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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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If you were on the planet Earth during 2013, than you have probably heard about what Red Bull did. What we saw was such a creative way of brand promoting that it is simply hard to explain with words. As a business owner, you need to look into the future, having what Felix did in mind. Of course, we do not think that you are able to invest into such an endeavor, and that is why it is important to know that content marketing is not necessarily something that requires enormous amounts of money.

Can we actually establish what content marketing is? It is about creating, sharing, or re-sharing content that is somehow connected to you, your brand, your products or services, and most importantly, to your audience. The aim of this is to attract new customers, but more importantly, engaging your already existing audience and creating a permanent base of loyal followers that will advertise your products for you.

First of all, you will want to find the perfect social network that you will be able to use for that. Naturally, there are many other ways of engaging your customers, but online social media have the biggest audience, and can be extremely cost efficient. When we say social media, names like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ spring to mind, but it doesn’t mean that they are all the same, on the contrary, they all have their own unique advantages and drawbacks.

Facebook introduced certain algorithms whose job is to make your life miserable… no, wait, their job is to determine who is going to see what you post and who is not. Decay over time is also a group of words frequently used. This is all done so that you have to pay in order to get promoted. While this can be an extremely good advertising strategy, it has been widely criticized by brands. Twitter on the other hand, offers a much more limited platform, but what you post there as a brand, everyone will see as soon as you do.

Your posts must be relevant, informative, and interesting things. There is no easy way of doing this except that you must follow all the popular trends and use something that is related. Use memes, talk about recent sport events, watch Oscars, and give your comments about the newest movie. Look at those successful marketing movies. Remember that not everything that you post has to be made by you. You can easily repost something from other sites (with a link added) if you think that it was related with your company. If you are selling pizza, you can easily mention how olives are good for your health.

Try and be proactive, you must go to your customers, you do not need to wait for them to come to you. Go to forums that are related to your area of work, and post there, not by pushing your product, but by being a quality member of that community. Try and have a blog where you can collect all your thought others might find interesting, and this is called Guest Blogging. If that goes well, you might want to try posting on other blogs, so that you can broaden your audience.

Remember that the goal is turning your faceless brand into something that has a heart, and what better way of doing that than giving it human features. You want your posts to be funny, sarcastic, show that you can be touched by others, and that you too enjoy the same things as the people that follow you. People want a unique experience, and what is a better way than showing that you are not some robot, but a living being, and do not always hide that your job there is to promote your product. People will appreciate honesty.

Of course, this can be very demanding and time consuming, which is why you might want to consider looking for professional assistance. This market is really ever changing, and if you want to be successful and to stay that way, you will really need to pay attention to all the newest trends. Try and be unique, how exactly will you achieve that is up to you, but you will have to find something that suits you and your business area. Feel free to explore a bit, but just make sure to engage your customers, and they will reward that with loyalty.