5 Ugly Blogs in the World

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Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is the name. I am a 23 year old blogger with kabenlah.com . The reality is, I am probably one of those bloggers with one of the longest name in this blogosphere. Hahaha!
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

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Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
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5 Ugly Blogs in the WorldAs to whether you guys love it or not, I do find myself here as well with my turn of writing on the great comluv.com site. I do love the last three letters ending the comlv.com and obviously it hasn’t got to do with the .com but instead the ‘luv’.

That means me too can take turn and share the ‘luv’ here as well. That means the 5 Ugly Blogs in this world can simply go ahead. Have you ever thought of what makes a blog look ugly? There seem to be so many blogs which are obviously ugly by nature.

If there is one thing which is simply easier to set up in this world, it has to be setting up a blog. What at all do you need? Basically, a domain name which comes so cheap of late and a web hosting. Moreover, the likes of blogger.com can make anyone be a blogger in no time. Just sign up and just within some few minutes you’re already a blogger.

But what really makes a blog ugly?  What distinguishes between a good looking blog and one which isn’t? I have being blogging for some time now and it really hurts when you come across a blog like this;

  1. A blog filled with Flashy Ads

If there is one thing which works off line but doesn’t work online, it has to be flashy ads. One thing which makes a blog really look ugly has to do with the use of flashy ads.

Reading a post and one ads just at the sidebar keeps changing colours obviously distracts a lot. What is the use of all these? And there is no doubt the blogger behind it intend driving away the reader for some pennies.

Anyway, who doesn’t want to earn cash blogging? We all want to but doesn’t mean we need to go in with flashy ads. Our readers are more important than anything else. Just bear in mind that, flashy ads just make your blog look really ugly and at the end, drives many away from your blog.

  1. No search Bar

Another thing which really makes a blog look ugly, then it has to do with not having a search bar. It

is really frustrating when you find yourself in this type of mess and when you intend searching for something on someone’s blog but end up not being able to do so simply because there is nothing like search bar there.

As to why most blog don’t have that, I am yet to find out why. How come a blog filled with lots of information wouldn’t have a search bar to make it easier for readers to search for things they need really makes me ponder? So if you want another ugly blog, check out that blog with no search bar.

  1. No Contact Me Page

As to whether we like it or not, blogging isn’t an island. No matter what, there will be someone willing to contact you. Be it advertisers, fellow bloggers, spammers, scammers etc. no matter, you have to make it easier for people to contact you.

Not having a contact me page is more or less like standing in the dark and winking at a girl. No one knows what you’re doing except yourself. Make it easier for people to contact you and don’t forget that not having one makes your blog look more or less like an ugly blog.

  1. Register To Comment

Have you ever thought of it? Take for instance this scenario, after reading this great master piece, the only option left for you to either agree with me or debunk some of those points of mine as being bogus, you’re left with no option than to register before you can comment.

Registering before commenting on a blog post really does you and your blog no good. I see comments as means of user engagement. That means what you wrote went down to some people well or not. But when one needs to sign in through his Facebook account or Twitter makes your blog look really ugly. That is it! Why go in with Disqus when default wordpress is great?

  1. Your Turn

Please before you release  that sledge hammer on me, the fifth point is for you. Let the world hear your though on this. What do you make of this post?

Your thoughts are very well welcomed by commenting below. What in your opinion makes a blog looks ugly? I have had my say, have yours as well!