddler. Those editions are much more resilient, so there’s less of a chance for it to get damaged.

DIY Equipment

Being able to fix something around the house is always useful, and the sooner your child starts developing crafty skills, the more capable they will be when they grow up.

The whole point of a DIY project is that you probably have all the materials you need right at home. However, you should equip your child with a proper set of tools that will enable them to build and create cool items. Naturally, adult supervision will be required here.


There you go – each of these seven gifts is for a different personality, so no matter what your child’s interests are,  you’ll be able to find something suitable. Take your time when making the right decision and I’m sure you’ll have one happy child.