What is EMI and why is there a need for shielding

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Do you hear a static noise when you place your smartphone too close to your laptop? This happens because the internal circuits of a mobile device generate electromagnetic fields over a wide range of frequencies, and these emissions interfere with sensitive wireless receivers. This is exactly why you are told to switch off your mobile […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

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What makes your campaign successful is the number of people who are actually seeing it and reading the information that you are putting out there. The big problem with this is that all data is not created equally, which is something that you have to consider when looking for a data provider that will meet […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Server for your Business

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In a nutshell, a server is a processing unit which you can use to effectively manage your business. Although servers typically look like the average desktop computer, servers are a whole other machine. While personal computers are made to cater to the needs of one user, servers are put up in order to support many […]

Office Security: 5 Items You Need to Include

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For building a strong, successful company, it’s crucial to make smart moves and think them through thoroughly before you act. However, that’s not the only thing you need to be worried about – every ambitious business leader needs to put their best effort into providing maximal protection for their business and employees. You can never […]

Why Go for a Disk Partition Software and What to Look For

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Disk partition is of utmost importance for keeping your data secure and preventing a computer virus or malware from spreading all through your PC. It also helps you organize your data; you can store different types of files on different partitions so that you know where to look for what file. Let’s look into some […]

Microsoft Warns about Security Bug

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The Redmond, Washington based company has warned that hundreds of millions of users of Windows PC are vulnerable to attacks because of the recent uncovering of a security vulnerability titled ‘Freak’, which could be exploited. Initially, it was believed that this security bug was only a threat to Mac computers and mobile devices, but that […]

Why your business must go Social

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Why your business must go Social — since last few years, Social media has been emerging a main key factor to grow your business. It allows you to build highly-engaged communities of followers and customers which help in driving traffic to your e-commerce portal and boost your sales. In 2006, Facebook and Twitter opened their doors to […]

Android L vs Android 5.0 Lollipop: What has Changed ?

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Finally, the most anticipated Android 5 is now out of Bag ! A few days ago Google has officially released their latest Android 5.0 Lollipop along with the Nexus 6 and 9. It has been a few months we are using the beta version of Lollipop as Android L and so we already have an idea how […]

Creating Responsive Email Design: What to Watch Out For

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Have you figured out how to reap the advantages responsive email design? To design for mobile you need to know what to watch out for. Reading email on desktop is still a wide practice; however, industry reports show that the numbers of emails read on mobile devices and tablets continue to increase. Those increases drive […]

25 Reasons To NOT Use A Website Builder (and The Only 3 Times When It Makes Sense To Do So)

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Is there any good reason to use a site creator or business website builder if you are a serious business person who considers their website to be an investment, a technology asset? My Opinion (of Most) Website Builders Let me say two things right off the bat: (1) I hate website builders and (2) this […]