Why your business must go Social

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Ankit Chauhan
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Why your business must go Social — since last few years, Social media has been emerging a main key factor to grow your business. It allows you to build highly-engaged communities of followers and customers which help in driving traffic to your e-commerce portal and boost your sales.

why your business must go social

In 2006, Facebook and Twitter opened their doors to general public. If you haven’t tested social media yet, you must be aware of these facts:

  1. More than 5 billion items shared everyday over Facebook.
  2. 40% of small businesses boost their sales by Social media.
  3. 33% of people are online and use at least one Social media.
  4. Get up to 55% reach to your product from Social media.

Don’t worry, you don’t need of any social media training. It’s very simple. I’m outlining here why your business must go social. Here there are.

Why your business must go social

1. Your competitors/customers is on Social media

Most of the time, we try our old test marketing plan rather trying a new one. You should check your customers presence in global world (both online and offline) and build strategies to get more followers. So you should consider the fact and Go Social. Your customer will love your presence at top social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You customer and competitor are at

the same place, why would you go elsewhere?

2. Connect to people over social media

You social media strategies define your business future. They can open up newer options to communicate with your targeted audience. It takes less amount of effort to engage with your customers. There are lots of social media marketing tools available over the internet to automate this.

There might be a chance that sometime your customer can come up with hard comments. But don’t let it go. Let’s build new social media strategies. This will help you to engage with your customers in a better way and will add a positive impact across the globe.

3. Social media gives maximum reach to users

Let me ask you a question. How will you reach to your customer in a targeted area? How much are the chances that you will get the correct audience? I know, it’s really difficult to predict.

When you build social media strategy to reach a specific audience, chances will be beyond your expectations you aimed for. And also your customers and new followers will likely to discuss it offline, thereby a great chance to bring awareness about your brand to those people who aren’t in your reach.


Thought leaders are like messiahs in this world. so having a social presence on social networking website helps and aware of conversations about your brand. this is the most essential reason to go social.

Let me hear what you think about “why your business must go social”. Let’s share in the comment box below.