Top Best 4 Free Services To Share Your Files Easily

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Hamza Ahmad
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Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad
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file sharing

Do you want to share some files which are really important to you and want them to securely reach in others hands. This could be any personal or professionals files and documents. To share these kinds of files people usually send email to each but here comes the biggest problem that emails limit the size which means you can not send a larger file to anyone.

People have a real hard time searching good file sharing services but I am going to help you by posting a short review of top 4 file sharing services which are worth using and I will give my personal opinion about them. You just need to create your account and start sharing the important data. You give me your comments and recommendations about which service you like in your comments. So let’s start.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and best service started on 24th April 2012 with an aim to allow Gmail users to share large files using Google mail service. It provide you with a free 5GB backup and limits the maximum upload size to 10GB. The question is that if we have 5GB space then how could we upload larger files then this.

For this they have introduced some additional storage plans at low prices on monthly basis. They offer 25 GB for $2.49 per month, 100 GB for $4.99 per month and up to 16 TB of storage. It also has applications for desktop, smartphone and tablets. So this means availability of it is everywhere. Let’s come to the main thing that how can we share files.

GDrive only allows you to share through its Web app share files as an email, and can also specify how much access someone has to the file. For example, you can share a file with someone but only let them view it not edit it.

To access Google Drive it is must to have an account with Gmail. Secondly, it is made for users to share files via email. Overall it is a great service.

2. DropBox

DropBox is again a free service which provides file backup and sharing features. You need to register on their website and they provide you with 2GB of free storage but they gives you simple options to extent it. For example, you can get 125 MB of extra storage if you connect your account with Facebook, and 125 MB of storage if you connect with Twitter. You

can also earn extra storage by referring your friends to Dropbox.

Additionally they have also upgradable plans with larger storage spaces. Dropbox plans are started at $9.99 per month for 100GB, and up to $49.99 per month for 500 GB. It has a desktop client with smartphone application availability. You can access it on your tablets also. Its supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Dropbox lets you edit a number of file online on its web client which is a good feature for many people. You do not have to first download a file and then edit it. They support many file types including PDFs, documents, video, photos, Photoshop files, and music.

Dropbox allows you to share files using a simple link. You just copy and paste the link and share it.

3. MediaFire

Mediafire is considered to be the most reliable file sharing service. They have provided me with a 50GB free storage and the best thing about them which I like are there super-fast servers. The founders of Mediafire started it with an aim to allow sharing of larger files.

Mediafire also has premium plans and an enterprise plan but what I think is that 50GB of free storage is more than enough for a single user. They limit the upload size to 100MB. They have smartphone applications which allows you to access your sites anywhere but what I have seen is that these apps are not so much popular.

You just need to register, upload your files and get sharing link from them and share it. You can also make your folders public so anyone could come and download the file they want.

4. Replitz

Replitz has been just in the market with a simple easy to use script. They have been launched in beta mode and are working on finishing their final script. They have a simple Php file upload system which allows you to upload files without registration. You just upload your files, get a sharing link and share them. Soon much more new features are coming.

The best thing which I like about them is there fast servers and they do not limit the download speed and impose waiting times like others. You might be thinking that the above services also do not impose any restrictions. That is true and that is the reason they are above it but services like, makes it difficult for files to be shared with free users.

That is the reason I am sharing this service with you. You should provide your comments regarding this service and help improve it.