Using Online Press Releases for SEO, Building Traffic, and Lead Generation

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Online-Press-ReleaseDuring the heyday of print media, press releases used to be an effective means to promote a certain business, company, or product. With the advent of the internet, press releases took on a different purpose; which is to drive traffic to different sites, improve SEO, and generate leads.

Online press releases are used by prominent companies; as well as, small businesses and online entrepreneurs, for these purposes. It’s an effective and inexpensive strategy to drive traffic to your site, due to a high return of investment (ROI) via visibility and referral products.

Press Releases Post Penguin Update

By now, we are all aware of Google’s algorithmic updates (and it’s only going to continue) and how it has changed the way link-building methods are utilized. When you start a press release, ensure the distributor you chose (PRWeb, PRLOG, etc.) refrain from using anchor texts as “do-follow”, so you don’t rank negatively in Google. This as a result affects SEO, when “no-follow” is used instead. Nonetheless, there’s still a way to improve SEO with press releases – which I’ll mention later on.

Another drawback is that you can no longer hyperlink keywords to track back to your site, landing page, referral products, etc.; unless you submit your press releases sparingly. Unfortunately, by not regularly sending press releases, your site will take a lot longer to rank.

On the other hand, if you’re aggressive with your SEO campaigns, then hyperlink natural phrases instead – like “click here” or “check this out”, which are more viable options. Doing so will still keep you in good graces with Google.

Drives Traffic Back to Your Site

Aside from having an author or resource box to store valuable links, press releases also work as a prime method to disseminate information. A stellar press release will be picked-up by various sites and is then published as news or a features column. When visitors of these

sites read these press releases, they have the option to click on any one of the notable links, which will then redirect them to your site or referral product(s).

In case there are landing pages and sign-up forms, the reader will be redirected to any of these pages for lead generation as well – which is just as good as cash. These clicks not only lead people to your site, but it could also convert into potential sales or member sign-ups, for long-term relationships.

In the event these new visitors don’t buy anything the first time, it’s OK because they have already become familiar with your site and could potentially come back for more. Repeat visitors are always better than one-time visitors.

How Press Releases Work to Your Advantage

Earlier, I mentioned that SEO can still be improved using press releases. This can work to your advantage, if you optimize your releases with low competition, long-tail keywords within your niche. However, though it’s important to find the right keywords, remember that a press release will be picked-up and read based on the quality of the content – so good copy-writing is still a must.

Your keywords should also flow naturally and not be overused throughout the release. Using too many keywords devalues your content and search engines (especially Google) will consider your release as too “spammy”; thus wasting all your efforts and resources in the process. Additionally, attaching your name on a “spammy” release will hurt your credibility and overall brand. Therefore, it’s not worth the trouble.

Final Thoughts

Your press release can be about a new product, a service, or a launch. It needs to be a news-worthy event that will attract groups with varying interests. You can also make your press releases more engaging, by adding quotes or blurbs from officials of a company, owner, or product developer. Be creative in the process. The more your readers connect with your content, the more inbound links you’ll generate as a result.

What do you think about using press releases for site traffic? Is it still a smart method to generate inbound links post Penguin? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you.


  1. Hello Warren
    Nice informational post. ya first getting ranked well for long tail keyword and focusing on only one keyword in a post is better for SEO. Nice tips.
    Mahendra recently posted…Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim Specs,price and featuresMy Profile

  2. Warren,

    We are in an age where relevant things lose relevance quite fast! You won’t believe it: press releases are now worth less than half their value whether one looks at them through the lens of SEO or raw traffic generation.

    I’d advise anyone contemplating it to actually take note of this fact – and be very careful!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…3 THINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LINKS IN SERP RANKINGSMy Profile

    • Hey Akaahan,

      I completely agree with you. The internet is just evolving rapidly, but there are older methods that can still be useful — with a little more work and better execution. Nonetheless, all traffic-generation methods should be taken in stride and be well-researched prior to using them.

      Keep inspiring,
      Warren recently posted…Pursuing Passive Income: 6 Common PerspectivesMy Profile

  3. Hi, Warren
    It’s indeed a great way to get traffic and links but it is damn hard to get a news that is press worthy. I would try to write something related to what press would like.
    Good IDEA!
    Anurag recently posted…How to Count Words Online?My Profile

  4. Absolutely! Press releases should also be distributed to key sites in your market niche, not just press release syndication sites. And instead of repeating the target keyword too often, one or two related keyword phrases should be included to indicate the context of the target keyword.
    Worli recently posted…How to Make a WebsiteMy Profile

  5. Great post,

    I love doing press releases, for myself and for others. It drives tons of traffic back to my site, very helpful information here. Thanks
    J. Wright recently posted…The Best Apps and Games for Samsung Galaxy S5My Profile

  6. Since the introduction of no-follow the use for PR for SEO has dropped significantly. Which is probably a good thing as there were a lot of keyword stuffed articles being published. But I agree if you have a new product or service being launched the use of PR is very useful, getting in touch with the correct trade/niche journals and websites is probably the most effective way to get it published in front of your key audience.
    Mark recently posted…Cheltenham Wedding Photography PreviewMy Profile

  7. Hi Warren,
    Informative post. I think Press releases seems to be good SEO strategy after the Guest Blogging limitation from Google. The problem is every legal method is spammed by spammers.
    Thanks for sharing this post!
    Adithya Shetty recently posted…Hostgator Baby Plan Review with Coupon CodeMy Profile

  8. Press releases are the way to go if you’re looking for some serious traffic coming your way.

  9. I. Garrett says:

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for sharing, I believe the SEO value is a lot lower for PR now. However, the traffic generated is always a good thing and could possibly lead to links from the visitors if the content is good. Great tips!

  10. Press releases are one well forgotten weapon by most online marketing practitioners. Though quality press release can definitely bring a lot traffic. I doubt that SEO impact will be huge as PR have never been counted as quality links.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Crowdfunding Platform at WebmaisterProMy Profile

  11. I get quite a few press releases coming my way, having a blog that is entertainment based, I get movie companies/distributors working with me to have their press releases up on the website, I do make sure the links that are included in them are “NoFollow”.

    Since the Penguin update a lot of people aren’t 100% sure what we can have on our sites or put on other sites without Google coming along and saying, “you can’t have that!” and slapping our wrists!
    Karen Woodham recently posted…What is your Social Rank and Who is Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower?My Profile

    • Hi Karen,

      That’s really the downside of PR, as the content may not be relevant and be of poor quality. As a result, a site can get hurt, if they use dofollow with these PR. In turn, a lot of PR will receive nofollow. But even with Penguin, Google will always require backlinks to stay in business. But they need to be quality ones so you don’t get penalized.

      Keep inspiring,
      Warren recently posted…Pursuing Passive Income: 6 Common PerspectivesMy Profile

  12. Thanks for the post. I’ve never considered doing anything like this, definitely an eye opening article.
    Adam recently posted…Stylised HTML Ordered ListMy Profile

  13. What is the best way to find online press releases? I have no luck yet to get even a single press release for my site..
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…9 Best WordPress Kids Themes 2014 For Children & Baby ProductsMy Profile

  14. Many SEOs avoid pressers because of these announcements. But in industries like the security industry, if you analyze the backlinks of the vast majority of competition, they are ranking as a result of daily press releases.
    Daphne recently posted…Élément Clé de la Vente en Ligne #1 – Les PrixMy Profile

  15. Kushal Biswas says:

    Hi Warren,
    Thanks for posting the article.
    I agree with you that if Press release submission can be done in a proper way, you can attract lots of visitors. However everybody should keep it mind that overdoing press release can harm your site rankings in Google. As far as I remember, Matt Cutts told that Press release submission for backlinks may harm your website’s presence in Google. So everyone should keep it in a limit. Premium press release sites are more useful than free ones.

  16. Taswir Haider says:

    Nice Post. Traffic lead Generation is Really Nice Point for every Blogger. I Know What the main advantage of Traffic Generation. Thanks

  17. Parth salwan says:

    Now this a very helpful article for new to blogging people

  18. Hi Warren,

    Now a days Google algorithms are changing day by day and during this session we can use press release. But the problem is about the seeking of keywords.
    Many famous blogs have done all dofollow links as nofollow. In this situation how can we get backlinks? What about traffic generation? Is press release that much helpful?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Effective Ways To Use Social Media Which Can Boost Up Your BlogMy Profile

  19. Hi Warren,
    Thanks for sharing this post.I don’t think anything like this.Now i want to know one thing,What are the best ways to find good press releases.
    sreeraj recently posted…How to Backup and Restore Blogger TemplateMy Profile

  20. Hey Warren, nice post.
    Press releases combined with targeting long tail keywords is effective. But finding long tail keywords has been a headache since the Google Keyword Tool is closed, however there is GKP which is not effective as GKT. So I am making use use of UberSuggest. Let me know if it works.

    Akshay Hallur.
    Akshay Hallur recently posted…7 Smart Strategies to Get Maximum Benefit from Google Plus for Traffic and SEOMy Profile

  21. Hey Warren,

    I’ve personally never used a press release at all to be honest and don’t really focus on SEO at all these days. It’s too risky with all of the updates Google makes. They can wipe out your traffic and business overnight. I know… it’s happened to me in the past on more than one occasion and it SUCKS!

    Once piece of advice I would like to give is this… whether you’re using press releases or any other form of online marketing or link building, I recommend sending the traffic to either a squeeze page or some type of landing page where you’re building an email list. Because at the end of the day, if you lose your SEO rankings, and your traffic nose dives because of it, you still have an incredibly important asset and that’s your list ;)
    Kevin Ocasio recently posted…Discover How to Make Money Online in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

    • Alejandra says:

      Please some one correct me if I am wrong, but I asume that as long as you are taking natural actions as a blogger or a site, comenting and releasing genuine press releases (without the do-follow links as warned in this article) from time to time, google pandas penguins or any other new aditions to their zoo should not penalize your site.

  22. I have used Press Release websites to rank my websites. It works great for long tail keywords, you have a nice writeup put up in here man.

    Vikas Bhatt recently posted…Download WhatsApp for PCMy Profile

  23. I have used press releases but never been able to rank anything with. Not entirely sure if it works
    George recently posted…Guest blogging strategy post apocalypseMy Profile

  24. Hi Warren thanks for some good points while submitting press release, previously people just submit press releases for generating links, now the time has changed and press release should be actually good, that creates sense to Google as well.
    somon recently posted…Real racing 3 for pc windows 8 7 XP Mac computerMy Profile

  25. Very informative post, I will keep this in mind when I do SEO on my websites.
    Justin recently posted…Zac Efron Workout Routine (Voted For Best Shirtless Performance)My Profile

  26. Very good information. Do you have any good resources to share for press release templates? I’m pretty clueless as to how to write one, formatting wise.
    Adam recently posted…Gatlinburg Weddings in the Beautiful Great Smoky MountainsMy Profile

  27. Simon Andras Peter says:

    I’m a bit skeptical about whether it can bring in any traffic. I’m not convinced. Has anyone had any success in bringing in hundreds of visitors with press releases?

  28. My only concern here is when Google will start to discount press releases in a similar way they threatened to do with guest posting. Everyone knows that press releases are used as excuses to post stuff, like in “article marketing” that would not see the light of day (as a PR release) if it were not for link building essentially.

  29. I don’t use press release anymore for SEO purpose but yes I do use it to publish real news about the company. Its the best way to inform everyone about your company and acquire valuable citations.
    Pankaj recently posted…All in One Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  30. Jakaria Hassan says:

    hi warren , bro.. It’s nothing wonder to get such an informative post from you, thamks for the infos and of course, keep your work up
    Press release for seo is another great way to build reputation online.. Yeah it wil help me.
    Thanks and Regards

  31. online press release, it’s time to upgrade myself i think, i dom’t know too much as i thought before.. thanks for info
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…How To Index a Page Within 24 Hours [SEO Guide For Blogger]My Profile

  32. Yea press release is one of the greatest way to earn some traffic, it will increase the exposure and it also enable you to get some unique visitors. If your blog has got some good content then you could convert the visitors easily :)Thanks for sharing this information with us.
    Aashiq recently posted…Top 5 Fiverr AlternativesMy Profile

  33. Wow it’s such a excellent information for me.
    I’m so glad to know. I never be use that actually.
    Thank you Warren, I wish press release can make good impact for my website.

  34. Hi Warren
    Very Informative post. Getting ranked well is a dream of every blogger. I will now use press releases from now on. Happy Blogging
    Nithesh Chakravarthi recently posted…Samsung Galaxy K zoom with 20.7MP cameraMy Profile

  35. Hey Warren,
    Nice post and Yes, press release really seems interesting and using it with long tail keyword really very helpful. I never use press release but now I am thinking to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this post with us. This post really gonna help many bloggers.
    Sudipto recently posted…Free Messaging App For AndroidMy Profile

  36. Press release could be the best way for attracting visitors. This is really nice post. Thanks for sharing this.
    Prakash recently posted…Whatsapp Plus free Download for PC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WindowsMy Profile

  37. I am not in favor of online press releases as i once did it for one of my blog and it got heavily penalized.
    Lalina recently posted…Windows 7 ISO 32bit /64bit Official Free DownloadMy Profile

  38. Yes ! you need lots of skills in writing to get good attention with you press release. And I can’t understand why Google is so strict nowadays dealing with link building techniques.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…HostGator Vs BluehostMy Profile

  39. Lalit Sharma says:

    Hey Warren,
    Thanks for sharing this informational post. I completely agree with you that focusing on keyword and skillful writing are must to achieve a better page rank.

  40. Interesting things you have shared here with us. With most of them i agree i just want to add if you have already established blog/site than your should be carefuller whit new thing and is better to open some other blog and test on them. But if your site/blog is not ranking on google or it is not in top 5 pages you should try anything, You should work aggressive seo.
    Only think you should never do is to use only one anchor text for your backlinks use as many possible variants.
    Tamara recently posted…15 Best Websites to Watch TV Shows Online FREEMy Profile

  41. Superb article. I have been using Press Releases for a while now, Please provide list of decent PR sites as well.
    Ankit recently posted…SQL Server 2008 : How to Check Size of Each TableMy Profile

  42. Now we must put them into practice and see how they evolve different blogs. In principle are quite simple and logical things but each point of the article can develop and make it much more complex. So SEO is a world that is constantly changing and in which you know or you adapt or overcome easily.

  43. Hello Waren,

    Yet another awesome post, Well I’ve been using press release for my new website to experiment “is it still working”.

    Perhaps I’d have to try your tips. And also need to submit on quality sites,

    Samir recently posted…Top 5 Hidden Features of Google ChromeMy Profile

  44. in the past I have tried some PR services for better ranking but after the Matt Cutt update on Press Release I have completely stopped, PR in my seo campaign.
    Sunil recently posted…gravity zero googleMy Profile

  45. Hello Warren,
    According to the SEO marketing, press release is one of the interesting information that guides to generate heavy traffic on websites as well as it is perfect for the search engine results. The search engines gives more priority to the good content pages so it definitely ranked the guest posting pages easily with less efforts. Thank you so much for this precious information.

  46. Warren this is the best way to first target at a particular long tail keyword and make it visible at the top of SERP thats really great idea to engage more traffic to any blog really nice idea i will surely try this on mine
    Suprabhat recently posted…Make Money with Non Monetized Blog LinksMy Profile

  47. this is one of the best way so that your blog can get a lot of exposure. Press release can make your blog to get overnight success i have been using this way since last 6 months and it is working perfect for me. My preferred site is HARO. what your??
    priyansh recently posted…Download YouTube Videos on Android and PCMy Profile

  48. Some intelligent people are doing it in a wrong way, Press Release is not about promoting your company, its all about providing information, introducing and promoting your new products.

    Karan Rawat recently posted…ForceFul- Stylish Magazine WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  49. Thanks for this awesome post. I have not tried press releases as seo building or traffic lead generation method but I think I will surely try this. I am now going to search for those press release sites. Because I really need “tangent 90 degree” exposure of my articles. No publicity means no audience and without any reader my blog is dead,isn’t it?
    mumin recently posted…How to make money on FiverrMy Profile

  50. Hello Warren Press release has always been consider as the best option for having huge traffic.

    But if am not wrong have heard few months back that Matt Cutts said that why we need links from Press Release, and at that time all online industry started telling big no for Press Release.

    So what am confused is can we still use PR service to get massive traffic and Backlinks.
    Aquila Apayor recently posted…WeChat for PC – How to Download and Install GuideMy Profile

  51. Press release helps us in providing great information a little bit of our promotion and the brief about our new products. Though it is an old method of marketing it still got its value. Many new methods have come up in SEO and many have been banned.

    I have been using press releases for last 8 months and it has given me good results. Now a days not many use this idea of press release for promotion of their blog . It helps us to provide information to others , promote our products and also helps in generating lot of traffic to our website. The ebst way still is focusing on right keyword and having useful and unique content always help in generating great traffic rate to our website.

    Thank you for sharing
    Sagar recently posted…How to generate leads using emails through Best PracticesMy Profile

  52. Most of the PR sites give you a nofollow link, only a handful of them offer a do follow link.
    PR sites for sure help you with traffic.
    I have experience a good traffic from these site but has hardly impacted my ranking.

  53. Hiten Vyas says:

    Hi Warren,

    Excellent post, indeed.

    I’ve used press releases in the past mainly for new product and service launches. I’ve found the press releases to be a good source of traffic even after a long period since their publication.

  54. warner bro, these kind of valuable post are only expectable from you ,, thank you
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…Amazon Advertising Programme ReviewMy Profile

  55. There should always be a balance when it comes to submitting press releases. Submitting too much can harm search rankings. The value of press releases have gone down post penguin update, yet its not completely out. I agree with you on long tail keywords and being news worthy. They are very useful when it comes to generating traffic when the website is new.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…MocospaceMy Profile

  56. abdirahim says:

    Its Really a good article. getting organic traffic to my site has been a nightmare for me. I hope by interacting with my fellow bloggers like you will help improve my blog.
    thanks so much

  57. Links absolutley are a big no in a press release but if you have published a quality one then links does not matter only keywords do the job for you . Any ways great work :)

  58. I was under the impression that Press Releases were self-promotional in the first place? Evidently I’ve failed to fully grasp that by distributing a press release for my to promote my business I’m initiating said press release. …
    Vella Di recently posted…USA and UK Christmas Songs & Carols – Top 10 Popular HitsMy Profile

  59. I am not sure whether we should use Press releases or not but they are providing high quality backlinks to the website. In my point of week we should schedule the Press releases as this will be more beneficial than adding it altogether.

  60. Samantha says:


    Using Online Press Releases is a great way to gain exposure and targeted traffic to our product pages. However, i have this one question in mind. Since there are a lot of spammy releases, does google even consider our release spammy and penalize if the links are dofollow? If they are nofollow, they wouldn’t have any significance in the first place.

  61. Hi,

    These are some great SEO complied lead generation tips. I never knew press releases can be leveraged even for our general product pages.

    Mark recently posted…WhatsApp for PC | WhatsApp for Windows Computer DownloadMy Profile

  62. Dexter Roona says:

    This is a very smart article, i do post quite a few press releases on free sites like ibotoolbox they are normally cut downs of the main event from my wordpress blog. Im not really sure anyone knows the best way to build links to your sites these days, there are no real shortcuts to writing good content and manually promoting it.
    regards dexter roona

  63. Hai Warren .. good article about Press Release and Google also loves that.I also want to share the best press release list.
    Check it now :

  64. Ryan M. Jacob says:

    Nice post Warren, I agree with you Press Releases help to drive traffic to your website. Will follow the tips shared by you. Will publish the Press Release on quality sites only.

    Thanks for sharing valuable tips :)

  65. Yes, @Warren, Keyword research is the key success of getting visitors. Researching perfect keyword can reduce your hard work. I think you will write a tutorial on successful keyword research. We will be wait for it.

    Gautam Biswas recently posted…How to install Windows 8 from USB flash driveMy Profile

  66. hoan nguyen says:

    You’re right. It’s about quality press releases. SEO is not everything when it comes to building traffic. I’ve found the press releases to be a good source of traffic even after a long period since their publication. Thanks.

  67. Excellent stuff. Totally in-depth as using Online Press Releases is a great way to gain exposure and targeted traffic to our product pages.
    Ankit recently posted…Xperia Range 2014 : All about New Email and CalendarMy Profile

  68. Thanks for sharing the information but the main point which I think which have to be understood here is that where in real one is going to publish their PR i.e. whether the PR site is a free PR site or is among from one of those highly acclaimed PR sites.
    Karan Chopra recently posted…The Ultimate Guide To A Skype Interview (Infographic)My Profile

  69. hoanmmo says:

    Informative post. I think Press releases seems to be good SEO strategy after the Guest Blogging limitation from Google. The problem is every legal method is spammed by spammers.Thanks for sharing this post! again a big thanks

  70. Arshad Ali says:

    Hi Warren
    yes dear it’s very good practice for SEO , Thanks for sharing :)

  71. hi qarren I am completely agrree with….this gonna be unique points…
    ajay recently posted…New LG G3: Five features that make it different from othersMy Profile

  72. But high quality do follow PR site cost us lots of money that most people can’t afford. Free PR releaxe doesn’t give us that link juice too, Google should take action those press release sites that sells link.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…Godaddy reviewMy Profile

  73. Hi Warren,
    That is a great article and as a new blogger and SEO learner it is very important for me. I thank you for sharing these and i become a regular follower of your blog.

    Gautam Biswas
    Gautam Biswas recently posted…Polytechnic admission in 2014 in BangladeshMy Profile

  74. Panneer says:

    Press Release – very Useful for SEO bro!!!! Thank You..!!:):)

  75. WOOW!! This is something new. Thanks for sharing this information, it can be used in a good way.

    Cheers mate!

  76. PaulJosaph says:

    could any one suggest me some useful PR websites?

  77. Hi Warren,

    Thanks for this (another) awesome post. I did knew about Online Press Releases and traffic generation, but did not knew how to combine both of it to get hefty traffic.

    Thanks for the valuable tips,
    Sid recently posted…The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Writing Out Domain Name that Goes ViralMy Profile

  78. Andy Mchugh says:

    I do enjoy using press releases but not all the time

  79. Well you’ve put nice effort in this post, but I still think that press releases is not really a good idea. I’ve already worked on press releases, but every time I failed very badly. Later on I came upon the conclusion to give full stop for working on press releases. I’ve worked long time on it and felt that all the time was wasted. Honestly I’m not going to try it again.
    Nikhil recently posted…4th July Independence Day QuotesMy Profile

  80. I also agree with you. Press release is a good source of link building.

  81. That is definitely a smart move if you want to bring your blog to the next level. I have seen all the great minds in blogging use press release to enlarge their influence and get the audience come back. A must follow step to success.
    Vanessa recently posted…45 proven words of wisdomMy Profile

  82. Verniers says:

    Using press release is good idea. But do you mind to throw some light on how actually you use the leads to convert into the sales? I tried to collect emails and name of people who interested in my product but I was not able to make any great conversion from them. Even my email auto responder cost me more than any possible revenue I could generate.

    Thanks in advance.

  83. Nanta Jauhar says:

    really good information for me… but i usually still confuse to use this method to increase traffic and pagerank my website.. I usually just take backlink to advance my website… maybe you can give me example press release to increase SEO my Blog… Thanks…

  84. Informative post. I think Press releases seems to be good SEO strategy after the Guest Blogging limitation from Google. The problem is every legal method is spammed by spammers.
    I really agree with you..!!!!
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  85. Solomon raj says:

    Nice Article, Now-a-days press releases became very important aspect to rank well on google serps and i like the article very much as it explained good part of seo strategies and thanx for the great article

  86. Richard Benson says:

    A very informative and useful post !! Good strategist should be SEO , SEM and Good content developer that can help him/her to promote their business through web marketing tools .

  87. My only concern here would be when Google will start to discount press releases in a similar way as they threatened to do with guest posting. Everyone knows that press releases are used as excuses to post stuff, like in “article marketing” that would not see the light of day (as a PR release) if it were not for link building essentially.

  88. Can someone help me to give me step wise tutorial to send press release ??
    vikash recently posted…LG 14 Place Setting D1451WF DishwasherMy Profile

  89. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s very helpful for a new blogger like me. Hope you could share more tips for us
    Linda recently posted…Zamurai Video Bootcamp – Huge BonusMy Profile

  90. I never knew this such kind of online press publishes. Hope I will try this . Thanks for this awesome article and guide.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted…How To Download Instagram Images On Your PCMy Profile

  91. PaulJosaph says:

    Thanks Warren! It is really a good piece. SEO professional have a great benefit from this post. Even a non professional person understand your thought in this piece… Bravo!

  92. Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial. Online Press Releases are a great way for SEO and traffic generation as well.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Germany vs Algeria | FIFA 2014 Live Stream | Live ScoresMy Profile

  93. Thanx for this post. This definitely has some unique points for seo consideration.
    Prerna recently posted…Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Face Wash ReviewMy Profile

  94. This is an interesting topic. Over the past three years that I have been heavily invested in SEO and Online Marketing, Press Releases have gone from a relative unknown to “the next big thing” to “mmm…can’t hurt, not sure if it will help”. They have always been on the expensive side to get them published somewhere decent. But for those that do it right, there is still definite benefit.
    David Shaw recently posted…How Can I Make Money On The Internet?My Profile

  95. Alex Taylor says:

    Hi Warren,
    Totally agree! The practice of generating news releases for SEO purposes has always rankled me. I get it, I do, but I think it’s quite telling that many PR pros had not been optimizing. They may believe, as I do, that a news release is a support tool. Strategic and effective communications require a multi-channel approach strengthened by a deep understanding of target audiences and artful storytelling.

  96. Hi Warren,
    Nice articles dude. I wanna know about replytocom links. I’ve heard somewhere Google panda update penalize the website which have replytocom links.

    is it true???

  97. Well, online press release has its own very importance but I fear the misuse of it for the SEO purpose.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Clash of Clans for PC Download available on Windows 7/8My Profile

  98. From what i can say while this is a good idea to drive traffic the main thing is getting onto popular websites such as google news these will drive your traffic dramatically press releases can help the only issue with them is they tend to be short lived which means that after you publish them they are basically lost after the first week or so. So you need to create content that will continuously drive shares to your website and by doing so you will increase your overall traffic.
    Scott Hartley recently posted…Microsoft Security Essentials Not Up To The Task Of Protecting Your PCMy Profile

  99. Great post. Got me thinking about press releases again as a form of SEO. I had been using them, but it’s been over 6 months now since I’ve submitted any. Honestly, if there was any benefit from them I hadn’t analyzed by inbound referrals to see if it was significant. But as you stated, Google and the other search engines will only provide you with positive SEO results if the content quality is there.
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  100. press releases are always good, this is a good tool for high amounts of traffic and exposure, great article.
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  101. Eugene Choo says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have Google your article while searching for SEO information and has indeed widened my knowledge on increasing my page rank on Google search knowledge. This has also shorten my learning curve on SEO my real estate site. Thanks you very much. Your sincerely,

  102. Hi Warren,
    I completely agree with you! Press releases are the major source of driving traffic to your website, if used smartly. Looking forward to see more posts from you!

  103. Amazing post Warren. I’ve heard that press releases drive a lot of traffic, but haven’t applied the concept before. Guess i’ll give it a shot :)
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  104. Hi Warren,

    Very useful article. I didn’t have much experience about how to release press. But I know a little much about it that by releasing a press you can distribute your copy to thousand’s of press release sites and get lot of traffic from them.

    Thanks for sharing this article.
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  106. It is a indeed great way to get traffic, but it is hard to get a news that is press worthy.

  107. Tom Hofman says:

    Do you think press releases are still good for SEO after Penguin 3.0? Or is it better to rel=nofollow the links in your press release?

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