Content Marketing to Build a Customer Base for your Business

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Arjunsinh Chandravat
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Arjunsinh Chandravat
Arjunsinh Chandravat
Arjunsinh Chandravat

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Arjunsinh Chandravat
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article marketing in 2011

Content marketing means creating valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Relevant content that relates to what you sell is essential for content marketing and the content must educate people so that they know, like and trust your business. No business can be completely oblivious to internet marketing, especially if they are targeting an audience that is far flung.

Medium of Content Marketing

There are numerous mediums one can use to market content on the internet, the main calling card being one’s business website. The business website is the company’s first introduction to its customers in the virtual world. It must cover all the information related to the business and its products and services in a concise fashion and present it innovatively to attract the customers’ attention. For instance, using animations, gamification of tabs, colorful images, videos and well written content will be hard to give a miss. The website can be made interactive to keep the customer involved while they are browsing.

Another medium of content marketing is social networking sites, which are fast becoming the top marketing hub for all businesses. Irrespective of its size, every business today has a page in the leading social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. There is both free as well as paid content marketing options on these hubs and they also offer services, which the business can use to measure the success of their marketing strategies.

Marketing Effectiveness

Online content reaches the business audience faster and it is easier to measure in real time. Further, online content marketing is by far the most inexpensive form of marketing since the initial investment is quite low and the results are faster. However, it is essential that the marketing happens through the right channels in the relevant spaces so that the target audience can view the content faster. For instance, if you have a hotel business, it would be sensible to advertise on some travel page rather than a medical community page.

Elements of Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about building an audience for one’s business. However, using tricks such as link building and improving your rank on Google’s search page through any means available will only get you so far. Relevant content is what is required to ensure you hold your ground. In fact, Google penalizes websites that use unreasonable means to market their website by improving the page rank. Hence, it is essential to build authority, using relevant and informative content along with Google Authorship. There are content marketing strategies that one may adopt to build their website popularity such as submitting relevant blogs and articles to websites with backlinks to the business home page added. The internet can be used to build alliances to ensure that your website content receives more likes, shares, links and ultimately, traffic.

Content marketing is not only here to stay, but grow further as technology advances and the use of the internet grow. In fact, a vast majority of Smartphone and tablet users have internet services on their mobile devices which they use to browse relevant content. Hence, relevant and good content is not only essential, but critical for your business.