Top Best 4 Free Services To Share Your Files Easily

Hamza Ahmad
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Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad
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file sharing

Do you want to share some files which are really important to you and want them to securely reach in others hands. This could be any personal or professionals files and documents. To share these kinds of files people usually send email to each but here comes the biggest problem that emails limit the size which means you can not send a larger file to anyone.

People have a real hard time searching good file sharing services but I am going to help you by posting a short review of top 4 file sharing services which are worth using and I will give my personal opinion about them. You just need to create your account and start sharing the important data. You give me your comments and recommendations about which service you like in your comments. So let’s start.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and best service started on 24th April 2012 with an aim to allow Gmail users to share large files using Google mail service. It provide you with a free 5GB backup and limits the maximum upload size to 10GB. The question is that if we have 5GB space then how could we upload larger files then this.

For this they have introduced some additional storage plans at low prices on monthly basis. They offer 25 GB for $2.49 per month, 100 GB for $4.99 per month and up to 16 TB of storage. It also has applications for desktop, smartphone and tablets. So this means availability of it is everywhere. Let’s come to the main thing that how can we share files.

GDrive only allows you to share through its Web app share files as an email, and can also specify how much access someone has to the file. For example, you can share a file with someone but only let them view it not edit it.

To access Google Drive it is must to have an account with Gmail. Secondly, it is made for users to share files via email. Overall it is a great service.

2. DropBox

DropBox is again a free service which provides file backup and sharing features. You need to register on their website and they provide you with 2GB of free storage but they gives you simple options to extent it. For example, you can get 125 MB of extra storage if you connect your account with Facebook, and 125 MB of storage if you connect with Twitter.

You can also earn extra storage by referring your friends to Dropbox.

Additionally they have also upgradable plans with larger storage spaces. Dropbox plans are started at $9.99 per month for 100GB, and up to $49.99 per month for 500 GB. It has a desktop client with smartphone application availability. You can access it on your tablets also. Its supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Dropbox lets you edit a number of file online on its web client which is a good feature for many people. You do not have to first download a file and then edit it. They support many file types including PDFs, documents, video, photos, Photoshop files, and music.

Dropbox allows you to share files using a simple link. You just copy and paste the link and share it.

3. MediaFire

Mediafire is considered to be the most reliable file sharing service. They have provided me with a 50GB free storage and the best thing about them which I like are there super-fast servers. The founders of Mediafire started it with an aim to allow sharing of larger files.

Mediafire also has premium plans and an enterprise plan but what I think is that 50GB of free storage is more than enough for a single user. They limit the upload size to 100MB. They have smartphone applications which allows you to access your sites anywhere but what I have seen is that these apps are not so much popular.

You just need to register, upload your files and get sharing link from them and share it. You can also make your folders public so anyone could come and download the file they want.

4. Replitz

Replitz has been just in the market with a simple easy to use script. They have been launched in beta mode and are working on finishing their final script. They have a simple Php file upload system which allows you to upload files without registration. You just upload your files, get a sharing link and share them. Soon much more new features are coming.

The best thing which I like about them is there fast servers and they do not limit the download speed and impose waiting times like others. You might be thinking that the above services also do not impose any restrictions. That is true and that is the reason they are above it but services like, makes it difficult for files to be shared with free users.

That is the reason I am sharing this service with you. You should provide your comments regarding this service and help improve it. 


  1. shikha mehra says:

    Hello Dear

    really its very useful and interesting post and i am using google drive and this is most popular and best service provider and i will try DropBox, MediaFire, Replitz, so thanks for sharing me.:-)

  2. My preference is Google Drive,… my Drop-box always messaging me that’s full after dropping few files there! Google always provide the best :)

  3. DropBox is so awesome thing. It helps to avoid so much headache with sharing bigsized files! God bless the ctreator of this sharing app!
    Martin recently posted…Is FLASH Appropriate for your Business Website?My Profile

  4. Well i am already using Google Drive and mediafire to share my files. And i am really h\happy with this sites. But i will definitely try dropbox also. Thanks!
    Johnw recently posted…How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?My Profile

  5. Thanks for sharing the list. Currently, I am only using DropBox and Google Drive. For me, two is already enough. Heard about MediaFire but yet to try it though.
    Reginald recently posted…BlueHost Review – Professional Web HostingMy Profile

  6. Great List of file sharing services but you have missed box and skydrive they are also great for file sharing.
    Thank you for sharing this…. :)
    Nikhil recently posted…Why Is Better Than Problogger For NewbieMy Profile

  7. I have been using Dropbox for a while now. I’ve been pleased with the service and features. I don’t even come close to needing more space, at least not yet. Google Drive is also appealing, and I have been meaning to try it out. So far Dropbox provides me with more than what I need. If I get to a point where I need more I will either checkout Google Drive or possibly Microsoft’s Sky Drive.
    Ray recently posted…Use WordPress on Your Computer Fast with LocalWPMy Profile

  8. I use dropbox quite often, though I feel Google drive is an equally effective cloud storage means. All these apps who have made into the list are quite good for sharing your files. Thanks for sharing the useful information.
    raj recently posted…Talking Tom Cat for PC download, Talking Tom Cat for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  9. Useful list, Initially I had DropBox a lot but now I often use Google Drive. They both are really awesome file sharing services and offer privacy and security to you data as well.
    Pankaj recently posted…API Reseller SoftwareMy Profile

  10. Stuart Crawford says:

    Cloud app is a great app on the mac – looks good and is easier than dropbox for single files.

  11. Hello Ahmed,
    Very nice post. I’m too preferring the Google Drive. I’ve used both Google Drive and Drop Box. But after reading your post, I’m gonna try other two sources for file sharing. Thanks for the Post.
    Happy Blogging…
    Pankaj Jain recently posted…LG Optimus G2 5 inch 1080p Smartphone with 2.26 GHz Dual Core processorMy Profile

  12. I used media fire, its an amazing service to share files with other and most importantly it is secure and Fast. Tough other services like gdrive also good but never used it not even a single time. but looking forward to use it. thanks for sharing such great information with all of us.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…How to disable startup programs in windows 8My Profile

  13. i would like to add one more and that is box it has been gradually very popular now a days because of its simplicity. but we can not host javascript with it but with dropbox that you mentioned it is possible.Thanks for sharing.
    Rohan Mod recently posted…10 Psychological Blogger Design Tips To Increase Website ConversionMy Profile

  14. Google Drive is the ebst over this now ! with Apps on all platforms available! :)
    harshi recently posted…How to Play HD Games | Chainfire 3D | Without LagMy Profile

  15. I have tried Google Drive and Dropbox. But, I think nothing is like Google Drive. Because of customer feedback. And also Dropbox is great. I use it to share files through this.
    Abhishek Raj recently posted…Google Will Penalize Sites Sharing Widgets, Plugins and TemplatesMy Profile

  16. Earlier I was using sendspace
    Vineet Gupta recently posted…How to Market Yourself OnlineMy Profile

  17. Why you have not mention, Its really nice and give 5gb free space. Try it!

  18. hi Buddy,
    Google drive is becoming more and more popular.
    It has more free usage provided to its users.
    yogesh pant recently posted…What is an Accretion Disk?My Profile

  19. I can’t believe they are as much as this, actually i’ve only heard of media fire, thanks for sharing this great list Hamza
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Guest Blogging vs Blog Commenting which is Better?My Profile

  20. Garnet D. Birge says:

    Yeap, google drive is providing best service but I like drop box and some times I used sky drive.

  21. I usually prefer Dropbox which holds on completely on my needs and as a safe and secure source to put your files on web.
    himanshu recently posted…Best Android Jelly Bean Keyboard for Android 4.1,4.2 and 4.3My Profile

    • Me too, i use dropbox for about one year and it’s great because i can upload files and documents from my shartphone.

  22. I prefer Dropbox and Google Drive. The best one is Drop box :)

  23. Thanks for helping all of us for organizing the most needed resource under a roof which everyone uses to frequently ..DropBox is amongst the best of all and i am relying on it from too long

  24. I started out using Google Drive extensively, mainly because I was already using Docs and GMail. However, I quickly switched to Dropbox for the Linux support. Google *still* hasn’t released a Linux client, and last time I looked, the third-party clients were still very unstable. (Though there’s a new one called Insync that I’m going to have to check out.)

    I do still use Drive for online documents, but for file syncing, Dropbox fits my needs better for now. The funny thing is, I even use it to upload photos from my phone instead of plugging it into my PC.

  25. I like these. I wonder why you don’t mention, which has recently started targeting the SMB market?
    khurleyfn recently posted…Fidelity :: Technology SolutionsMy Profile

  26. Really nice post. I prefer google drive…Thanks for sharing :)

  27. What would I do without Google Drive? I may give the others a shot though for other things I’d like to share more “publicly”. Thanks for the post.
    Donny Duncan recently posted…Saints Row 4 – Cheat CodesMy Profile

  28. thank you for sharing this, i need to use ALOT of online storage to upload music files as part of my business. Im sure these will come in handy!
    Miguel Shands recently posted…The Best Free recording softwareMy Profile

  29. I heard lot’s of free cloud services such SkyDrive, SugarSync,, Google drive and the new one is ‘Replitz’. Each one of these products have their own relevant advantages, But I still use Dropbox because of its cleanness and yet functionality.
    Chetan recently posted…Q-veg: The natural CoQ10 supplement in IndiaMy Profile

  30. lindahill says:

    I believe that you forgot some other sharing sites .
    Sites like 4share or uploaded also provide very good services.
    There is a new service called anysend that is a very simple to use sending client .
    I believe that people should get to know this client cause it provide unlimited storage and fast speeds and all for free.
    One download and you can transfer what you want to wherever you want for free.
    no limit to file size just shake and send.

    Try it and let us know what you think
    Linda hill,
    AnySend PM

  31. Google Drive is awesome, sharing my large files with my friends it’s pretty easy and secure.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Placeable Silos v 1.0My Profile

  32. hello
    thank you for sharing this, i need to use ALOT of online storage to upload music files as part of my business. Im sure these will come in handy!
    nice post
    rajat recently posted…Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

  33. Interesting article on remote file sharing, I have used both Dropbox and Goggle Drive before and they work well. I would be interested in what the performance comparison between these services.
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…Networking – You Get Out of It What You Put InMy Profile

  34. I have been a longtime user of Dropbox but recently I started using Google Drive a lot more. I like how Google Drive has become integrated with Gmail and allows you to share large files directly through email. Another option if you are sharing a lot of files or very large files is to setup a NAS at your home or office. I have one setup that I can access through a cloud service or FTP.
    Bill recently posted…Eastport Photography Website RedesignMy Profile

  35. Replitz looks new to me, does it offer free cloud storage ? If yes then how much ?
    sushen recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Download on Windows and Mac ComputerMy Profile

  36. I’m a big fan of Dropbox and use it daily for sharing files and storing documents and i actualy found a gig on fiver to increase my Dropbox storage to 20GB. I never really got into Google Drive maybe i should give it a go
    Mark recently posted…Best Kitchen Knives Made in the USAMy Profile

  37. the app Es File manager offer and manage many cloud storage services
    joemartine recently posted…5 of Best Android Tablet Apps for workMy Profile

  38. Hey hamza,
    Nice post and Yes, Google drive and dropbox is really the best service to share file and easy to use. They are highly secure and reliable and I am also using it. I never used Replitz and it also seems interesting. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  39. I don’t know about most of them, used few of them but now surely gonna give all of them a try. Thanks for this nice share.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Slingshot apk Download, Slingshot 1.0 apk | Slingshot for android modMy Profile

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