5 Reasons Why Your Blog WILL FAIL

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Blogging is a superb way to get your message out to the world. It’s also (depending on one’s goal) an excellent way to earn full or part-time income. We all know the stories of bloggers who managed to quit their jobs and make a living online. I believe everyone has the potential to do the same; but at the same time, not just anyone can be successful at it. Here are five reasons why your blog will fail:

1. You Don’t Treat Blogging as a Business

There are two ways to look at a blog. Either it’s just a fancy pants online journal, or it’s a business that’s earning the author an income. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers (especially beginners) just believe that writing posts and creating content will bring them the big bucks. This is further from the truth.

The business side of a blog is a whole other ball game which involves budgeting, testing, tracking, networking, support systems, and a lot more. You also need a business mentality to keep pushing forward, even when your motivation is low – and there will be these moments. You’re not going to achieve sustainable income with your blog, unless you treat it like the business that it is.

2. You Focus on Money Above Everything Else

Think about it. Why would anyone want to visit your blog? Is it because you have the most beautiful blog out there?


For the most part, the content is what drives them to a blog. Content that is so epic and desperately needed that they want to share it with others, engage in it, and come back for more. That’s what you want.

They don’t really care all about the “other stuff”. Most people use the internet for information. Therefore, if they visit your blog feeling like they’re just being sold to, then they’ll leave running and never come back.

Furthermore, the effect of focusing too much on generating income is that you often lose the motivation to keep creating epic posts. It becomes about the dollar return value (or traffic return value) rather than the simple act of writing valuable content. Remember, your readers are human-beings and they want to be treated as such.

3. You Don’t Network Enough

The most successful bloggers on the planet didn’t get where they are at on their own. They didn’t just start a blog, post content regularly, and hoped the traffic would come. No, they strategically placed “signs” all around the internet that screamed their message and how awesome they are.

Think strategies like guest posting (the comment luv site is a great example =)), commenting on other blogs (I like doing at least five a day), becoming a regular contributor on sites like mediumdotcom or Yahoo! Voices (by the way, which also pays you), cross promoting via YouTube, etc. We’ve been more connected

to the world than ever before; being a private blogger will not get you far, if you want to build a readership.

Get in touch with other bloggers that have a similar niche to yours and begin establishing relationships. It could just be a note to say “hi” and show how much you love their work, and connecting with them through social media. Think of blogs like tiny islands and build bridges to connect them to yours!

4. You Don’t Have a Defined Audience

There are a few bloggers who can get away with this aspect. But for most of us, having a clearly defined target audience and topic, will go a long way to ensure credibility and visitor engagement. For instance, if I’m looking for information on any topic relating to “technology”, I don’t expect to read articles from a site talking about “how to become a veterinarian.”

Am I right?

You might be thinking that this is going to limit what you know, and perhaps it will, to a certain extent. But if you’re also willing to brand yourself as an expert on a particular subject, then you’ll need to get specific with your topic; and to become an “expert” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to “be the best” either (although that would really set you apart). You just need to know a little bit more on your niche than the average person would. As a result, they’ll come to you for advice.

5. You’re Unproductive

Blogs take work and patience. It’s as simple as that. As I mentioned earlier, you need to treat it like a business in order to make money from it and be successful. You’ll only get what you put into it. Therefore, you need to put in the necessary hours and resources for the blog to grow. It’s either you fully commit or you don’t.

I like gauging the progress of a new blog through the first six months. Usually within these months, I’ll know if this is the right course for me, or if I’m entering the right niche. And if it doesn’t work, then I move on to the next project.

Once you determine that blogging is what you’re meant to do, then by all means, DON’T QUIT. Keep going no matter what. There are hundreds of blogs created on a daily basis, and hundreds more fail as well. Don’t be the latter statistic.

A big part of generating income online is to grow and learn the ins and outs of the business. This makes you a better blogger and an accomplished, successful online entrepreneur in the end.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself doing any (or all) of these issues I’ve mention, then today is the day to reform and take action. If you’re willing to focus on your niche, respect your audience’s needs, and put forth the effort, then there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy all the success your blog will offer.

Do you have any other tips to share with aspiring bloggers out there? If so, I would love to hear your comments below.

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  1. Hey Warren

    Blogging requires patient and passion . And if you lack in these areas you simply can not do anything. I think these days people are very concern about the money and hence they leave blogging early/. To become successful you need to be focused .
    Ashi recently posted…Now You can Follow people & publications on Google PlayMy Profile

    • Hey Ashi,
      You’re absolutely right! Without patience and passion, blogging will just be like work, become frustrating, and stressful. The more established bloggers keep going no matter what. =)

      Keep inspiring,
      Warren recently posted…Pursuing Passive Income Report for March 2014My Profile

    • Blogging is boring unless what you are writing and what readers read is interesting, a complete paradox as the best bloggers are more often nondescript and cadaverous in real life.

      • Hey Joseph,

        A blog definitely has to spark interest in order for it to grow and sustain readership. No one will come back to a blog, if they cannot connect with it somehow, or find value from it.

        Keep inspiring,
        Warren recently posted…Pursuing Passive Income: 6 Common PerspectivesMy Profile

      • I don’t think blogging is boring if you odn’t write interesting content for users. It is upto you! You need to be interested in writing, there will always be some users that will be searching for your content. That’s what I think.

    • nikhil singh says:

      I agree with ashl .. patience is key to success not only in blogging but also in our whole life . Newbie bloggers enter blogging era with a hope of earning quick money but most of them fails due to lack of patience.

    • Surya Tejaswini says:

      Hello Ashi… :)

      Your point is soo true. The process of blogging was first started with the intention of sharing one’s views or experiences with others with an intention to help and not as any sort of business at all. And as people started it that away it became so huge that it started giving them money.But now we are starting it with motto of getting money and if the results did not favour us we give up.So one thing we need to keep in our mind is let us do it with passion and let us share the things what we know with others. Let us educate . Earnings will come for sure ………. :)

    • Hi Warren,

      You had covered all the point which we should kept in mind when blogging as a newbie.
      Thing i was lagging in me was, i was not treating my blog as a bussiness which is the main reason for my failure.

      Now i know what to do.

      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Use Google Plus for Marketing [ Infographic ]My Profile

  2. Hey warren,
    Nice post and Yes, for getting success in blogging lots of hardwork, consistency and patience is required. Guest blogging, commenting is very important factor in blogging as it helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog. So, relationship with other bloggers really plays an important role in blogging.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  3. True, most bloggers doesn’t take blogging as business or just think about making money. Actually blogs aren’t the best money makers. I think less than 1% of bloggers can make decent income from pure blogging.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Advanced WordPress Comment Management Through SQLMy Profile

  4. I think there needs to be a separation in the online world from “marketer” and “blogger”. Marketers use blogging as a tool, whereas pure “bloggers” just want to reach an audience and truly engage people. The problem for marketers is that nobody WANTS to link to a promotional kind of website, even if it does contain useful content.
    S Pasha recently posted…What Are The Best Pheromones For Men? “No Bullshit” GuideMy Profile

  5. I believe it is true. Unless you are a travel blog and are targeting that audience or a cooking blog and target that audience, that is the only way to make the money I think.
    I do get lucky and people will read my personal blog and will click on my Amazon banner and I make a buck or two though that does not pay the bills.
    True it must be a specific target audience
    Troy S. recently posted…When Elvis would workout at the gym he would TCB baby!My Profile

  6. Hey Troy,

    Yes, the more targeted your audience is, the more likely they’ll connect with your blog since you all have similar interests. Even though you’ve made just a few dollars from readers clicking on your Amazon banner, that’s still impressive; because the more readers you have, the more money you’ll make. But that’s only because you have a specific niche on a specific topic — not one on multiple topics, which could be confusing.

    Keep inspiring,
    Warren recently posted…4 Blogging Challenges and Tips on How to Overcome ThemMy Profile

  7. hello warren, your points are absolutely right. My first blog was failed due to i never consider that like a business and also just focus on money. Now my eyes has opened. Thanks.
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…10 Things To Consider When Buying A Domain NameMy Profile

  8. Woah! This hit me quite hard. It seems that I am doing almost all of them. Aside from being unproductive, I tend to focus too much on money. I guess I really have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging.

    • Hey Josh,

      At least you’re productive. But yes, if you find yourself focusing too much on monetization, you may lose focus on your readers. The life expectancy of your blog depends on having readers. Without them, your blog won’t last long. But we’re all still learning. Never stop.

      Keep inspiring,

  9. Hello Warren,

    Blogging is big business, believe me…sadly, many bloggers fail to recognize this potential and ultimately fail. You have quite valid points which bloggers (especially newbies) ought to take serious.

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO BE THE GREATEST BLOGGER EVERMy Profile

  10. Syed Qasim says:

    Well, everyone one just focusing on the money point. If you leave the earning money point for some time, i think your blog will rock in the digital world.

  11. i have the two problems that is no 1 and 3 but i think that is due to lack of time.
    Hamza recently posted…Some common ways to build links-beginners guideMy Profile

  12. Hi warren,
    Totally have to agree with your points and am also in one of the situation that no Audience/ regular visitor to my blog and it hurts when writing a fine articles daily with empty comments box , i mean to be feedback…

    Hope my hard work never fails. :)

    • Hey Prakash,

      I understand your situation, as I was in that same place. All I can say is don’t give up, guest post as much as you can, and definitely utilize social networking. In time, you’ll get more visibility to your posts and people will comment on them. Just be patient and never lose focus.

      Keep inspiring,

  13. That sounds pretty serious. What happened to writing blogs for the writers benefit of being able to express themselves without thinking about money or gain. They just want to share what they think with like minded people. Earning money at the same time is good i think. How to retire a millionaire without an income stream. Good points to ponder upon Sir, for bloggers.
    Jeff recently posted…Ebay side hustle is awesome and crap at the same timeMy Profile

    • Hey Jeff,

      It depends on your goals. Blogging is serious stuff, if your goal is to make part-time or full-time income. But you definitely need to enjoy and have passion with what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll fail. There are bloggers out there, who just blog because they love to write and share thoughts (like you mentioned), and don’t really care to monetize it. To me, that’s great too. But there’s also nothing wrong with making money doing something you love. =)

      Keep inspiring,

  14. Himanshu says:

    Hello Warren,
    These reasons are really true.. I have also did these mistakes while starting my blog… and still learning many things which help me to grow my blog.. I will surely follow your tips to improve my blog.. Thanks for such a wonderful article

    • Hello Himanshu,

      You’re welcome. Glad I could help! =) We are always learning. Never stop learning. The more you learn, the more you grow — especially in this type of field. Keep it up!

      Keep inspiring,

  15. My blog isn’t exactly failing, but it’s not yet getting me where I want to be. Your excellent tips show me what I’ve done right, and how I can take the next steps. I will certainly keep it for reference :)
    Joe Dalio recently posted…How Great Is Your Drive For Success?My Profile

  16. Hey Joe,

    I’m in the same boat as you man; but staying focused will get you to where you want to be. I promise you. I’m glad I could help. =)

    Keep inspiring,

  17. thank you so much i will definitely focus on these points on my next activities !

  18. You are right! on many of these!. Im only 6 months into my blogging Career and although there has been some times were I’ve thought of giving up.. But Ive kept going because i refuse to let all the hard work i have put in go un-noticed… But i must try harder :) than for the tips x

  19. Hey Leanne,

    You’re on the right track. Stay focused and don’t falter. Eventually, your blog will be successful. =)

    Keep inspiring,
    Warren recently posted…4 Blogging Challenges and Tips on How to Overcome ThemMy Profile

  20. There are many other reasons for the failure of beginners. In the starting if a blogger thinks only about money then it is not a good approach to blogging. In blogosphere there are millions of blogs and it is a difficult challenge to get success. Success get be achieved only with dedication towards any work. Some bloggers treat blogging just fun but for serious bloggers it is their business, passion.
    It is always recommended to newbies that starting a business is easy but lift it to the goal is hard.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Repeated By Newbies : Every Beginner Should KnowMy Profile

  21. Oh my God. After read your article I feel I understood more a lot of things. I didn’t spent enough time for my site and then it was “die”. The traffic reduced more and more quickly. Thank for sharing. I’m a newbie and this article will help me a lot.
    Hai recently posted…Keyword Advantage Review – DiscountMy Profile

  22. I agree with all the above points and specially with the money one as most of us think about that all the time rather about the content of our blogs and for that we fall far behind than our goal.
    James Frost recently posted…Aptoide: The app store where you can create your own store and Google closely monitorsMy Profile

  23. I know blogging requires a lot of patience. When I just started blogging, I just had money in my mind but now I have realized there are other primary things to be worried about.
    Prerna recently posted…Oriflame Visions Bootylicious Lip Gloss Oh Baby ReviewMy Profile

  24. Hello Warren,
    You know, when i started blogging newly, i was strictly doing it for the love and passion of it. I never for once put money in mind but after my first check, i realised that i can make a lot of money in blogging. That was how i start.

    To me, i believe if you have the passion for blogging and you love what you do and willing to help those in need, the money aspect will fall into place.

    Nice post, it was inded interesting to read. Do have a wonderful weekend :)
    Babanature recently posted…How to Moderate What Shows on Your Facebook TimelineMy Profile

  25. Hello Warren,

    Glad to see you here mate, I agree with all your points or reasons regarding the failing of a blog. The first point is very true that blog isn’t business.


  26. CalonSPA says:

    Thank you Warren for the tips! Really make sense.

    I’m gonna use your advice for me new blog :)

  27. Hi,
    Nice point you explain.For success in blogging you should have patience and hard work.Most important is you should passionate about blogging.most people do it for money and they fail.Once yo get audience and proper seo plan then you can earn decent money so first focus on hard work. BDW nice share indeed.
    sameer recently posted…Top 5 Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S5My Profile

  28. Hey Warren,

    I agree with all your points. Blogging is not at all easy, it requires tons efforts to make money. And yes, networking and promoting takes time. we have to be patient. Usually many give up within six months, but if they constantly work hard without quitting they can succeed.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!
    Adithya Shetty recently posted…How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Web HostingMy Profile

  29. Hello Warren – I agree with all your points and many blogs fail because they think they can become overnight millionaires by floating a blog. A blog to generate revenue will take time can be six months or one year or two years depends upon the strategy and hence just keeping revenue as motive will make blogs fail as they don’t generate revenue initially and they loose interest and the blog fails. We should be just passionate about our work and just be persistent and be motivated enough and over the time the blogs will mature and will drive the audience and readership to blogs which will make it successful.
    Jayashree recently posted…How to do wifi speed test to check your wifi performanceMy Profile

  30. Hi Warren,
    Nice post and I completely agree with you.Most people just take the blog as for getting big bucks and not focus on there content.
    You have made very good points and I agree with you. One should focus on its content so that the visitors can come to the blog again and again.

  31. Ya no one blogger wants to fail in blogging. But he must have to keep remember your tips to stay alive in the blogging world. Nice post.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best free Antivirus for Android 2014 list & DownloadMy Profile

  32. Amar Ilindra says:

    Very well said. Newbie bloggers will never treat their blog as a business, which results in a great failure. Whenever we treat as business, we’re able to reach success automatically. Really great tips

  33. i had been doing this for six month but a few months back i realize these and now i have a semi successful blog,. i can remember those bad days #failed -__________-
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…Top 10 Beautifull Actress of BollywoodMy Profile

  34. Blogging about random topics frequently is also a reason for the failure of most bloggers. Most of the newbies don’t have a strategy and also they don’t have a fixed niche.
    Arup recently posted…How to Setup Zoho Free Email HostingMy Profile

  35. Yeah this is, many bloggers did this even me too, i was unproductive and every 1 should take his blog as business to be a successful blogger
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…Top 10 Beautifull Actress of BollywoodMy Profile

  36. In my first days of blogging i was only focused on getting some bucks out of my efforts. But after a little bit of experience i changed my approach and now i am a bit successful in my blogging journey, I totally agree with the author of this post and will suggest newbies to avoid the above stuff if you want to be a successful blogger….
    Jawad Zaib recently posted…Best Las Vegas Restaurants 2014My Profile

  37. Wow, very nicely said pros and cons that will decide, would you make money from your blog/site.

    -I ‘m saying the first thing for a log time but most of beginners think that this is blog you shouldn’t spend money or many time and concentration and whit little work they can make millions of dollars.
    But they are all wrong, like every business and when you running site or blog you should pay for knowledge or things that in the future will make you money.
    -Other thing is also you shouldn’t write or sell staff that you think is interesting you need to make some research and see is it there any potential clients readers buyers.
    -Another mistake is when you don’t work write or think how to improve your site/blog just because you don’t have inspiration or motivation. This is just unacceptable, will your boss keep you on work if you don’t go to work when you feel unmotivated or uninspired.

    Tamara recently posted…How to Watch Hulu and BBC iPlayer outside US UK Canada for FREEMy Profile

  38. You’ve made some great points. I think most people probably fall victim to at least one of these (myself included). The point about defined audience and strategy is very good, something to consider.
    Adam recently posted…High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  39. Blogging is a good platform to earn money.. but unfortuately most of the bloggers don’t know how to earn money from a blog… This tips are really good which every Blogger should follow.. !!
    Deepak Rawat recently posted…CBSE 10th class Previous Year Questions Papers Download for Science Maths Social Science English and HindiMy Profile

  40. I do think doing network is the most difficult part of blogging ! This is really hard to make your own bridges even if your content is serious and regular !
    Arnaud recently posted…Feral and StrayMy Profile

  41. Great said Warren, being Unproductive led’s to failure as because readers come to a blog to gain more knowledge about the fact they are in search for, perhaps if they doesn’t get their food to eat they would just throw the blog like a rotten apple. There’s many other things like talking help of non-ethical strategies to improve ranking which ultimately led to Google Penalization.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.
    – Bishal Biswas
    Bishal Biswas recently posted…SEO in 2015 Can Negatively Impact Your Blog If…My Profile

  42. hello
    i think we dont network enough is the main reason of blog failure and the other points you mentioned are very gud thn for sharing this nice info will help the new bees a lot

  43. Satish Kumar Ithamsetty says:

    yes Warren. You analysis very good. most of the bloggers came to earn money without learning basics. In this career, blogger should know the minimum basic to success. Here your point is Unproductive. good analysis. thank you for sharing.

  44. Agree with all your points. To start a blog is easy but to be successful is another thing. Take more than writing skills and hard work. That’s why many have failed!
    Ismail N recently posted…SANDAKAN, The Nature City of Malaysia: Land of Diversity and Conservation Part IIMy Profile

  45. Hello Warren,
    Amazing post. I completely agree with your mentioned points. Most of the people just take the blog as for getting big bucks and not focus on there content….i think this is the main reason to fail, what do you think?

  46. Awesome points. First of all I think that we should blog about our passion rather than giving importance to money friendly topics.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…Hostgator Vs iPageMy Profile

  47. i treat blogging as a way to earn money :p
    Shishir recently posted…Test Any Bootable CD/DVD or Bootable USB Without RebootingMy Profile

  48. Well Said ,But Most of Bloggers Treat Blogging as a Way to Earn Money

  49. in past few years i only concentrate on money while blogging and never took it as serious business but from last 6 month i am witnessing serious growth in my blogging.

  50. i think 2 of the reasons i listed here, why my blog is a FAIL.
    thanks for such nice post.
    i must say you write very well.
    thanks for opening my eyes.
    dilip yadav recently posted…Top 5 Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7, 8 & XP)My Profile

  51. Hello Warren,

    You made all valid points! New bloggers do not realize is that blogs compete against each other and you have to make sure that you are doing everything you can do to make your blog standout. Unrealistic expectations usually makes a blogger to fail.
    Worli recently posted…How to Make a WebsiteMy Profile

  52. Second point is the most valid one,most of the bloggers think that earning from blogging is easy and start writing about anything,obviously one will like to earn something but they make it their primary objective,the first objective should always be the content.
    Janmejai recently posted…Upcoming Bollywood Movie Calendar 2014My Profile

  53. This is great content for us bloggers. You really give a lot of value here. I believe the first thing on the blog is providing great quality content for the readers. And for free. Then having some kind of opt-in form on the top of a blog, so the readers can exchange their emails for some great report, mp3, e-book or video course. Again for free.
    Then in the follow up section we again provide free value content and when we build the “like, know and trust” with our readers, then we can provide solutions to theirs problems (we promote them our products, or affiliate products or any business opportunity).
    That is how I do it. That is attraction marketing.
    Thanks for this post again.

  54. Great article, I agree with many of your points. To me, I think that treating my blog as a business is the most difficult for me. More often than not I treat it as though it’s a source of income and look at it that way, instead of really putting my maximum effort in and fully utilizing it.
    John recently posted…Teens and College Students Make Money Online!My Profile

  55. John Adams says:

    But is´t blogging almost always about making an extra buck?
    That said, I do agree that most of bloggers don´t or just wont understand the way to blog, its not always about what we want rather what your readers want, cheers for the list.

  56. Oh. Today my blog is falled down with some important keywords ~.~ Thanks for your article second. ~.~ The last time I looked through and I didn’t know how to fix my blog and now I can. Thank you so much
    Hai recently posted…Don’t Buy Video Auto Profits Until You Read This ReviewMy Profile

  57. Tim Aucoin says:

    YOU nailed it.

    I’m guilty of all of these.

    Thanks for the kick in the ass.


  58. Hi Warren, thanks for the post. I am most guilty of #3 and #5. While I try to blog on a regular basis, I am guilty of not being too productive of making fresh content while trying to run my local business as well. That is probably the biggest downfall I am experiencing right now that I really need to improve upon.
    Adam recently posted…Gatlinburg Weddings in the Beautiful Great Smoky MountainsMy Profile

  59. personally i believe the secret to blog success is consistency and perseverance

  60. Larry Frank says:

    Hi Warren,Nice one you\’ve got over here, wanting fast money is one major problem new bloggers face, hehehe i laugh because newbies think blogging is a bed of roses, it isn\’t that easy bro.

  61. This is the answer to all my questions to the past 3 years of blogging. 3 and 5 really slap my face. Thank you very much for this.
    Daphne recently posted…Élément Clé de la Vente en Ligne #1 – Les PrixMy Profile

  62. Many blogs fail because they do not generate revenue and when the authors whose prime focus was money making energy dries up when revenue does not flow.We need to focus on creating value initially which in turn will build a loyal reader base.
    Jayashree recently posted…Android History – A Visual Timeline of Various Versions [Infographic]My Profile

  63. You said you comment on at least five blogs a day. Do you comment on the same blogs, or do you consistently look for new blogs to comment on?
    Bellaisa recently posted…Tapping For Weight Loss?My Profile

  64. Sure reasons for failure in blogging, I agree that people don’t visit a blog for beauty everyone is looking for Content, high quality Content.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Rahul Sharma recently posted…EASILY SYNC BOOKMARKS AND PASSWORDS IN CHROMEMy Profile

  65. I see people making mistake #2 SO OFTEN.

    Ugh. It’s frustrating. Making money with blogging is all about providing exceptionally, value-driven content as well as building relationships with your visitors.

    Most sites that I visit are spammed with banner ads and affiliate links. Newbies don’t understand that blogging is a long-term strategy not a make a quick buck scheme.

  66. wajid khan says:

    Also, one’s blog should have a description portion or About Me page or something like that. I’ve seen a lot of blogs on Tumblr and Blogspot with no informative description and some have no description at all. If people have no idea what the site is about they’ll just leave and never come back (just like i did to those blogs).
    And it’s a good idea to be creative and/or funny in descriptions/about me pages. Just tell them why they should follow/subscribe you/you’re blog. :)

  67. Hi Warren
    You are absolutely right. Mostly newbie bloggers thinks that blogging is just for money that’s it. But when they totally focus on money through blogging then they didn’t get success and get demotivated. So we should do blogging for the good purpose. Thanks for sharing this valuable article with us. Happy Blogging :D
    Chetan Gupta recently posted…How to Add Related Posts to Blogger with ThumbnailsMy Profile

  68. yeahh, of course! nice points. everyone love money or earning and forget about quality. so, this is the biggest mistake i have found…
    ajay recently posted…Best Android Apps 2014 till AprilMy Profile

  69. Hi Warren,

    Excellent article with some really valid points. I especially agree with your first point “1. You Don’t Treat Blogging as a Business.” I just commented on a post on another blog that talked about the similarities and difference between personal and business blogs. I think far too many people *think* they’re running a business blog, but really aren’t. They don’t take it serious enough and really treat their blog like a hobby.

    You’re right when you say a business blog “involves budgeting, testing, tracking, networking, support systems, and a lot more.” I also have to add that a business blog involves building an email list, being organized and a plan of action (all of which play a major role in any online business).
    Kevin Ocasio recently posted…5 Super Simple Steps to Easily Put Your Social Marketing on Steroids!My Profile

  70. Good stuff! I had no idea how much work it would take to start a blog, I’m now starting to realize the importance each of these. No blog exists in a vacuum, and it is critical to understand the ecosystem.
    Brad Bernard recently posted…The Secret Lives of Sea Gypsies by BRAD BERNARDMy Profile

  71. I completely agree.
    I myself have found networking to be helpful in solving matters I don’t understand. I sometimes get confused when trying out new things but thankfully, I have a strong network of bloggers who are there to guide me.
    Lalina recently posted…Clash of Clans Cheats and Tips 2014My Profile

  72. Haider Ali says:

    Same I say yeahh, of course! nice points. everyone love money or earning and forget about quality. so, this is the biggest mistake i have found

  73. Karolina says:

    I do not agree with the 4th one. There are a lot of successful bloggers who actually blog for money. I am especially talking about those who deal with niche websites. A good example is Spencer Haws.

  74. John Weinstein says:

    Hey Josh,

    I agree some of your points. They are really important things where most people are lacking now a days. By keeping in mind we forget that we are providing information not to doing business. Yes, we need to do research work before writing anything. it should be visitor friendly & it should complete and authentic information. Thumbs up for your efforts !!

  75. Your point of making money focus is the main and most important in blog failing….
    Lalina recently posted…Clash of Clans Cheats and Tips 2014My Profile

  76. You got right to the point why so many new blogs do fail. It’s hard to build a good blog, but it worth all efforts.
    Helena recently posted…Truques de adestramento de cães Jesse the JackMy Profile

  77. Reading this post has reminded me of two things: There is no shortcut to successful blog and that the focus should be on readers and not search engines. I must say , I’ve not been good at networking and engine other bloggers. No wander my blog receives unmentionable number of daily visitors.

    Thanks friend for the guide.
    Samson Ogola recently posted…Premium tips on how to perform first aid for head injuriesMy Profile

  78. Hey,
    I totally agree with you. Most of the individuals don’t treat blogging as their business and rather take it as a spare time money maker.
    Nice thought!!

  79. I worked with a guy who told me that after some time he stopped writing his blog. His reason was – the madness for pagerank. He tried different techniques and eventually no success. As another fail I personally find great madness for higher pagerank. People want PR4-PR5 but then they fail with PR0.

  80. I completely agree with point number 2. If we focus on money instead of providing value to our blog readers, we are destined to fail.
    On the other hand if we focus on the content of our blog and the value that we it provides to our readers, money will automatically follow.

  81. Faizan Asad says:

    Yes thats true many newbies treat their blogs as nothing and ruin the whole blog……the same thing which i did but now i am fully aware and equipped and i will spend all time just in concentrating

  82. well,,

    If you find the facts as above, immediately aware that you are pursuing tough competition keywords. Please make a choice whether you want to play hard and not mushy, or other keyword search first that competitors do not “cruel” in the above example and do it with a more “relaxed”.

  83. Hello Warren,
    Thats a nice write up but certainly if a blog is ment as a hobby then it would be hard to consider as a business, thats what i think…… so from the startup itself blog must grow like a business…. and money.
    But that doesnt correlate with your point 2 as once the business is set money will start flowing after that.

    just my two words…
    Sunil recently posted…Google Zero Gravity Tricks and Pranks (Top 6)My Profile

  84. Heyy. . I got stuck when I read that blogs are not for money at starting but when I readed 2nd line I find myself wrong…. and now I’ll think on my veiws.. thanks to share it
    ajay recently posted…Windows phone V/S Android phoneMy Profile

  85. Great article Theses are very common mistakes a lot people make. Most people give up on blogging after they so little or no results within the first month. Blogging takes patients and dedication before you start seeing results.

    Never give up just keep writing good content and build a network around you blog. Eventually your reader will come and start sharing if they content is useful and well written.

  86. Most of the individuals don’t treat blogging as their business and rather take it as a spare time money maker. Really interesting post
    I agreed with you.

  87. May I suggest though, that all you say above applies to any other business as well. However, the charm of blogging (and Internet/website publishing in general) is that it allows things like SEO which traditional advertising won’t accommodate. That, in my opinion, is why those people that possess all your above-mentioned qualities still fail. They do not address what is SPECIFIC about the web that is not available in other advertising/marketing avenues!
    Dermot Gilley recently posted…What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Internet Marketing 101My Profile

  88. Blogging requires passion, persistent as well as knowledge. Do not treat blogging as a way to earn easy money but instead a platform for you to share knowledges and information. In that way, you are helping the community instead of trying to juicing out something from the community. Just my 2 cents =)

  89. Blogging requires passion and patience…One cannot become a successful blogger overnight…it requires a strategy and good network and relationship with co-bloggers to flourish as a good blogger.

  90. Hey Warren

    Very informative post indeed. I am surely don’t want to be failed in blogging. So I read all your points here. I think all bloggers should pay attention to these things before they become frustrated and leave blogging sphere for good. I think a blogger should be productive and still very fast to handle real life blogging problem.

  91. Patience is the key to success
    nikhil singh recently posted…What is Demand-Pull Inflation ? – CausesMy Profile

  92. Hello Warren,
    Thats really a nice post, and i must say that all the points mention above is what should be made like a check list before starting any blog.
    Mostly every new blogger start blogging just for 1 purpose making money online, but they forget that to make money from blog we need to take it same like our offline business ? Job.

    Money is what yes the moto behind the blog but still before even thinking of getting revenue, the should be on that level.

    Overall every new blogger should read this post to get atleast a basic idea about their approach.
    Aquila A recently posted…WeChat for PC – How to Download and Install GuideMy Profile

  93. well, my blog is failed and unsuccessful.. i dont know why…but i’ll try my best
    ajay recently posted…Introduce Villstech Chrome App and Chrome extensionMy Profile

  94. Hi,

    Well The reasons you mentioned are quite right as per my experience. I was not doing well in the beginning but after doing a long long research I found out the way that works and now I have a blog that is doing really well.

    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%My Profile

  95. Chuck Freeman says:

    Hi Warren,
    I just discover you blog, and I like it, very interesting! New follower here!
    I think your spot on with that list.
    On my side, my biggest weakness is the networking, it require so much energy.
    I definitively have to do more!

  96. Guilty as charged. Ugh. I’ve been blogging so long. At least once a day I want to quit. Sometimes, twice. LOL!

  97. Passion and Money, there is a big difference in both, I used to focus on money when I first started with blogging. I realized this when it was too late and I had to leave that blog because it was messed up with a lot of paid stuff that no one liked. Now, I work with passion and get money at the same time.
    Vikas recently posted…cbseresults.nic.in Check CBSE 12th Results 2014 – http://www.cbse.nic.inMy Profile

  98. Hi

    You got the point correct, these are some of the top reasons why majority of the bloggers fails in blogging, Thanks for listing out this awesome content with us :)

    Thanks :)
    Arun Kumar recently posted…Free Dofollow Directory Submission Sites ListMy Profile

  99. I have had problems with having no defined audience for my blog and to some extend productivity. It resulted in less users liking my Facebook page and Google plus. Its wasn’t easy to overcome this. Also, I realised I must see blogging as a passion and find different ways to create content that is useful to visitors. Analysis of pages with high bouce rates can help identify the pages that need improvement.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…How to login to Facebook without password?My Profile

  100. It is a bitter truth that 99% newbies start blogging keeping this in mind that they will gona earn while publishing posts and do not have those high writing skills either and don’t know that business side of a blog is a whole other thing which involves budgeting, testing, networking, e.t.c

  101. Haider Ali says:

    Blogging work nature demand patience and quality work, new blogger think after making a blog they immediately will get Income although ITs takes time and blogs depends on your content etc

  102. Im Still Stuggling to Rank My Blog Under 100k , Do You Have any tips to increase my ranking ?

  103. Agree on these points. Gone those days when we just post random content and waiting for the traffic. Today we need to research the topic idea and promote the posts too. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Tushar Thakur recently posted…14 Ways: How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog in 2014My Profile

  104. hoanmmo says:

    Patience is key to success not only in blogging but also in our whole life . Newbie bloggers enter blogging era with a hope of earning quick money but most of them fails due to lack of patience. I have had problems with having no defined audience for my blog and to some extend productivity

  105. Hi,

    I completely agree with you, especially on the first and second points. Treating blogging as a business, solely for the purpose of making money is very huge blunder. It leads to expectations and disappointments thereby, demotivation.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…WhatsApp for PC | WhatsApp for Windows Computer DownloadMy Profile

  106. 2. You Focus on Money Above Everything Else , this one kills a blogger like a hell :/
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…5 Stupid Ways To Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  107. varun saini says:

    Hi Warren,

    All the tips which you have shared there are absolutely true. Previously when i used to do blogging i used to do it for earning money. Later I understood that dont keep money as the first goal, one should try to get maximum traffic and if you are getting good traffic you can easily earn huge money. Thanks for sharing this article with is. Nicely Written.

  108. Great share! And I love the fact that you focus on “Treating Your Blog As A business”. Because if you are willing to take the time to write good posts with at least 500 words, and then you go look for pictures to fully bring out what you’re talking about, then you have to do all the other little things to make money. And your time is important, so 2 hours a day is worth money. Thanks
    James Dazouloute recently posted…10 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Change Your LifeMy Profile

  109. yeah you said all the right things.i have to treat blogging as my business and have to write nice content for my blog visitors.i have just started working on my website so i am learning about all the rules and the whole process how to get more traffic and ultimately my business will grow and i get money.thanks to you Warren for sharing such a valuable information.see ya

  110. I mostly agree upon the 5th point as I myself seen people who loose focus as the time moves. Reason is simple, for most of them (i.e. most of people), their one and ultimate aim is to make money in a fast manner and this is because they had chosen the blog as a business.
    Karan Chopra recently posted…It’s An Apps World (Infographic)My Profile

  111. Hi Warren,

    Thanks for this awesome post! New bloggers usually tend to make mistakes and get failed, knowing these mistakes will help all the newbie bloggers to make their blogs fail-proof.

    Sid recently posted…5 Blissful Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral in StumbleUponMy Profile

  112. Oliver Pusch says:

    There are some great tips, here. I especially like the visual of Blogs being little islands and we have to build bridges between them. That really shows what we are trying to do wit all of our blogs – to share information. thanks, Warren

  113. Aseize Okaztle says:

    This has been so helpful, what a great content.Blogging without passion is like filling the basket with waters!!New bloggers fail because they don\’t take this into action and just blog anyhow.Thanks for the writeup!

  114. I believe many people focus too much on making money from the day they get started & this leads to their down fall !!

  115. Well according to me, if you are lazy and boring, then you will always fail in blogging and your life.

  116. Most bloggers fail because there is too much information about blogging on the internet. Newbies get confused whose steps to follow and how to sort out the floods of information. I think life was easier when we just used to go to the library in the past. Internet brings too much confusion nowadays.
    Vanessa recently posted…45 proven words of wisdomMy Profile

    • I concur Vanessa. It’s like losing weight. Old methods still works and there whenever the “next best thing” surfaces, they think that trumps previous schools of thought. Internet is changing, but not as rapidly as everyone thinks.

      Keep inspiring,
      Warren recently posted…I’m Perfect. Are you?My Profile

  117. Thank you for this post. I’m a new blogger and have less experiment in blogging. Now I know what I have to do. Thanks again!
    Linda recently posted…Viral Quotes Rocket ReviewMy Profile

  118. I agree with the reason especially focus to get money in blogging. It will be very tired if you blogging because money. You should blogging because you like it so the readers will like it to and money will come

  119. Totally agreed! You have mentioned some really important reasons why blogs fail these days. I would just like to add one more reason which is blogging about a niche that you’re not interested. Doesn’t matters how profitable that niche is, if you don’t enjoy writing about that topic then it’s not going to work for you. One should always start a blog about something he knows and likes to write about.

    Thanks for this great guest post…I really enjoyed reading it.
    Hamza Butt recently posted…How To Change Or Remove Showing Posts With Label Message In BloggerMy Profile

  120. The general thrust of this article is what I do consistently. Good content, and distribute on many social media sires like Googl+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I believe the operative word is “consistency.” Like most things, successful blogging is a long-term prospect. Not burning up the world yet, but hope this philosophy will pay off.
    joe arrigo recently posted…Making Hard Choices.
    It’s Not a Science
    My Profile

  121. You are right man ! I think also like this. Blogging is not easy stuff. Hope this post will help new bloggers.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted…How To Download Instagram Images On Your PCMy Profile

  122. HI Warren

    thanks for this great article.

    I think all the 5 points you listed are genuine reason behind failure of a blog and most important thing that i would highlight is consistency in your work, it should not like you are doing heavy blogging in starting and when you are not earning expected money then you leave.
    agathasewing recently posted…Brother CS6000i Reviews – Feature-Rich Sewing MachineMy Profile

  123. Another reason I will add to it is
    Inconsistent: Anybody that want to be successful in blogging must not quit no matter what he/she comes across especially in term of traffic. This is because the first point that discourages most bloggers is inability to generate good traffic. For instance, if your page views per day is 5 or 10 per day and you have been doing all forms of traffic generating methods. Don’t just stop doing it or get discouraged. Know that this is how those who are having 10,000 page views per day started from but they did not quit.
    Alabi recently posted…How An Award Winning Writer Loses Weight QuicklyMy Profile

  124. I think people focusing on Money is a big major reason why they fail in blogging. It should be treated as proper work to built reputation.
    Atinder recently posted…Make Money selling Images on iStockphotoMy Profile

  125. Money always should be the second in the list of bloggers. If they have trust then they will surely make huge money.
    Atinder recently posted…Glasgow Commonwealth Games Starts On 23rd July 2014My Profile

  126. PaulJosaph says:

    Warren- This is a great article, I fully agree with everything you mentioned. Blogging is much more difficult that most people imagine, I think that is it great that you shared your experiences about how to overcome the obstacles of getting started and becoming the best blogger you can be. Like you said, it is take a lot of courage to hit the push button and blogs like this encourage me to keep on blogging! Thanks again!

  127. Kuldeeo says:

    ofcourse, i agree with your point of view. Actually i also made this mistake as in my early days,i focus on money rather than doing much work on blogging. ultimately this fails our blog or website. But with time i realized my mistake and recovered my blog. I wishes that if this article read by me earlier.
    by the way nice article with much beneficial information.
    thanks for posting such article.

  128. Fantastic article and very informative. Taking lots of notes and putting them in use soon. Thanks again!
    Megan Lloyd recently posted…How Drupal 8 will take Open Source CMS to the Next LevelMy Profile

  129. Awesome article and very informative too. I’ve took lots of notes and putting them in use soon.
    I agree with your points here. Patience is key to success not only in blogging but also in our whole life . Newbie bloggers enter blogging era with a hope of earning quick money but most of them fails due to lack of patience, hard work, determination. Thanks again!
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…How to Save Money on TravellingMy Profile

  130. A lack of focus is often behind the failure of many blogs and online businesses. Many of the 5 reasons you have here, it could be argued a lack of focus is behind them. Great article, good food for thought.
    David Shaw recently posted…How Can I Make Money On The Internet?My Profile

  131. Alex Taylor says:

    Hi Warren,
    I understood some of these points earlier this year and changed the way I used to handle them. Now, I’m gradually seeing good results especially with building my list.
    Blogging to me is a business. That’s how I see it and it’s working as such, generating income ;)

  132. Nice post,
    Many bloggers lack patience. They should know that blogging is no rocket science. You could not expect results overnight. Blogging needs a lot of patience anddedication. It may take upto 6 months to get some good results blogging.
    Akshay Hallur recently posted…MyThemeShop Coupon Code 50% OFF with ReviewMy Profile

  133. We’ve been running our blog for over 15 years and one thing we no longer do well funnily enough since the rise of social media, is network. I used to spend a lot of time on Usenet forums making connections and we had a good readership.

    In the beginning we were quite unique but now everyone is doing what we are doing so now we have to also look at your point 4 and redefine our audience. If I were blogging for money I probably would have given up by now, thankfully, I actually enjoy blogging. I would suggest point 6: Enjoy what you are doing otherwise you won’t make the necessary effort.
    Nitocris recently posted…Help to bring back our girls – just don’t over stay your welcomeMy Profile

  134. Basically, its the unrealistic expectation of newbies from blogging that make them fail. We all can’t deny money is the reality but expectation too much with less hardwork will make despair, that leads to failure. Well, i really enjoyed the article , well written, simple to understand and shows the issue that majority face.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…What to Do When USB Flash Drive is Not Working?My Profile

  135. I have been blogging for past 2 years for now. I have failed many times about making decent earnings from blogs so far. May be the second point that you mentioned in this article is all the reason behind it. I do focus upon making money all the time instead of working toward growing traffic and producing quality content.
    Nikhil recently posted…Happy Friendship Day 2014 Movies List | Top Friendship MoviesMy Profile

  136. You hit the nail on the head in your fifth point about time and patience being key. It is so easy to get frustrated and tired when you put in a lot of work in the first three months and aren’t seeing results. I saw somewhere that most bloggers will quit within six months, so if you can make it past that then you are doing great.

    I visit the same 20 to 30 blogs everyday and interact through comments with them. Networking is key. I have yet to jump into doing any guest blogging, but maybe one of these days I’ll have to. I saw an article somewhere that MAtt Cutts(Google Person) said that guest blogging is dying. Is this true?
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…A Powerful Thought to Zap You Back to the PresentMy Profile

  137. From experience the beginning need much time ; six months i will say to have a successful blog. I really enjoyed the article , well written, simple to understand and shows the issue that majority face.

  138. And number 6, you post crap articles just for the sake of it. Quality should be the key. Nice post, thank you for posting it.
    Adam recently posted…I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  139. Paul D. Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the great post Warren! Very useful stuff but… what about a non-business blog? I mean, if I write about cultural questions or just things related not to business but to lifestyle… Are the mistakes above the same? Thanks.

  140. So many times people forget that you have to network no matter what. So reason number 3 “You Don’t Network Enough” speaks volume to me. Also, its very simple to visit other peoples blog work. So all in all, this is a great article.

  141. The importance of networking cannot be emphasized enough, I have found this to be one of the best ways to connect and generate interest in my blog. Right now I am doing it for the experience more than anything else. That doesn’t mean I do not try to monetize….which at best may pay for a lipstick, if that, but I agree with respect to balancing that with quality content and not making your blog a flashing advertisement. :-)
    Kimmy recently posted…Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer SPF 30 (Summer Essential SPF)My Profile

  142. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon.

  143. This may be an eye opener for many people who want to earn money online. I think a lot of people look for the easy road. The road that does not require hard work and dedication. Blogging, as you said, is a business, and any business requires a leader that will put in the work to lead his workers in the right direction. When it comes to blogging, your website is your business, and the content that you allow on your site is part of the workforce. Lead the workforce with some enthusiasm, and patiently. Money will come next. Good post!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: Be Transformational And Master The BasicsMy Profile

  144. Blogging is boring unless what you are writing and what readers read is interesting, a complete paradox as the best bloggers are more often nondescript and cadaverous in real life. Rightly said….
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  145. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon. Haha Got it…!!!!
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  146. Hey i agree that its the unrealistic expectation of newbies from blogging that make them fail. We all can’t deny money is the reality but expectation too much with less hardwork will make despair, that leads to failure. Well, i really enjoyed the article , well written, simple to understand and shows the issue that majority face.
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  147. Hi warren blogging is a business to me.. I understood some of these points earlier this year and changed the way I used to handle them. Now, I’m gradually seeing good results especially with building my list.
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  148. Hello Warren…Most bloggers fail because there is too much information about blogging on the internet. Newbies get confused whose steps to follow and how to sort out the floods of information. I think life was easier when we just used to go to the library in the past. Internet brings too much confusion nowadays.
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  149. I agree with all the points you mentioned above because as a newbie i did above mistakes and my first blog failed and moved on corrected the mistakes and Now my second blog id doing fine till now. All blogging newbies must check this guide before starting the blog.
    lakshman Teja recently posted…Top 20 Cool Cydia Tweaks iOS 7.1 2014My Profile

  150. Warren your post is very helpful for all the bloggers who’ve just begun or the long timers who haven’t yet noticed the flaw in their plan! Thanks for sharing
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…Get Perfect Selfies Using Best 5 Selfie AppsMy Profile

  151. Jakarri Demery says:

    I need to work on networking more. I’ve fallen into the trap of being a private blogger, which might work if I had a PBN. Five comments a day is really not that much. I also need to guest post more. Thanks, good post

  152. I think Blogging should not be considered as business rather as intense passion because passion can drive more success compared to business. Otherwise all points are correct . Nice post
    Parth Patel recently posted…How to root Moto G 2nd Gen (2014) and install custom RecoveryMy Profile

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