My 5 Best Ways To Get Safe Backlinks For Google

Hamza Ahmad
I am a student and a blogger. Currently I won 2 wonderful blogs, Genius Bloggers and Daily Mobile Blog . In future I have a plan to provide an awesome service to people which is currently under development.
Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad
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stop wasting your time with pointless backlinks

Google has introduced a huge number updates and changes in its algorithm because like every business it also wants to improve its users experience and quality of their search engine. In these changes a lot of webmasters had to suffer, their rankings went down, traffic started to decrease and ultimately they lost there steady earnings. Some of the people whom I know even stopped blogging which is something we should never do. Just stick to your project and one day it will prosper.

Well, today I am going to share a solution for this outcome. The main thing which is targeted in these Google updates are the quality of your blog and the links which are pointing towards them. Backlinks are really essential and counted as a vote for your website to rank higher. Before these updates people focused on quantity of backlinks but not quality but now Google wants quality and sites having fake and low quality backlinks are penalised.

So, here are the best 5 ways to build safe backlinks. You might see other techniques but I prefer using these techniques because they are harmless but still before building any backlink you should just keep in mind that “you can’t game Google”, so do not try to spam and focus on the quality.

1. Link Bait

Link Bait is when you create an awesome post which people really like and as a reward provide links to you on there website/blogs. I know this is one of the most difficult method but it brings you natural links which is the aim of Google.

Link baiting can be made easy when you share your expertise and answer different people questions. Share your imagination and see how much people like it. You could also write about something which really interests your readers. For this you have to know what your subscribers like.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging comes second

in my list. Yes, it is another way to get high quality backlinks which Google likes. The advantage of this method is that you not only get quality links but also get targeted traffic to your site and the main dis-advantage is that it is time consuming.

In my opinion, a blogger should write at least 1 guest post each week. This will increase its traffic and overall ranks.

3. Social Bookmarking/Sharing

Social Bookmarking is one of my favourite method and I share my every post which I write on different Social bookmarking sites and networks like Facebook, twitter etc. This again brings you backlinks from authority sites and new visitors.

You could use Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites list and submit your content to them. You should submit to them regularly.

 4. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most popular and easy method to create high quality backlinks for your website. The thing which I hate about it is that you can not change your Anchor text on popular blogs or else your comment will not be approved. Otherwise, it is a best way to build backlinks.

For people who are new to this, just try to create comment on authority sites with high domain authority. Secondly, try to find blogs with CommentLuv or KeywordLuv plugin installed and comment on those blogs.

You could use my High authority Dofollow blog list for starting commenting.

5. Yahoo Answers

This is my last method which I use and really love it. This provides me with highly targeted traffic and generate good amount of leads for me. Just answer appropriate questions related to your content and share your link.

People will visit your website and if your content is great, they can be your daily readers. On the other hand you will also generate quality backlinks as Yahoo answers is high authority site.

These were my methods, if you have any queries feel free to share. If you have any other method then share with us.



  1. Twitter:
    After the Penguin 2.0 update today..Many things will change unfortunately :(
    Suraj Ramnani recently posted..Metro: Last Light Season Pass details announcedMy Profile

  2. Don’t forget forum marketing, it’s important to let people know what your site has to offer. What better way to get in conversation with people that have an interest in it? You have some good tips and I hope you keep adding to the list.

  3. Twitter:
    hello Hamza..
    ya according to current algorithm of Google ,quality of a backlink matters more than the quantity of the backlinks. Spamming is not be tolerated by Google now. Dofollow concept is in the same manner.Ya all these ways to get safe backlinks are really effective. Thanks for sharing all of these.
    Mahendra recently posted..Top Android strategy games 2013 free downloadMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Thanks Hamza for this valuable share,,,
    Back-links plays a huge role on any blog’s success so these should be from trusted sites..Also I found the link Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites is very helpful….
    champ recently posted..Google Glasses Specs, Price and Release Date -TechGlossMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    I like the list of ideas you have presented here. I have found the guest blogging and Link baiting are great ways to increase the link count. I had not thought of the Yahoo answers direction. I think I will add this to my list of items to do during the day.
    Shannon recently posted..Consumer Generated Content – and other BuzzwordsMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Good tips. I just discovered Yahoo a while ago. Waiting to see the results.

    BTW your high PR link does not work.
    Leon recently posted..WWE NXT TapingsMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    I will definitely have to try out Yahoo answers. Great ideas. I bet I will see a big change once I start using some of these. Thanks :)
    Tanya recently posted..Avoiding the 7 Big Team-Building BlundersMy Profile

  8. i indeed love yahoo answers, because your link don’t be in yahoo alone but will cross to multiple sites as well and that is a good amount of traffic and backlinks in return. thanks :)
    Babanature recently posted..How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A BloggerMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    That is an outstanding list my friend. Most of the blogs that you have mentioned for commenting are also great ones. Very rarely people share their research and you have shared a great list.
    Keral Patel recently posted..WordPress: Why You Should Not Upload Any Videos On itMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Thank you so much for the top best 10 social bookmarking article :)
    Werry Adnan recently posted..Belajar Sistem Operasi Linux melalui Tiny CoreMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    The quality of back links matters a lot if you must improve in Google ranking. I have done all you have posted except the first one which I will investigate and see how it works. Thanks for sharing.
    Francis recently posted..How to Stay Fresh in the WinterMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Taking natural backlinks is like Google’s love and they are not too difficult to make them up.
    himanshu recently posted..IPhone IOS or Android | Compare how Android is better than Iphone IOS.My Profile

  13. Twitter:
    blog commenting and guest posting are quite a common thing now a days. You also have assisted yahoo answers to get some quality back links which is really something new to find for making quality back links.
    yogesh pant recently posted..How to study during examinations?My Profile

  14. Twitter:
    I’ve done everything that you have listed and have been since I started my blog, but with the way that Google keeps changing things all the time, it may be a case soon that everything that we attempt to do to help our websites will be knocked flat on the floor by Google.
    Karen Woodham recently posted..Don Jon – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directorial Debut – First Images and Movie TrailerMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Simple and effective ways to quality backlinks.

    Am a newbie blogger and implementing these honest ways to build natural backlinks for my blog.

    I wrote more than 10 guest posts and enjoying its benefits. Thanks for writing the needful post, hope it would help the bloggers to create good backlinks.
    Nirmala recently posted..What Is Twitter and Things Not To Be Tweeted With ItMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    New for me is backlinks from Yahoo Answers. I’ll try this to see if I get some traffic.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Wild Creek Valley v 1.0 – Farming Simulator 2013 ModsMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    Thank you for sharing this information Hamza. It is going to be very helpful to me. Does it matter how many blog posts we comment on on a particular blog?
    Pitt Goumas recently posted..Home STD Testing Procedure – Same Day Private STD TestingMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tip on Yahoo Answers. Looking forward to some traffic from there.
    Kirby Hopper recently posted..Google Rankings For Car Dealerships – Kirbyworks #1My Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Yes, your psot absolutelly rights. I don’t understnad about google backlink, so i just write article and i hope somebody like that’s. Thank you, Nice and helpfully post..Success
    Anndiana recently posted..Fhatin, Gadis Remaja Taklukan Rampok X – FaktorMy Profile

  20. Hey hamza,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, Guest posting and blog commenting is really best way to get safe backlinks and it also helps in promoting our blog and making links with other. Social sharing is also an important factor.
    Sudipto recently posted..Free Call App For AndroidMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    Guest posting and blog commenting are the best way for creating safe backlinks for Google. Thanks for sharing this nice post.
    Prakash recently posted..WeChat for PC Download Free, WeChat For Computer (Windows 7, Mac)My Profile

  22. Twitter:
    No forum posting? I have not tried Yahoo answers and link baiting. Although I have an idea how link baiting works, I still have not explored it yet. I am actively contributing content for SEJ, comluv and more.
    Joseph Gojo Cruz recently posted..Google Penguin Algorithm Update: Guide to avoid penaltiesMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tips! This is really important especially now that penguin 2.0 has rolled out
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..How To Promote Your MusicMy Profile

  24. Yahoo Answers is really great but be sure not to spam their forums as this will result in a ban.

    Share stuff from all around the internet to be safe.
    Rohan Shankar recently posted..Best Studio Quality Headphones Under $200 and $100My Profile

  25. Twitter:
    Great tips to get website traffic via backlinks. The suggestions you have made are essential to effective online marketing. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Greg recently posted..Memorial Day WeekendMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Awesome resources!
    Some of the bookmarking sites are quite difficult to use… but hey, they do the job :)

    Merci :)
    Llyane recently posted..What are your moves?My Profile

  27. Twitter:
    Thank you, Hamza, problem is I wasn\’t able to post on a few of them even for the one (seed) bookmark. These three seem to be popular, yet I couldn\’t find my way around
    bibsonomy dot org
    url dot org
    connotea dot org
    Thanks again :)Llyane
    Llyane recently posted..What are your moves?My Profile

  28. Twitter:
    Hi Hamza, Great write up here. I am a new blogger and thinking of earning links aka link baiting will take me some time. But, I have been doing a lot of commenting on dofollow blogs and lots of Guest posts.
    these together, I am sure, will help me take my blog to a higher level.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..30 Best Gemini Tattoos For Men And GirlsMy Profile

  29. Twitter:
    Yes it will surely help you but try to change your backlinks techniques and add new stuff to it. This will get you even more high rankings.
    Hamza Ahmad recently posted..Windows 8.1 To Get Start Menu Back – Details With Release DateMy Profile

  30. Karen Walters says:

    Hey Hamza,
    Thanks for sharing your insights on backlinks. I would like to state that after penguin update now a days infographics and guest blogging has emerged as a new and authentic way to build backlinks.

  31. Hello Hamza!
    Thanks for your post. It’s very useful for newbie like me!
    I’m reading your list: 10 High PR dofollow list and start comment, i think it will help me in SEO!
    Thank you!
    Alex recently posted..webinar express reivew & bonus – why you need?My Profile

  32. Thanks for sharing your high authority do follow blog list. It is easy to find commentluv blogs but hard to find do follow blogs which do not use commentluv.
    Narcis recently posted..Three Things That Suck About EnglandMy Profile

  33. Yahoo answer? Em..its weird. But i will try. Never did this before.

  34. Blog Commenting is always my fav part and guest posting is also one of the best to get backlinks and traffic to.
    pram singh recently posted..10 Must Have Android AppsMy Profile

  35. Twitter:
    Thanks buddy for sharing this information.Its great one , i would love to follow.As you told guest blogging is quite tedious,Is it a must for a blogger to do guest post ?I am newbie that’s why am asking .
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives – Sites Like Google AdsenseMy Profile

  36. a very nice set of link building techniques…,
    I am a big fan of “link bait” technique of quality link building,, previously i read this term in a blog post from mitz and seen many peoples creating a controversy from a scrap..,
    by the way other ways like yahoo answers and all are efficient too.. :)

  37. Nicole Orozco says:

    Great tips, Hamza. I have not tried Yahoo Answers yet so I will be implementing that technique into my website’s SEO. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to learn new tips that will help with backlink building.

  38. Twitter:
    I also think the “Link bait” is the most difficult way to get backlink. Sometimes, people write the link, but mark it as “nofollow”. As far as I know, that’s because giving link to other site (“outlink”) will make your point on Alexa _lower_.
    Prabowo Murti recently posted..Strategy for Business : Simple ApproachMy Profile

  39. Hey Hamza,
    Have you tested buying High PR domains and sort of building your PBN. I wanted to test it buy seems that pr5 doamins are so expensive. I am currently testing expired and deleted domains that still have high pr backlinks.
    I know this is kinda blackhat, but your thoughts on this would really be great.
    louen recently posted..Tomb Raider 2013 CrackMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      That is a good idea but I suggest you to never expect something really high from them. I have never tried them but that all depends how popular a domain is and PR does not defines popularity.
      Hamza Ahmad recently posted..4 Best Paste And Share Websites To With High RanksMy Profile

      • I actual got to push my sites to page one by just using expired and deleted domains. Although some of those I bought where totally useless since they quickly lost their backlinks. I guess that’s the risk. Got the idea from some alex becker guy who preaches “buy pr domains”. Just a suggestiion, could you make a post or discuss about majestic metrics vs seomoz DA and PA. I’ve been trying to figure out which of the two should I follow. I tried using majestic trust flow of 20+ to find domains with high pr vs. domains having DA and PA above 40. It would be great if you have ideas on this.
        Thanks again bro!
        louen recently posted..Steam Wallet HackMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    I think with blog commenting it is always good to have a mix of both dofollow and nofollow links to make the backlink process look natural to search engines. Also, I have found that spending time and making quality replies on Yahoo Answers can improve bing and yahoo search rankings in the long term.
    chang recently posted..Quickbooks LoginMy Profile

  41. Guest posting is great. But it takes a lot of time and effort. And sometimes you have to wait for weeks to get a reply from the blog owners saying whether they accept or reject the article.

  42. Adam Fletcher says:

    I think all of those methods are really important. Now, after Penguin 2.0, you must have a good mixture of methods of retaining the backlinks. I think this can help fix some of the issues Google is having with sites that have very little content but are still on first page of Google! Thanks again!

  43. by the time I figure out what I should be doing they will change it all again. haha.

  44. Nice article Admin. Hamza Ahmad ! I am using Blog commenting and quality content which comes in link baiting as my source for Backlinks. I will explore other tips suggested by you to generate more link to my blog. I think there is some mistake in About me at Top where you have misspelled “Own” as “Won”, correct me if I am wrong!

  45. Twitter:
    Hello Hamza Ahmad,
    We know that how Panda/Penguin are ruling the bots. Thanks for sharing this awesome and safe techniques. but i have a question that…
    what do you think ? Is guest posting is 100 % safe?
    Anyways Thanks for sharing Hamza :)
    Have a Wonderful day ahead :)

    Honey Soni
    Honey Soni recently posted..Top 5 Wireless Internet Providers in USAMy Profile

  46. Twitter:
    getting backlinks is not tough but getting good backlinks is tough. while building the backlinks we should we should also take care of the way by we are building our backlinks, and i thinks the best way is to comment on the other blogs which have good reputation.
    suryabhan4 recently posted..Facebook and facial recognition technologyMy Profile

  47. Ashley Hill says:

    Yes all this info is good. I forgot about yahoo answers as well. It is tough sometimes keeping up with all the updates, but as usual quality always leads the pack.

  48. You can get back-link from Google by Establishing Google Authorship on your Blog. But I dont know whether its a dofllow or nofollow? Can you please tell?

  49. Twitter:

    Nice article to be safe from Link Building, Now a days many people go behind link building for getting more backlinks as it is considered as one of the reason of SEO and Search engine ranking. So due to it, many fall into the trap of spammy and irrelevant links to the blog and got penalized by Google.

    Always keep in mind that more than Quantity, Quality matters.
    Shathyan recently posted..What are BacklinksMy Profile

  50. Thanks for the article! I’m having trouble finding sites that have dofollow links but I was able to comment on two of the ones on your list so that’s a start. Anyone else have suggestions for dofollow blogs?

  51. Rohit Mittal says:

    thats Great post regarding how to create backlinks for our blog….
    And I also Heard somewhere about Guest Blogging is a Good Way for Backlinks.
    But Now Question is:- How many Backlinks is Made wd d help of one Guest Post….
    Reply Me ASAP…

  52. Twitter:
    Great information for people trying to help their websites get backlinks. Does Google place more importance on the number of links or the PR Ranking of the site with the link?
    Bill recently posted..Naval Academy Wedding – Meleah and BobbyMy Profile

  53. Great information.

    I too love Yahoo answers as it is one of the best ways of getting quality backlinks and traffic. You have to answer questions related to the niche of your site.

  54. Thank you for the list , i would add comluv with them ofcourse :) one of the best sites i have ever searched and found !!
    Hossam Salem recently posted..Plan – G 0656 – EGP 424.00My Profile

  55. Twitter:
    I anticipate google to discount all blog comment name links from passing juice in the future. I think they will allow the links in the content to have value though.

  56. Twitter:
    thanks for sharing tips,i specially love the bookmarking sites like stumbleupon &pinterest.both of these are working just awesome for me & of course rest of the things in above list are important too.keep sharing same in future
    Mahesh recently posted..Create Hiren Boot CD Usb With Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  57. Twitter:
    Great tips. I’ve had trouble with Yahoo Answers when adding my link though. I’ve only answered questions that had to do with the niche of my blog yet I still get reported all the time by people for spamming. I’ve basically just given up on using Yahoo Answers because of this.
    Mike Howg recently posted..Make Money Blogging – 5 Tips for Getting Paid with your BlogMy Profile

  58. Twitter:
    Hi Hamza
    Backlinks are the back bone of search engine optimization like a human body. Without backlinks, your articles will not get higher ranking in Google. Google will automatically rank your article high If your post have high quality backlinks and having good backlinks means higher rank and higher rank means, more Google traffic. Happy Blogging :D
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..Best Link Building Strategies – Effective GuideMy Profile

  59. Great tips! I didn’t know about Link Baiting & Guest blogging.
    In my view commenting on other blogs is easiest way to build backlinks.

  60. Twitter:
    I Think Link Bait is Most Difficult way to create backlinks But if we has the writing skills then it can be done. Guest Posting and blog commenting also depend on our writing Skills, if we are not able to write Good Content then Nothing is Possible, neither Blog Commenting or Guest posting , Nor Link Bait.
    Atinder recently posted..Fast and Furieous Strategies to Build High Quality BacklinksMy Profile

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