5 Ugly Blogs in the World

Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is the name. I am a 23 year old blogger with kabenlah.com . The reality is, I am probably one of those bloggers with one of the longest name in this blogosphere. Hahaha!
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe

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Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
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5 Ugly Blogs in the WorldAs to whether you guys love it or not, I do find myself here as well with my turn of writing on the great comluv.wpengine.com site. I do love the last three letters ending the comlv.com and obviously it hasn’t got to do with the .com but instead the ‘luv’.

That means me too can take turn and share the ‘luv’ here as well. That means the 5 Ugly Blogs in this world can simply go ahead. Have you ever thought of what makes a blog look ugly? There seem to be so many blogs which are obviously ugly by nature.

If there is one thing which is simply easier to set up in this world, it has to be setting up a blog. What at all do you need? Basically, a domain name which comes so cheap of late and a web hosting. Moreover, the likes of blogger.com can make anyone be a blogger in no time. Just sign up and just within some few minutes you’re already a blogger.

But what really makes a blog ugly?  What distinguishes between a good looking blog and one which isn’t? I have being blogging for some time now and it really hurts when you come across a blog like this;

  1. A blog filled with Flashy Ads

If there is one thing which works off line but doesn’t work online, it has to be flashy ads. One thing which makes a blog really look ugly has to do with the use of flashy ads.

Reading a post and one ads just at the sidebar keeps changing colours obviously distracts a lot. What is the use of all these? And there is no doubt the blogger behind it intend driving away the reader for some pennies.

Anyway, who doesn’t want to earn cash blogging? We all want to but doesn’t mean we need to go in with flashy ads. Our readers are more important than anything else. Just bear in mind that, flashy ads just make your blog look really ugly and at the end, drives many away from your blog.

  1. No search Bar

Another thing which really makes a blog look ugly, then it has to do with not having a search

bar. It is really frustrating when you find yourself in this type of mess and when you intend searching for something on someone’s blog but end up not being able to do so simply because there is nothing like search bar there.

As to why most blog don’t have that, I am yet to find out why. How come a blog filled with lots of information wouldn’t have a search bar to make it easier for readers to search for things they need really makes me ponder? So if you want another ugly blog, check out that blog with no search bar.

  1. No Contact Me Page

As to whether we like it or not, blogging isn’t an island. No matter what, there will be someone willing to contact you. Be it advertisers, fellow bloggers, spammers, scammers etc. no matter, you have to make it easier for people to contact you.

Not having a contact me page is more or less like standing in the dark and winking at a girl. No one knows what you’re doing except yourself. Make it easier for people to contact you and don’t forget that not having one makes your blog look more or less like an ugly blog.

  1. Register To Comment

Have you ever thought of it? Take for instance this scenario, after reading this great master piece, the only option left for you to either agree with me or debunk some of those points of mine as being bogus, you’re left with no option than to register before you can comment.

Registering before commenting on a blog post really does you and your blog no good. I see comments as means of user engagement. That means what you wrote went down to some people well or not. But when one needs to sign in through his Facebook account or Twitter makes your blog look really ugly. That is it! Why go in with Disqus when default wordpress is great?

  1. Your Turn

Please before you release  that sledge hammer on me, the fifth point is for you. Let the world hear your though on this. What do you make of this post?

Your thoughts are very well welcomed by commenting below. What in your opinion makes a blog looks ugly? I have had my say, have yours as well!




  1. You made some really good pointing. Besides a lot of flashy ads, I also find forcefully asking to click like on Facebook pages through a pop up is annoying. It does help in getting more likes, but then affects the user experience. On some of my blogs I have enabled displaying query results in real time to improve the user experience.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…MocospaceMy Profile

  2. Hi Emmy,

    For me, too many ads makes for an ugly blog. It takes your attention off of the good content and moves it to buy, buy, buy. Go heavy on value, light on ads, to find a good ratio, and to get more clicks.

    I also feel that not posting enough white space creates an ugly blog. Folks need to soak up your content, and images, with some contrast. The contrast arrives in the form of white space.

    I went super heavy on white space on my new blog, Blogging from Paradise, because I want readers to focus on my posts, travel pictures, and pages. I don’t want to divert their attention between 5 or 10 ads, or pop ups, or anything that may distract my readers.

    This reminds me of the Social Network movie. Mark Z is talking about generating start up money from angel investors, and going the advertising route. Sean Parker tells him, Facebook is not cool enough yet, for that to happen.

    I dig it. The idea was – and it worked out quite nicely – that before you get concerned about making money off of the website, let it become more cool, more in demand, more popular. Then, instead of asking for hundreds of thousands, or perhaps, millions in ads, you can demand billions of dollars in stock after your way cool site takes off.

    They made the right choice. They posted ads only after Facebook became way cool and we should do so on our blogs, to keep them pretty looking.

    Thanks Emmy, power share.

    Tweeting in a bit.


  3. Great points, but there are some other thing too – design, layout,page loading time, responsiveness and more. Anyway thanks for sharing :)

  4. I like the comment on above ” I went super heavy on white space on my new blog, Blogging from Paradise, because I want readers to focus on my posts, travel pictures, and pages. I don’t want to divert their attention between 5 or 10 ads, or pop ups, or anything that may distract my readers. ” thanks for the post.
    shiv recently posted…Galaxy S5 mini : Update with Official Kitkat 4.4.2 XXU1ANG1 FirmwareMy Profile

  5. I hate sites where you can see the owner hasn’t put any effort into making it look good. Nothing fits, nothing matches. I am immediately turned off no matter the content. Thanks
    Adam recently posted…I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  6. The distinction between a good and a bad blog is precisely reflected by the points you mentioned. Flashy ads and less content makes the whole point of reading nugatory! While designing one’s blog one must realize the significance of readability !
    Thank you Emmanuel for this great post.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…Autocorrect Gone Haywire : Funny InsightsMy Profile

  7. Yes, I was on a site the other day, GroupOn I think it was and they forced me to give my email address before I could explore their site. That is ugly blogging.
    Troy S. recently posted…#915 Caught on Google Earth Street ViewMy Profile

  8. And permit me to add, Emmanuel, a blog without a clear focus. Can you tolerate visiting a blog and discovering its niche is almost everything: from learning how to grind pepper to flying space crafts?


    Make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…ELIMINATING POVERTY WITH ‘THE FAST LANE BLUEPRINT’My Profile

  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    You pointed out some essential points which kills your blog from day 1. In my opinion, the blog that load slow is also bad for visitors, and it also contribute to create an ugly blog.
    Pankaj recently posted…Mobile Recharge Software : IT FreelancingMy Profile

  10. Well I agree with what you have mentioned in this article. Contact US page should be there in any blog. I have tried to connect with few bloggers but I could not do so as there were no contact us page in their blog.

  11. Vaibhav Singh says:

    Hahaha, article title and content are bit different, I thought this article is about 5 ugliest blog. Anyway thanks for the tips.

  12. Carol Amato says:

    Hi Emmanuel,

    At first I thought you were going to give us five examples of ugly blogs….Then I saw the 5 referred to tips. :)

    Yeah, I click right off of a site with a ton of ads and flashy things, and even 3-column sites most of the time. For me, they’re too busy, too difficult to read and find things.

    Can’t stand when sites don’t include a search bar. Sometimes it’s out of ignorance, but sometimes it’s plain neglect.

    Don’t even get me started on a blog that doesn’t have a contact page – LOL, I refuse to leave a comment on any site that has no way of contacting the site owner. I think it’s rude that they do not make themselves accessible to others and refuse to give them any value back. I even made a video about it, that’s how important is to me.

    Actually, I prefer registration to comment. I try to weed out the back link seekers and people that falsely say they want to build relationships when all they’re really after is a link back to their own site.

    The WordPress plugin I use is Disqus (free and no affiliate program) and DOES allow people to comment as a guest, but it’s a lot easier if you make a free account with a profile. This is a great back link for you actually – to have a website listed on Disqus profile. :)

    Registering to comment with other systems, I know some require logging in toTwitter, Facebook, Google plus, E-mail etc., actually ensures that you’re getting someone that has an online presence already in a place that’s reputable.

    I know a lot of people differ, but this really cuts down on the maintenance required for commenters and frees up time for other things, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking article. Have a wonderful evening. :-)

    – Carol Amato

  13. William Siong says:

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for the 4 blog mistakes that people make online and with many more found in the comments area. As a blogger myself, I sincerely feel that there is no best way to represent your blog as long as there are visitors going there. However, it will be of concern to me to know that it is not too Salesy to the point that the visitors felt they had landed on multiple sale pages (which I had seen on some sites). My only obstacle is getting more visitors to view the blogsite.

  14. Andrew M. Warner says:

    When I first read the title, I was expecting the same thing as what Carol said. I was expecting 5 ugly blogs. But you made some really good points that people need to take to heart.The register to comment one is the stupidest thing ever.

    I remember one time I tried to leave a comment on a blog and after I wrote it, I found out I had to register to actually leave a comment.What a waste of time. I just left that blog and never went back. Don’t even care if that blogger changed things up – no ways going back.

    You made some other points as well and they\’re really good.Good stuff.

    • Hi Andrew,

      You mean you aren’t going back to the blog again again irrespective of a change? This shows how annoying registering before commenting makes a blog look really ugly.
      Thanks for your comment and do have a great week,
      Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe recently posted…Top 5 Blogging Women I wish all of them were my Wives and why?My Profile

      • Andrew M. Warner says:

        Nope, not going back at all.

        The old saying, ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’ is true and that blogger ruined that chance by doing something stupid like that. And actually, true story, I remember one time I was on a site that required that to leave a comment and I actually signed up and then guess what happened? It STILL wouldn’t let me leave a comment – even after I confirmed everything.

        So never again.

  15. Hi Emmanuel,
    Good Post!
    The last one would be to have a good design. No, it doesn’t have to be unique but it have to be good enough to attract eyes on it.
    Thanks for the post!
    Anurag recently posted…How to Extend Battery Life of an Android Phone?My Profile

  16. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for the list, I recently started blogging and I had no idea about those concepts which you explained. After reading your reasoning behind the points as well as thinking about it, I need to change my website so that it has a search bar and a contact page.

    I reckon what makes a blog ugly is when the content is out of proportion ( no balance in text and images )
    ohpeterr recently posted…Kids Name Labels & Stickers – Name On ItMy Profile

  17. Hey Emmanuel,
    Nice post and Yes, every blog is incomplete without search bar and contact me page. Design really plays an important role and we have to make sure that we are not doing these mistakes. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  18. Hi Emmanuel,

    Very Interesting post. I liked it. Yes. Your are correct. Your first point Flashy Ads, It’s annoying when see it on any website. I already experienced it. Your all points are acceptable and should overview it before create any blog or site for newbie bloggers.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…Understanding VA (Virtual Assistant) Jobs & Why They are GreatMy Profile

  19. Anil Kumar says:

    I agree to all the points listed. I would also like to add that if the articles dont provide quality and only keyword stuffing is done, with very bad grammar, I hate such blogs too.

    Thank you for this post.

  20. Ashley Andrews says:

    I agree with Anil, when it’s obvious the only reason why someone posted an article is to stuff it with hundreds of keywords I don’t even bother reading the blog. Great points, by the way – I completely agree with all of them.

  21. Hello Emmanuel,
    I completely Agree if i found any site with lot of flashy Ads as well with few popups i straight away close that site as its really irritating me a lot, we visit sites to consume some knowledge and when the ads and popups started disturbing its better to close that look for some other sites.

    Registering for comment is some what a big no from my side as after reading the post we like to get into the conversation but when it ask for registration what i do straight away close that site as the knowledge we have already got from the post.
    Aquila A recently posted…WhatsApp Download for PCMy Profile

  22. Site that have lots of flashy ads -I think of them as spammy sites – they are a major turn off to me!
    I don’t understand sometimes how google allows some sites to remain with their program when they have way more ads then is allowed with the terms and conditions.
    David Robertson recently posted…History of Social MediaMy Profile

  23. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great to see you here. I think blog that force visitors to like fanpage before read any further can be considered “ugly”. People will like our fanpage because they love what we give. No need to force someone to love you, right?

    Wish you enjoy the weekend
    Okto recently posted…How Fresh Content Can Influence RankingsMy Profile

  24. The blog which do not connect to its readers is a dead blog. Giving your readers a way to interact with you and including your readers’ thoughts and ideas in your blog post makes a blog alive.
    Worli recently posted…Have You Ever Been In Love?My Profile

  25. Hi Emmanuel, where is 5th one? ha ha ha … BTW you write it down correctly. On the other hand a blog with captcha looks ugly to me.
    Saimon recently posted…MyThemeShop Coupon Code 50% OFFMy Profile

  26. Nice and very informative post
    I truly agree with all the above points which truly make any blog ugly and useless. The look of the blog doesn’t play a great role in distinguishing between a good and bad blog. But there are some other factors that makes it ugly. I feel that the blog which doesn’t have good , unique and useful content is similar to an ugly blog. People search for blogs to get knowledge or to get useful and informative content.

    What if it doesn’t serve this primary duty. Pop ups are a natural way to make it look ugly. Now a days banners and high loading time could really turn off a visitor trying to visit your page.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted…Quick and Effective job search tips for successful Job HuntingMy Profile

  27. I came across a website only the other day that was last updated in 2002, It took ten mins to load and has flashing colours, bars, images and elements, a huge google search bar in the middle, no real logo and pictures everywhere! The site took about ten mins to load as well!

    I thought about contacting the owner but then I can imagine I would have a nightmare working for him! I think that I must design a new search bar for my new blog but at the end of the day all I have are a few pages and seven posts on there dude!

    I agree with Ryan as well, too many ads on blogs can spoil the look and feel. I only have 3 Google ads on my blog posts and none on the pages! Top post Emmy!

    – PD
    Phillip Dews recently posted…Off With Their Heads. Trapping Spambots with a HoneypotMy Profile

  28. Hello Emmanuel, You are right here, flashy ads are only good for offline purposes, apart from the fact that they slow down your Blog, they also make your blog look too ugly..

    I don’t know why people will ignore having search button on their website
    Thank you for this post
    Temilola Globalwalyy recently posted…What is Priapism, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment?My Profile

  29. Aden Clark says:

    Great points Emmanuel, one thing that really annoys me is the optin popups that stop me from reading a post, that really gets on my nerves. I mean, bloggers can place optin forms on the sidebar as popups just decrease user experience and will have them closing the website faster than light speed. Exit pops on a blog is also a big “no no”. Exit pops are for optin pages or sales pages, not for blogs (for those that use it on blogs). Anyways, good job on your post.

  30. I do think that too many ads can destroy any blog. I think that stems from people who want to make money more than actually create value in people’s lives. I think the true bloggers are the people who blog with a passion, or with a message they want to share. They blog to express themselves. Also, I do not like blogs that asks you to resister to comment. Sometimes, I just like to share my opinion.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: College Degrees Won’t Make You RichMy Profile

  31. The worse thing i have seen about blogs are the no search bar feature… i hate this thing….
    Also, I do not like blogs that asks you to resister to comment. Sometimes, I just like to share my opinion.
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  32. Hey bro,
    If your blog requires me to register to leave a comment, you are never going to get one comment from me ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How To Edit A PDF Document ~ Soda PDF review!My Profile

  33. Hey,

    An Awesome post Buddy. I agree with you, These points can make a blog look ugly.

    Have a nice Weekend ahead. :)
    Atinder recently posted…High PR 100+ Free Web Directory Submission SitesMy Profile

  34. Hi Emmanuel. Good to read this post. But i want to draw attention towards your 4th point about register before comment that as u said above is correct but there are spams too. Registration before comment can help a little in that case.
    Jessie B recently posted…List of Scarlett Johansson Movies 2014My Profile

  35. Hi Emmanuel,

    Many newbies just hear about blogs and bloggers income and start their own blogs without having any SEO and blogging techniques.

    You pointed out the right points that many new bloggers miss in their blogs because they are not use to or aware about SEO.
    I also saw many blogs who show lots of ads in their home page as well.

    Many blogs doesn’t have about me or contact form page as well.

    Thanks for pointed out exact points.

    Mustafa Gaziani recently posted…UNTAPPED SECRET: How To Promote Blog Posts In 7 Easy WaysMy Profile

  36. HI have committed all of these at some point in time I am glad that I have recovered and I also direct my clients to do the same. Keep the visitors happy and they will keep coming back.
    Raphael Love recently posted…Free Blogger Gift – Solid Color Header BackgroundsMy Profile

  37. I hate when people ask for sign up to even comment on the site what a stupid way to grab subscribers…. :(
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  38. I agree with all the points you wrote in the article and according to me the site which loads for a lifetime still filled with full of ads.
    lakshman Teja recently posted…Top 20 Cool Cydia Tweaks iOS 7.1 2014My Profile

  39. The information mentioned here is very true!! I’ve never gone back to the blogs that do not have search bars, i find it hard to find the article that I want to read.


  40. one point i hate a lot register to comment on the blog by the ways thnx for this nice post ejoyedth read hope after reading this post peoples will do some changes on there blog
    deepti recently posted…Free software download sites list | 2014My Profile

  41. Hey Cudjoe
    You raise some very crucial points in this article. These points surely makes a blog ugly and effects the visitors. As many beginners did these types of mistakes so its very much knowledgeable for them.
    Nitin Malhotra
    Nitin Malhotra recently posted…AskMe : The Bapp Of All Apps, Ask Anything| Android AppMy Profile

  42. Hi cudjoe,

    i agree with ur article but the first ugliest blog is a blog which have flashy ads. that ads really interfere us to see the information inside the blogs and when i see a blog that have a flashy ads the first thing i’m doing is close that blogs cause it’s very annoying. and the seconds is we need to register to comment cause i’m too lazy to do register to make a comment cause it ‘s wasting time.

    thanks for ur post i’m really agree with ur post

  43. I mean but wouldn’t commentluv be considered registering before commenting. I have to put my info in every time before I make a comment on here. Also with other sites that have this plug-in. Maybe I’m just ignorant but this seems to be the case. Hoewever, I do hate to have to do a action to read a post. Now that’s a big waste of time for everybody. Why anybody would think that’s cool is beyond me.
    Jakarri Demery recently posted…List of 13 Powerful Internet-Based Website Content Creation ToolsMy Profile

  44. I just hate those blogs which ask to register to comment. I mean, I just have some thoughts why can’t I express them before registering. This is just a failed trick to gain mailing list.
    Prateek recently posted…Download Subway Surfers on PC | Windows 7 or 8My Profile

  45. Personally, pop ups are a great turn off for me that I get emotional whenever I see one flashing…to make certain, I do just the opposite of what the pop up demands.
    lalina recently posted…Showbox for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

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