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Wade Harman
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Generic Blog Topics

Since I started blogging 2 years or so ago, I used to run across a lot of blogs online that had information that I was still learning. These were interesting to me back then. Topics like “What To Do To Make Money Blogging”, etc. I was in need of the information, and still haven’t learned it all yet!

However, I was thinking to myself the other day while browsing the net looking, nay, hoping, for something new, that most of the blog posts are generic and stale. I see plenty of topics on “Make Money Blogging” and I still click it hoping that this will be the blogger who has either found something new(because it really hasn’t changed that much), or has written it in such a way that makes it interesting.

You have seen these before, and I am not knocking the idea of how to make money with a blog, I am just insulted at other bloggers! Apparently they either have no imagination, or could care less about driving traffic to their site with their description of their topic of choice.

Blog Topics Bring Traffic

I am not here to discuss content. We all know that content is very important and if you want the reader coming back to your site, then keep them coming back with your great content! No, this isn’t what I’m getting disgusted at. It’s the sheer fact that the flashy title has left the building in their blog.

How important is catchy titles?

In my honest opinion,

they are very important. To me, as a blogger, and a subscriber, I want to see titles that make me wonder what the writer will say when I click the post link. I recently wrote a blog post on How I Got One Of The Internet’s Most Successful Bloggers To Talk To Me. It received over 1,000 views in a day! Now I realize to some of you professionals out there, that may not be a lot, but its a lot to me!

New bloggers like me want to see what a professional would say if they actually got to talk to them, pick their brain, and ask them questions. Catchy titles are important!

Getting Your Catchy Title Noticed

The way that you can get your great title noticed by others is to browse other people’s blogs. The best one’s are the Comment Luv Enabledblogs because they actually allow the reader to view your most recent post, or you have the choice in the RSS feed to choose your best one.

So get started! Write your heart out and remember that the proof is in the puddin’. Play on words that get people’s attention like my most recent blog post called Don’t Get Caught By The Evil Blog!

People want to be intrigued. They want to be taught and inspired. Give your readers a reason to keep coming back! Stop doing your impression of a limp dishrag and be the difference in your blogging community!

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