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Wade Harman
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The Google Rank

The Google page rank system with the idea of getting links is an elusive subject to many people. In fact, most people don’t really truly understand what it is, and no one can really answer the question of how it is processed, however, there are a few things that you can do that has proven to increase your websites page rank online.

#1-Get Inbound Links-Links will improve your overall page rank. It may not make a difference overnight, but it will make a big difference in time. Through the years, I have developed different relationships with bloggers who have high authority page rank, which eventually led to link exchanges, guest posts, and other links examples like this. If you have friends that have high quality sites, all the better, if not, then this may take a little longer to accomplish. However, on the other hand; when I first started out blogging, I would take a link where I could get it. You may not be able to be picky about what rank a site is that wants to link to you. I took page rank 2’s and 3’s and was happy to get it too! Now I know the way that last statement sounded, and I didn’t mean for you to think that! Yes, you definitely have to be picky about what type of site is linking to you! In my opinion, the more relevant the site is to your niche, the better off you are.  High quality sites that can offer you links, is the best way to go.

#2-Remember To Do SEO: Search engine optimization is very important in getting noticed by Google for higher page rank, however, I recently blogged about 3 Things To Forget To Make Money Blogging. This simply shows you that you can over-optimize a blog post too much. Have you ever went to someone’s blog, and maybe it was even on the first page of Google, and you couldn’t really understand what they were talking about? This is usually because the blog post itself has been stuffed with keywords, and optimized for the search engines! I strongly recommend that you refrain from doing this simply because the reader is the one you want clicking your “money” ads or whatever it is that you have to sell.

Do the website SEO just like you always have. If you have WordPress, there is a great free plugin called “Yoast” that really helps you optimize the entire site. However, if you really want to see resultswith page rank, I suggest SEO Presser

When it comes to blogging, however, just write for the reader! Anything else, is going to leave them confused and clicking off your site. The

point is to keep them coming back!

#3 Write Original Content:I guess this kind of goes along with #2. Keeping your content fresh and original is important. The reader may not know it, but they want to see something interesting, helpful, funny, or informative when they visit your blog! Show them that! Another tip that I will throw in here is in order to keep your blog fresh and helpful, there is no way that you can come up with one great blog post every day. Now unless you are super smart and know it all, or you are using a Black Hat article spinner, then you are not going to be able to write great content every day! I will give you this, sometimes I will come up with what I believe is a great post, and then the next day think of another great post, but I normally don’t do that every day of the week!

The experts say to blog every day, but let’s be realistic, you just can’t do it and keep up the integrity of your blog! Remember the point of all of this is to keep your reader coming back to you!

#4 Keep Calm With the Links!  I know that it is exciting to go and leave a bunch of comments on people’s sites. In fact, many bloggers hear that it is important to increase your page rank on Google this way so they immediately start leaving links anywhere and everywhere, doing link exchanges with anyone who will do it with them! Remember, #1 on this list. Google cares about the quality of the links that you have, not the quantity.

For those of you who surf the internet on Mozilla Firefox, I recommend SEO Quake to use as part of your linking strategy. This will show you the number of incoming links as well as the number of outgoing links that you have.

On a separate note, 5 months ago I found that a lot of my affiliate links on my site were being counted. I had no idea until I got SEO Quake. This goes to show that you have to use the rel=”nofollow” tag a lot. The next month, after I cleaned my mess up, my page rank went up to a 3!  Do a brief overview of your site and check your outbound links because this does affect your page rank immensely!

In Conclusion:Links are an important part of blogging. They are even an important part in making money, because without them, nobody knows where your site is. Keep them wrangled in from time to time. Also keep your SEO up to date, but remember, don’t write for the search engine! There is too many people doing that right now anyway! Be a friend to your reader and write original content and great articles, because it is more than likely they will be back!  Having high page rank is just the icing on the cake after you get established!

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