What Is Linking To Your Website?

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Wade Harman
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The “Dofollow” Link Building Strategy

We all want dofollow links. These are what ranks our sites higher and higher on the search engines. This is how we are able to get our blogs in front of the eyes of the readers to actually have a chance to make money. Link building is probably the number one thing people do in accordance to SEO. On site optimization is just as important and you shouldn’t forget it, however, to actually “climb the ladder”, you need some dofollow links.

Now, if you are a new blogger, don’t just go rushing out there and plaster your URL all over the first available site you come to. Google wants to see high quality links pointing to your website. The higher the value, the better the link.  Anything less, may hurt you in the rankings.

There is one problem with this though, a lot of these high value sites have a rel=”nofollow” tag, therefore meaning they are not going to share their links. Kinda like the soup Nazi on Jerry Seinfeld. “No links for you!”

High quality sites are hard to find to actually link to. The dofollow websites out there DO exist, you just have to find them! If you are a new blogger, then you may not know which type of high quality sites I am talking about. Anything with the normal “.com“, “.net“, & “.org” is standard. however, there are sites like .edu and .gov that are out there to post to, you just have to be able to locate them. The dofollow link is very important, and you can’t build too many links, you just need to make sure that they are relevant to your own site(this helps), sites that are basically browsed by people every day like Social Media Sites, and are not full of spam. Here is Matt Cutts saying not to worry about building too many links:


Rel=”nofollow”-The Protector of Websites

Don’t disregard the power of the nofollow link. You have to maintain a correct

balance of both nofollow and dofollow backlinks that point toward your site. The nofollow keeps Google’s black and white animals away by protecting your site from the inevitable slap that it will receive if you have only dofollow links.  This is why you have to be careful about which sites you allow to link back to you.  These high quality sites don’t give out links for a particular reason, they know this secret!

Strategies For Building Links

I know some of you professional bloggers already know some of this…I have only been doing this for two years, so I am still learning different ways to get backlinks, and here are some tips for those of you who may not already know this.
If you want the high quality sites, then .gov and .edu sites are the one’s to link to.

In the Google search bar type this:
leave a comment”site:.edu
leave a comment”site:.gov

Write this exactly as I have shown, and all the sites that accept comments will come up. I want to warn you that most of these will be very hard to find. If you find one .gov site to link to it is worth it though!

I am not giving this information out so you can go spam the federal governments sites either! READ THE POST and make an educated comment. If you don’t, they are just going to delete it anyway, so it’s best to not spam.

Another site that may be helpful for you to find different ways to do your link building is with Drop My Link. This site will find comment luv blogs, keyword luv, .edu, .gov, etc. Again, if you are trying to find the .edu and .gov sites, you may have to sift through this before you find some sites that will allow you to actually post your URL.

I hope this helps. I am interested to see what kind of comments I am going to get because of writing this post. Sometimes it is frowned on when people give out this type of info! Remember, I am not telling you this so you can spam the heck out of these sites. Purely for informational ways to build links.

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