Reaching out to People: Helping People Easily Through the Online World

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Connecting to a lot of people and sharing your experiences is one of things that have always been important to the majority of people. We all love talking about a variety of problems that we experience in our lives and we appreciate the advice of those surrounding us. There are, in fact, a lot of […]

Do You Have Social Media Followers? You Can Use This to Start a Business

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If you are like most modern internet savvy people you are fairly active, or at least quite consistent on your social media profiles. Let’s face it, most people have Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter account these day and all of their social media profiles carry a certain amount of friends/followers/connections, whatever they may be called. […]

Manage Your Social Media Presence From Your Phone

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There are approximately two billion users of social media websites all around the world. While that’s a big number, it’s probably less surprising to hear that almost eighty percent of them manage their personal accounts from their phone, and engage in social media activity while out and about or at work. But, how can you […]

Email campaigns plus social media – using the most lethal success formula

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Every seasoned marketing campaigner knows that email campaigns are nothing more than a winning combination of timing, placement and sheer luck. But, what if you could create a media campaign that could guarantee to be a winning combination, without the uncertainty of failure, no matter what? Well now you can, by integrating email campaigns with […]

Why your business must go Social

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Why your business must go Social — since last few years, Social media has been emerging a main key factor to grow your business. It allows you to build highly-engaged communities of followers and customers which help in driving traffic to your e-commerce portal and boost your sales. In 2006, Facebook and Twitter opened their doors to […]

Why are you wasting your time?

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“Different Day, Same ……..” Have you ever found yourself saying that? I sure have! Over my 38 years on living on this rock of ours, I have learnt a lot of things. One of the things I have learnt is to take time out and enjoy yourself and also to cherish family and friends. Take […]

How to do Smart Social Media Marketing

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The internet today is an extremely competitive place where companies and business of different kinds must be the absolute best in what they do to make a mark in the market. It is, thus, essential for every business to make smart decisions when it comes to choosing marketing tactics including social media marketing. In order […]

Promote Your Dental Clinic Using the Internet

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Being a small business owner can be a very satisfying, yet sometimes extremely troublesome experience. Not only do you have to work with everyday tasks and problems, but you also have to have in mind a bigger picture, which is expanding your business. Of course, every business is made to produce money, and running a […]

5 Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Social Media Disorder

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You will have to excuse this post as it all started with an idea and got twisted from there! 🙂 There is a new addiction that has spread amongst both webmasters and normal people and they are calling it “obsessive compulsive social media disorder”. Have you heard about it yet? I was shocked when a […]

Why Businesses Cannot Ignore the Importance of Facebook

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Be it is a small bakery in your locality or the popular emblem that we all have renowned for years, you will find small and big enterprises hardworking on social networking. It is factual that the social media revolution has had a huge influence on the small-size enterprises more by supplying them infinite opportunities to […]