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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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You are young, ambitious, energetic and highly motivated. You have a good business idea and you desire to be your own boss. Or you have had rich experience of working for somebody else and now you have decided it is time to stand on your own. You are willing to take the risk and try something new. What is the best way to start your own company? Who will your employees be? How to get through to the clients? How to make a good business plan? How to find investors? How to make it all work? When embarking on this journey you need to be very smart and thoroughly plan every step of the way.

The Drawing Board


The most important thing in the very beginning is how good your product is, or how good the service you will provide is. Start with what you know-think about what you would like to have on the market, but it has to something innovative and fresh, something that nobody hasn’t thought of yet. If you decide to deal with something that many companies already deal with you have to think of a new approach, and incorporate something more appealing to the potential customers. Don’t be unrealistic though-it is crucial that you stand firmly on the ground and think clearly and practically. It is good to be imaginative and creative; however, it would be a huge mistake to live in the imagination and not pay attention to the basics-meaning your clients’ needs. The clients should always come first. You have to adjust to what they want and be very perceptive of their needs. No matter how good you believe your product is if nobody else wants to buy it, you are finished.

The Art of Not Being Too Pushy

Your business plan needs to be carefully written and extremely detailed as it is the document that contains all the vital information about your company’s further development. This obviously includes finances and your plans for the future.  Also, think carefully about your marketing options. You need to find a way to approach your potential clients directly and friendly. Online email marketing is very popular today and some of the best email marketing solutions of modern business practice include permission based email marketing. It works rather simple-you do not send spam email to a large number of email addresses but instead you send emails containing marketing material, like brochures, leaflets and special offers only to persons who have previously given their permission. This form of marketing is highly effective as you don’t have the risk of annoying random people and creating a negative reputation for your brand. Instead, you only form a connection with the persons who are truly interested in your promotional

material and who are really your potential clients. You are able to develop a strong relationship and create a strong base of loyal customers. This form of marketing has proven to be very successful in Australia for example. Your emails won’t exasperate nor bother the receivers; on the contrary, they are likely to find them rather informative and useful and in fact consider your offers.  Spam emails get deleted and are rarely even read; while permission-based email marketing enables you to really come through to your customers.

Finding the Right Software

business software

These days companies use various types of software for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of their service or performance. There are software that can help you with project management, client management, sales management, billing and invoicing etc. With appropriate software or applications at your disposal you can out perform your rivals who are in the same line of work. The main reason why this is important is because you are in a start up phase therefore people do not know who you are, thus they lack trust in your service, which is why it is crucial that the service you offer is of higher quality than your competition.

Creating Your Own Blog

This opens up a lot of possibilities. For starters you have an opportunity to share the content from your website on other websites, which is a part of inbound marketing. However, your blog content is to be considered a viable linking material, you need to write useful information. In other words you are not creating a blog, just for the sake of having a blog. Offer valuable insight in the topic, how your services truly benefit the users, if  you simply use it to spam your brand name in each article, then you are making your blog into an obvious marketing tool, which will only backfire. Your niche is determined by your line of work and your sincere advice needs to come from your expertise in that field. Once your blog is filled with quality content you will have a great deal of sharable material, for either linking, or creating social media buzz.

In the end, if you have definitely decided to start your own business you need to realize that achieving financial or any other independence is never easy-you will have to think everything through, plan everything, decide on what to do with your idea, consider who your clients are and what is it that they expect from you.  Find the coworkers you can rely on and who share your ideals, respect work ethics and are dedicated, but always think twice, even when it comes to details. Good luck with your endeavor!