5 Perks Employers Should Offer Their Employees

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Many companies face great challenges when it comes to keeping their staff active. In today’s culture, no one wants to work on just one thing for their entire life. Employees feel the need to move on to other areas for a number of reasons, and one of them is, of course, career progression. But, sometimes, employees feel the need to leave because they don’t feel valued at their current job position.

Keeping high morale in the workplace is very important, because this is how you will have a better chance of keeping those young and talented members on your team. Employees who feel valued and happy in their workplace, perform better and they help increase the overall productivity of the company.

Offering perks to your employees is a good recruitment strategy. So, here are the top perks that can benefit both you and your employees.

1. Casual Dress Code

Not all perks have to be money related, and working in a no-tie workplace is one of them. This type of perk is good if you want to attract young people and students. They will like the idea of working for a company that is forward-thinking, and a casual dress code brings out that impression.

This may not be suitable for every company, but the ones who are considering implementing this perk will experience no financial cost. They’ll even have a happy and relaxed workforce.

2. Free Meals


Food is not only used a as fuel for your body, it can also be helpful in encouraging employees to get to know one another in a more informal setting. Perks in a form of food can attract people to your company, even if you are competing with larger companies.

This will enable you to attract young talents. Your company needs to give off an impression of a fun and modern company. So, organize occasional meals for your staff, pizza, cupcake or doughnut day, a summer barbecue,

or a free restaurant and canteen.

3. Paid Insurance and Urgent Medical Care

Everyone knows how expensive insurance can be and how much time you need to invest in finding the best quotes out there. Some bigger companies are able to offer perks such as free home insurance, car insurance and, in some cases, pet insurance. Another great perk is providing urgent medical care. This is surely something every employee will want to have.

4. Company Retreats and Getaways


Some companies have their own holiday mansions and cottages around the state which employees can use when they are planning their holidays. These can be either free for the employees and their family or it can cost them only a small amount of money. This is great because employees can have their vacations in with nice and comfortable accommodation.

They will come back to work productive, feeling refreshed. Many employees who have recently finished their studies come in with a student loan debt, so this can be an amazing opportunity for them to have a quality vacation for a smaller amount of money.

5. Free Treats

Everyone loves to get free treats that do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Free treats can be something company related, like the products and services the company sells, or it can be something that will suit individual members of your staff.

Some of these treats can be quirky, making your company seem fun and modern, which is perfect for attracting young talent. So, for example, tickets to sporting events, massages and makeovers, gym memberships, clothing and footwear, car washes and house cleaning; all of this will be welcomed with open arms.
These are just some of the employee perks that many companies are using. They are valued as a way of building good team spirit in the workplace. There are many more that can be both creative and useful. So, as an employer, consider offering some of these perks to your employees to make them happy and satisfied. That way, you’ll be on your way towards creating a more productive workforce.