Does Social Media Strategy Trump SEO?


Recently, I have had the great opportunity to have the honor to be asked to start speaking at blogging conferences. So far, I have been asked to speak at 3 this year, and already have been booked for 5 for next year. Seems as though my social media strategy has gotten the attention of some […]

Give Your Blog Topics A Face Lift


Generic Blog Topics Since I started blogging 2 years or so ago, I used to run across a lot of blogs online that had information that I was still learning. These were interesting to me back then. Topics like “What To Do To Make Money Blogging”, etc. I was in need of the information, and […]

What Is Linking To Your Website?

link building

The “Dofollow” Link Building Strategy We all want dofollow links. These are what ranks our sites higher and higher on the search engines. This is how we are able to get our blogs in front of the eyes of the readers to actually have a chance to make money. Link building is probably the number […]

Content Is King

google content

The Google Race For those of you that have websites with great content and the idea to make money from them, you know what an ordeal it is to get on Google’s coveted first page. We all have a dream to make money, therefore we frantically race to backlink everything we come across, either paid or […]

Rel=Nofollow Links:The Protector of Sites


Let Me Set the Record Straight It seems I have struck a nerve when I posted about Backlinks For Your Site. I thought I could help a few people out with showing different methods that I use to get good quality backlinks. One of the ways that I do this is through forum posting. As […]

3 Tips For Higher Page Rank


The Google Rank The Google page rank system with the idea of getting links is an elusive subject to many people. In fact, most people don’t really truly understand what it is, and no one can really answer the question of how it is processed, however, there are a few things that you can do that […]

Use Twitter Wisely


The Evolving of Twitter I recently blogged about Making Money on Twitter. After this I have been thinking about these different types of sites. Since the involvement of social media sites, bloggers are having to put more time into the mix in getting noticed. I can remember when Facebook wasn’t around. I can also remember […]

What Does It Take To Get Website Traffic?


SEO for Internet Traffic We all know how aggravating and tedious it can be to get ranked up for Google or some other search engine. All of the hassle that it takes to actually get your blog or site to the first page really takes a lot of time. This in itself is time consuming […]

Make Money From Blogs

make money blog

Can’t Make Money Blogging? Most people that set up a blog have high hopes that it will make them lots of money. More often than not, they are hoping for that cash payout quicker than humanly or Googely possible! More people quit their blogs before they even get started because there is no quick money […]

Backlinks for Your Site!


Backlinks: An Idea You May Not Know We all scramble for backlinks, we all know the processes that it takes to get our site noticed on Google or some other search engine, and therefore we race to get it done and get our site ranked fast. There are common ways to get backlinks to your […]