Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss There are various eating plans available on the market nowadays, one among which happens to be the green tea extract fat burning plan. Green tea for weight loss works because of an increase in the rate of metabolism on the other hand it also helps to speed up the expenditure […]

The Best Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks

Who doesn’t like a snack? Just about everyone I know gets hungry during the day at some point. But, if we eat too much of the wrong thing we can gain weight. A healthy body weight is very important to your overall health. Eating healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthy meals, but also includes healthy […]

Mistakes of a Modern Human Being


The twenty first century is not the worst period to live in, it is quite fun actually – we have the internet, which is the greatest source of information ever, we have cable TV, mobile phones, fast vehicles, and many other commodities, but how is it then, that in this day and age, mental illnesses […]

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6 Peculiar Tips That Will Make Your Home Greener


Being energy efficient is not only a good financial idea, but it is also our responsibility. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about some ice caps melting and the climate changing. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, this is actually quite true, and if you haven’t already changed […]

Improve Your Self-Confidence


Do you often find yourself feeling insecure and, because of that, unable to deal with certain types of everyday problems?  If the answer is yes, you should definitely do something about it. Lack of confidence can become a real big problem if you keep your eyes closed in front of it for a long time. […]

Making a Life-Changing Decision: Thinking about the Future


Once a person reaches a certain age (let’s say, around 36-40), there is a great deal of things to be thinking about. The most important one is how your progeny will live once you are gone. Even though some might think that 40 is not the right time to be thinking about that (there are […]

Why You Should Avoid Processed Foods

processed food

First, let’s define what processed foods are. Generally speaking they are those foods found in stores that have been prepared and stored for consumers. Those products on the inner isle. Products like canned or frozen foods are generally considered processed foods. White bread and even some whole wheat breads are considered processed foods. Condiments like […]

How To Run iPhone Apps On PC

ios emulator for windows

It’s true that all of us can’t simply afford an iPhone or an iPad. Its for some lucky ones, we say. But hey, u can still have an iOS experience on your PC. Also, Apple doesn’t permit an open app market, access to app market is restricted to iOS devices.  The closest you will get […]

Journalism and its Future in the Digital Age

Photo Credit - Roger H. Goun under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

In the world of Journalism bringing information to the reader/viewer is the key to what may be happening in the world or even bringing the news of something new that may be happening! But in this modern day of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, where does this leave the old school journalist, you […]