Tips for New Businesses – How Not to Step on Your Own Toes

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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When people search for tips on how to successfully start a business, they are actually asking how to start up a business without the risk of it going on pause permanently. Unfortunately, there is no bulletproof way to start a new entrepreneurship, meaning that there is always a risk that your investment can go down the drain if you are not careful enough. This is probably the best advice for new business owners ripe with enthusiasms, starry-eyed and hopeful. There are a bunch of things that can go wrong and you should be aware of this before you invest too much and can’t back out without substantial losses.

Depending on the niche you are targeting and the nature of the business you are trying to breathe life into, there are different things that you need to focus on. There are some general tips that I can give you to help you avoid more common pitfalls a majority of businesses make.

Knowledge is power

You are less likely to make a mistake if you are informed and if you took the time to read through the subject thoroughly. The importance of this should become obvious when you take into account the fact that 46% of startups shut down due to some mistakes caused by various forms of incompetence. You need to have insight into each individual element of your business so you can manage it properly because even if you hire a highly professional team, the big decisions always come to the managerial part of the company. If you can’t evaluate the situation properly, you can’t make solid decisions and you are probably going to doubt your own decision making process.

The same thing goes for the organization of your entire operation because you need to anticipate the needs and the possible problems before you even start your business. This is impossible to do if you haven’t researched the subject thoroughly. You need to be aware of how businesses most commonly destroy themselves.

The best thing to do is to ask somebody with experience in running a successful entrepreneurship (for more than a decade) for tips. Picking their brain can give you first hand insight into what it’s like to run your own business.

Researching the niche

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Once you have gotten all the general advice you need, then it is high time you start researching your niche. You need to know who your target crowd is and build your marketing campaign based on that information. In terms of pricing, you need to know what the competitive prices are so as to avoid losing money or overpricing your services.

You also need to find some niche value that will make you unique. If you are doing the exact same thing like your niche competitors, what makes you think you are going to be able to pull in customers. They already have a greater brand reputation and have developed some trust with their customers. The fact that you are new on the market will not be enough to help you establish a steady inflow of leads. The fact that you are new gives you that mystical marketing edge, but it is not omnipotent.


Accounting and cost assessment

If you have never dealt with anything more complex than your family budget then you can get into a lot of trouble when planning a budget for your business. There are a lot of things to take care of and amateur accounting is something that is stressful for the person doing it and it leaves a lot of room for mistakes that can literally destroy your business. It is a good idea to get an accounting course that will help you manage and follow all the financial details. Budget control is essential for successful business running.

Before you put your money down, make sure that you have assessed the costs of your investment properly and that you have consulted a professional to check if your numbers are solid.

The right tools for the job

In some cases, you have no choice but to start a business on a minimal budget. There are situations where businesses are barely making for months, working with makeshift solutions and tools. Efficiency is seriously compromised when you and your employees are working without proper tools and equipment. In recent years, there has been a focus on creating cheap but reliable tools for startups and this can really help you out.


This should be enough to start your research. Remember, diligence pays off and thorough research will give you a better chance of surviving. I wish you the best of luck!