4 Top Destinations for Passionate Hikers

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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The best way to experience nature, and to witness the picturesque scenery and astonishing landscapes is certainly hiking. Not only will you enjoy the view, but also gain some serious health benefits. Here are some of the greatest destinations that you may want to include in your next quest.

1. Inca trail, Peru


This 27 miles long trek offers a spectacular landscape of the Andes alongside with the Amazon jungle. Four to five days of hiking ends at the Sun Gate, on famous Machu Picchu Mountain. The great part of the trail actually dates back to the height of the Inca Empire, and you’ll be walking a road of an ancient civilization. In order to avoid any safety problems due to the erosion, the number of hikers on the trek is limited to 200.

Hiking will help you improve a number of health conditions such as abnormal heart rate, high blood pressure and it can also help you deal with the ugly and swollen veins. So, don’t hesitate, and get your backpack ready. The road of ancient culture is waiting for you to explore it.

2. Tour du Mont Blanc, Switzerland, France and Italy


This is certainly one of the most popular long distance trails in Europe. This ten-day adventure will show you all the beauty of the Alps. Tour du Mont Blanc will take you down to seven different valleys and bring you high atop of the Col des Fours in France and Fenetre d’Arpette in Switzerland. The fact that you will cross the length of 104 miles and visit three counties, is

what makes this route so famous. The best time to go there is certainly during the summer, as you will avoid any difficulties with snow blocked paths.  

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


The breathtaking scenery of this magnificent canyon offers a trail of adventure that you’ll never forget. The 44 mile long trek takes you on a 5 day adventure (it usually takes 4 to 6 days) where you will savor every single moment. From rim to rim, learn about the history of the Grand Canyon, and find out why this is one of the favorite hiking treks in the US.

4. Solomon Gulch Trail, Alaska, USA

Portage Valley, Byron Glacier

Although this trail name has been changed into John Hunter Memorial Trail, the old name is still widely used among hikers. If you prefer a shorter distance, this trail is the perfect choice for you. Experience the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Alaska. The 3, 8 mile long trail ends at the Salomon Lake after two and a half hours, where you can truly enjoy the view. Along the road, you’ll hike up steep hills until you eventually reach the dam. The best time to go there is probably the summer, when you can enjoy warm days and witness a number of different species of wildlife.

If you are an experienced hiker, you may have visited some of these places already, but if you’ve just started hiking or you are thinking about it, make sure you don’t miss these spectacular trails. Astonishing images will carve themselves in your memory, never to be forgotten.