7 Trendy Essentials Every Modern Man Should Own

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modern man

When it comes to fashion, everyone has infinite choices. You can look exactly the way you see yourself in your mind, and no one should tell you what to do with yourself. But, if you think about it, there are outfits you should leave for casual Fridays and your personal time, because while in office, […]

What NOT to Wear – Simple Fashion Tips for Men

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We all try to look our best, and the same way you want to dedicate some time and visit a dentist, you should consider investing a bit into some proper wardrobe. But remember, fashion is a delicate thing, and you can easily buy some items that will ruin your style, and this is particularly important […]

A No-Nonsense Guide to Grooming and Dressing for Men

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Let’s talk serious grooming and style. We’ll break our conversation into two parts and cover the things that really matter. After reading this article, the average guy in the world today will be able to completely refresh and re-design their look with ease. Part 1: Grooming is Half the Battle Man-hair, while it can be […]

Jeans vs. Chinos – The battle of the titans in your wardrobe!

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You are the jeans you wear! Jeans are undoubtedly the staple apparel in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Just like the word cool, no one really knows when and how come it became a fad, but somehow both, cool and jeans, have managed to fight the changing times and still remain relevant and still so […]

Statement shoes – An element of seduction in your closet!

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Red High Heels

And then the fairy waved her magic wand! We’re all used to seeing bold statement outfits and most of us have that daring, audacious colored dress in our closet. But are our shoes as bold as our wardrobe? The French shoe designer Christian Louboutin have justly argued that “there is an element of seduction in […]

Decoding black tie code – A speedy guide to black tie dresses

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black tie dresses

Strengthen your assets, Downplay your imperfections! I went to a company function last week, with a black tie dress code, and it shocked me how many women just do not know how to dress for their bodies. The black tie code can be interpreted in so many ways and yet I saw so many women […]