Best Free CDN Services for WordPress that Actually Work

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With patience level of Internet users diminishing faster than ever, a split second delay can cause you to lose in revenues by up to 28%. Google too has started ranking blogs in search results that have faster loading speeds. And if that reason alone is not enough, Amazon’s case study further substantiates the point. When […]

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Data Recovery Company

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How frustrated you’d feel when your PC hard drive goes dead and you don’t have a backup of your music and picture files! And what if the dead hard drive contained important business files? Data loss can often drive people out of business. But the good news is that files from a dead drive can […]

5 Most Common Computer Problems and How to Fix Them

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From loose wiring to component failure to virus infection, there are a number of problems your computer can throw up at you. However, the good part is that most of the problems we often encounter are common failures that have already been handled by many other users. This means that the resolution to your problem is […]

How to Find the Best Broadband Provider in Your Area

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Working from your home office? If you are freelancing or running an online business, having a reliable internet connection is one of your absolute priorities. Unfortunately, many people easily overlook this issue and realise the problem when it is already too late. In addition to frustration, having connection problems in crucial times can lead to […]

How to Recover Lost, Deleted, or Formatted Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Imagine this – You switch on your PC to check the files you saved last night and find that they are not there anymore. Then you realize that while deleting some useless files from your hard disk, you also accidently deleted them. And then you hurriedly check the recycle bin just to realize that you’ve […]

Free alternatives to expensive Microsoft products

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Yes, you got to work hard, but working smarter is the key to thriving as a business in this changing economy. And working smarter does not always mean buying the most expensive products in the market to help you build your business because that is what everybody else is doing; but working smarter means effectively […]

Brain Injury Patients Will Be Able To Communicate With Latest Technology

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Any severe accidents that take place on the road each day can result in brain injuries that either completely change a person’s life or take the life away consequently. Just like a computer, the human brain is a sensitive machine that’s why the nature put it in a hard skull. However, sudden jerks and big […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

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What makes your campaign successful is the number of people who are actually seeing it and reading the information that you are putting out there. The big problem with this is that all data is not created equally, which is something that you have to consider when looking for a data provider that will meet […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Server for your Business

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In a nutshell, a server is a processing unit which you can use to effectively manage your business. Although servers typically look like the average desktop computer, servers are a whole other machine. While personal computers are made to cater to the needs of one user, servers are put up in order to support many […]

Office Security: 5 Items You Need to Include

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For building a strong, successful company, it’s crucial to make smart moves and think them through thoroughly before you act. However, that’s not the only thing you need to be worried about – every ambitious business leader needs to put their best effort into providing maximal protection for their business and employees. You can never […]