Protect Yourself Online with a Posse

Your Online Posse

I find it amazing that searching the term there is safety in numbers yields over 12,000,000 results in Google. Probably because there are few statements that hold so much truth to them. Even in day and age where the Internet and technology make it that you never have to leave the confines of your own […]

Google Glasses Touching Every Industry

Google Glass in Surgery

Well now who would have thought that the world would be so influenced by the Google glasses that it will start entering almost every domain and aspect of our lives! In fact when people began discussing the various uses and purposes of Google Glasses it was pretty evident that it was thought of as a […]

Best 5 Video Sharing Websites – Watch Your Favourite Videos

Video Sharing

Videos are great for entertainment and getting the latest information from all around the world but if you know how to use this tool correctly you can definitely end in gaining a lot of benefit from it especially in monetary terms. Yes, you could promote yourself or earn money from it but everyone needs to […]

20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Backup

20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Back up

If you ask smartphone users ” what is worst thing in your mobile?” Then mostly they will say the “Battery Backup.” Phone technology is improving day by day. But there is not much change in battery life of the smartphone. Today we will discuss with you how can we get most from the battery of […]

The Future of Technology with Google Glass

Eye of Google Glass

Amid so many speculations regarding how successful r unsuccessful the Google Glass has been, there is one thing that has emerged to be accepted as the biggest truth in the realms of technology and that is the fact that technology is growing at an unprecedented rate. There have been rumors about how ancient aliens helped […]

Online Safety: Do you have a secure wireless router?

wireless network

Do you know how secure your home wireless router is? Leaving your wireless network open and unsecure can make it accessible to anyone close to your router’s signal. The problem is that aside from you, your family and friends; there might also be others connected to your wireless network without you knowing it. Much like […]

Importance of Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Better Rankings


Once you have written your website and posted it online, you need to get it indexed on Google. No doubt you have considered the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site as you wrote it, but now you need to consider other factors, such as how your host server is going to affect your Google […]

6 Great Reasons to Build Your Own Computer

Reasons to Build a PC

If you believe in the death of a desktop PC, I am sorry to disappoint you. Desktop is very much alive and is doing fairly well. No matter how many tablets you might have in your household, or how many cell phones you go through each year, all mobile devices are much rather a complement […]

Workflow Automation: What It Is and What It Can Do for Your Business

workflow automation

We live in a world that operates on autopilot – the earth spinning in its orbit 24 hours a day, and revolving around the sun 365 days a year, unless it’s a leap year. The average corporate busybody survives a workday comprised of routine tasks –organizing files and documents from varied sources, creating charts, graphs […]