Importance of Bloggers Meet Ups

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bloggers-meetupsSome people believe that being a blogger is very easy, and that anyone can become a blogger. Nothing, however, could be farther from truth. No one can claim to be an expert in a field just because he is writing on it or running a website related to it. There is so much that goes into making a good blogger than just possessing good writing skills and the expertise on any topic.

What are those ‘other things’, you might want to ask?

Well, it is not ONLY SEO skills also.

What, then, goes into making hugely popular websites and their phenomenal success?

Good content and good SEO can be used to seed content farm websites just to earn money.
If, however, you are looking beyond earning money from your website and want to create a community & project yourself as a brand, you need to do much more than just post unique and good content and do good SEO on your website.

Social networking is very important for bloggers and for their websites. As a blogger, you can build up a more real community if you are more social or more active on these social networking sites.

Many believe that social networks and social meet ups destroy your writing interest, and not let you do extra work. I also do agree with them, but social engagement in limits can work great wonders for a blogger. It can help bloggers easily get huge spotlight. Earlier last month, Many of my friends and readers wanted to know why meet ups are important for them. Many of them questioned me about the need to visit a meet up in their area.

There are many points which I want to discuss here to showcase the importance of meet ups for the bloggers. Or for that matter, any other guy related to online stuff. I would suggest all developers and designers to participate actively in meet ups as well. Doing so will allow you guys to show your portfolio to a more targeted and educated audience.

Well, there is a lot more I want to discuss with my readers about the importance of meet up events for the bloggers and web masters.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Blogger Meetup In Your Area

Boost in Network

Meet ups are the best place to meet new people

in your field. They allow you to give a new look to your social network in your field. There are chances of coming across experts from your field in these meet ups. And you get to do that in one place without having to take appointments from each of them individually. For me, that alone would be reason enough to eagerly look forward to the next meet up I can possibly attend.

Welcome To New Opportunities

Obviously, you might bump into new people related to your niche at such meet-ups.
Just like you, many other bloggers come there to give a boost to their social networks in the targeted community. Many offer new opportunities to bloggers & developers to take benefit from their knowledge in business. How well you present yourself at such meet ups to other bloggers, developers and designers are completely up to you.

Increase in Knowledge

At most meet ups, there are sessions organized by pro-bloggers and SEO experts to share their information with the event attendees, which allow newbies & intermediate to learn complex points easily. There are also chances they host Q&A rounds among the users, allowing them to seek answers to their queries directly from the experts in their fields, and to get quick answers.

New Ideas

Attending meet ups does not only help to boost a blogger’s social network, and local market awareness. It also lets them learn about the latest trends in their chosen field. Unexpectedly, they might come across many bloggers discussing their future and current going ideas and projects. This gives them an opportunity to peep into the best brains in their chosen field.

Community Spotlight

Attending meet ups can help bloggers hog community spotlight. And they can make much more out of it by presenting themselves in a unique way at the proposed meet ups. If they can come up with something interesting at the event, people give a look at their stuff. Actively taking a part in Q&A session and quickly coming up with solution to others’ problem can catapult them to the status of a hero overnight.

My Words:

These are some things that every blogger and web master wants from his career. And if you, as a blogger or as a webmaster, are getting all of these benefits free of cost simply by attending a meet up or an event, I am sure you will already be looking forward to the next meet up.