Using Online Press Releases for SEO, Building Traffic, and Lead Generation

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Online-Press-ReleaseDuring the heyday of print media, press releases used to be an effective means to promote a certain business, company, or product. With the advent of the internet, press releases took on a different purpose; which is to drive traffic to different sites, improve SEO, and generate leads.

Online press releases are used by prominent companies; as well as, small businesses and online entrepreneurs, for these purposes. It’s an effective and inexpensive strategy to drive traffic to your site, due to a high return of investment (ROI) via visibility and referral products.

Press Releases Post Penguin Update

By now, we are all aware of Google’s algorithmic updates (and it’s only going to continue) and how it has changed the way link-building methods are utilized. When you start a press release, ensure the distributor you chose (PRWeb, PRLOG, etc.) refrain from using anchor texts as “do-follow”, so you don’t rank negatively in Google. This as a result affects SEO, when “no-follow” is used instead. Nonetheless, there’s still a way to improve SEO with press releases – which I’ll mention later on.

Another drawback is that you can no longer hyperlink keywords to track back to your site, landing page, referral products, etc.; unless you submit your press releases sparingly. Unfortunately, by not regularly sending press releases, your site will take a lot longer to rank.

On the other hand, if you’re aggressive with your SEO campaigns, then hyperlink natural phrases instead – like “click here” or “check this out”, which are more viable options. Doing so will still keep you in good graces with Google.

Drives Traffic Back to Your Site

Aside from having an author or resource box to store valuable links, press releases also work as a prime method to disseminate information. A stellar press release will be picked-up by various sites and is then published as news or a features column. When visitors of these sites

read these press releases, they have the option to click on any one of the notable links, which will then redirect them to your site or referral product(s).

In case there are landing pages and sign-up forms, the reader will be redirected to any of these pages for lead generation as well – which is just as good as cash. These clicks not only lead people to your site, but it could also convert into potential sales or member sign-ups, for long-term relationships.

In the event these new visitors don’t buy anything the first time, it’s OK because they have already become familiar with your site and could potentially come back for more. Repeat visitors are always better than one-time visitors.

How Press Releases Work to Your Advantage

Earlier, I mentioned that SEO can still be improved using press releases. This can work to your advantage, if you optimize your releases with low competition, long-tail keywords within your niche. However, though it’s important to find the right keywords, remember that a press release will be picked-up and read based on the quality of the content – so good copy-writing is still a must.

Your keywords should also flow naturally and not be overused throughout the release. Using too many keywords devalues your content and search engines (especially Google) will consider your release as too “spammy”; thus wasting all your efforts and resources in the process. Additionally, attaching your name on a “spammy” release will hurt your credibility and overall brand. Therefore, it’s not worth the trouble.

Final Thoughts

Your press release can be about a new product, a service, or a launch. It needs to be a news-worthy event that will attract groups with varying interests. You can also make your press releases more engaging, by adding quotes or blurbs from officials of a company, owner, or product developer. Be creative in the process. The more your readers connect with your content, the more inbound links you’ll generate as a result.

What do you think about using press releases for site traffic? Is it still a smart method to generate inbound links post Penguin? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you.