Godaddy coupons and vouchers for .com and .hosting

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Either kind of client can use a GoDaddy voucher to help bring down their prices.

For example, use coupon code 99love

or click for $1.49 domain here

3 Free Tools That Make a Freelancer’s Life Easier (Plus Bonus Free Tools!)

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Freelancer At Home

If you’re not a freelance worker now, you very well might be in the near future. While full-time work has become scarcer, freelance work has grown in the last few years. Not only that, but according to a recent Elance report (PDF link), freelance wages are on the rise, too. Sounds great, right? Not so […]

The 4 Rules Of Social Media Automation And 2 Recommended Social Media Management Tools

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With or without us knowing, social media is more than just plain important for us. For commoners, it is a great way to connect with friends and family members while in the corporate world, social media is used to drive sales and revenue. And I am absolutely sure you know what I am talking about […]

Best resources to create an ecommerce website with WordPress

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Figured out that you can make an awe inspiring ecommerce website with just WordPress, but not sure how? It is as easy to create an ecommerce website with WordPress, as it is to make a WordPress blog or a WordPress business portfolio. Though this looks like – “Big deal! It is just one ease task” […]

Workflow Automation: What It Is and What It Can Do for Your Business

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workflow automation

We live in a world that operates on autopilot – the earth spinning in its orbit 24 hours a day, and revolving around the sun 365 days a year, unless it’s a leap year. The average corporate busybody survives a workday comprised of routine tasks –organizing files and documents from varied sources, creating charts, graphs […]

Top Best 4 Free Services To Share Your Files Easily

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file sharing

Do you want to share some files which are really important to you and want them to securely reach in others hands. This could be any personal or professionals files and documents. To share these kinds of files people usually send email to each but here comes the biggest problem that emails limit the size […]

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

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15 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Everybody loves Google Chrome. It is light , secure and amazingly fast. I am a big fan of Google Chrome and most of the time I use Google Chrome to update my blog and surfing. Despite the fact that Google Chrome is fast, there are also other features which makes it stand out of the […]

Top 5 Apps All Small Businesses Need

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If you’ve ever worked for a small business, but haven’t run one yourself, you might wonder what the boss does all day. There you are, on the front lines, busting your hump day-in and day-out to make this company work. And what’s the boss doing? Sitting in a cushy office. It hardly seems fair at […]

Enable Copy and Paste in Facebook’s iOS App [Jailbreak]

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Facebook Logo

If you’re an iOS user, and you uses Facebook, you definitely know that the Facebook iOS App doesn’t allow you to copy posts, which forces you to open the web version of Facebook just to accomplish that, which is, pretty annoying without a doubt. But as always, the jailbreak community got your back, a new […]

Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 2

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Samsung vs. iPhone – Commercial

All of the awesome videos below were  uploaded on Eyern which provides the Best YouTube Videos from around the web. We truly hope you enjoy these 6 videos: Samsung vs. iPhone – Commercial Samsung mocks the release of the iPhone 5 as Samsung phone owners chat with people in line to get the new iPhone 5. […]