What NOT to Wear – Simple Fashion Tips for Men

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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We all try to look our best, and the same way you want to dedicate some time and visit a dentist, you should consider investing a bit into some proper wardrobe. But remember, fashion is a delicate thing, and you can easily buy some items that will ruin your style, and this is particularly important when you yourself are not sure what you want to wear, what will look good on your, and what is currently in style. There are some fashion no-noes which you must avoid if you truly want to be a man of the 21st century.

Let’s be realistic, fashion is not just for girls anymore, and men have not only the right, but an obligation to look the best they can, both in a professional environment and in an everyday setting when hanging out with friends, shopping or simply enjoying a nice day outside. The winter is just around the corner, and now is the right time for some shopping, so we have made a list of things that you need to have in mind so that you can avoid them like the plague and never, ever do them.

1. Tight Fit is Cool – Even if you are a regular gym goer, the chances are that tight fitted clothes do not fit you, simply because they are not practical and they limit your movement – but despite this, many men around the world think that this looks nice. An honest thought: if you really have a nice body, tight fitted clothes will make it visible, but you can achieve the same results with clothes which size is suitable for your body frame. Even when you buy a simple shirt, you should be careful that it is fitted around the torso, and the sleeves should be an inch past your wrist bone. You should look all these things when buying a shirt, not just your waist, or your torso, but the sleeves length and collar width.

2. Pay a Lot for a Good Suit – While we can say that having a good suit is essential for every man, this doesn’t mean that you should burn a hole in your wallet. A good suit can be found for quite a reasonable price, as long as you do not want a designer label attached to it, which can increase its price many times

over. In the end, a suit is something that you might not even need, so based on your own unique needs, create a checklist of things and then decide – you might not need a suit at all.

3. Fashionable Clothes Should Be Uncomfortable – One of the greatest lies served to us by the popular media, and this is especially important for shoes, and our lady friends can completely agree. If you buy a clothing item, a shirt that is too tight or a scarf that is extremely popular yet it makes you itch – this is going to show. Everything, from the simplest t-shirt to the most formal suit should be comfortable for you to spend hours in, and if it is not, your body language is going to show that you are not having a good time.

4. Bags Are Not for Men – Long gone are those days when only women could wear bags and men could only use briefcases. Not only are briefcases not comfortable to constantly hold in your hands, but they are also not flexible enough, and not many things can be put in there, but nowadays, men have so many bags at their disposal. There are messenger bags, duffel bags, satchel bags and old-fashioned backpacks. What is more important, not only can men bags be a fashionable statement, but they are extremely practical.

5. Buy Clothes for Next Two Years – Fashion changes, and what was unimaginable yesterday is extremely good-looking by today’s standards. This can bring you a sign of relief, as you do not have to feel guilty for not wearing all the things that you have in your closet. People change, and so does their style over time, so it is natural to buy things that you want right now, and next year, maybe you’ll like something else, and you’ll buy it. If you force yourself to wear your old clothes which you don’t like anymore, despite them being in perfect condition, will only make you feel uncomfortable, and fashion should be fun – above everything else.