Jeans vs. Chinos – The battle of the titans in your wardrobe!

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Florence Art Jones
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Florence Art Jones
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Stack of vintage jeans via Flickr CC Attribution

You are the jeans you wear!

Jeans are undoubtedly the staple apparel in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Just like the word cool, no one really knows when and how come it became a fad, but somehow both, cool and jeans, have managed to fight the changing times and still remain relevant and still so cool.

Interwoven at different angles and lighter threads (argh intro to textile), there lies in our wardrobe, the natural earthy tone color chino and its somewhat less dressier day-to-day around-the-house khaki, (though both are used interchangeably). Casual dress nowadays frequently dictates the standard of jeans, but can chinos/khakis stand up to the challenge of the all-time mount Olympus of casual – The Jeans!

Let the battle begin with the skinnier heavyweight champions – the ripped skinny jeans and the skinny khaki pants I’ve rounded up for this occasion. Round one, when the weather starts to heat up too much, you do not want to be wearing denim, the khaki pant, or chino is the perfect alternative with its lighter material. That said they are great with boots and a jumper, making them an ideal outfit for the winter months as well.

Chinos are one of those wonderful garments that can be worn in multiple situations. Pairing rolled up chino’s with flip flops or sandals and a tank top will create an effortlessly casual look that can be worn around town, or on the beach. The chino can also be a great item to wear on a night out. Wear white skinny chino pants with a pair of high heels and a nice top and you are on to a winner tonight.

I have even worn chino’s to work, paired with a light blouse and a pair of heels it’s a fresh but professional look

that differs from the usual office dresses that tend to be standard wardrobe in the warmer months. Just make sure that you avoid any inappropriate styles if you wear them to work. Don’t wear anything that’s low rise or too skinny, as it will make you look unprofessional.

There’s a pair of chinos for every woman

Chino’s also come in a wide variety of colors, adding to their diversity even more. This opens you up to the opportunity of wearing bold statement colors. I have a pair of skinny red chino’s which are the perfect dinner and bar wear. I tend to wear them with a black top and shoes, so as not to be too colorful and keep the focus of color on my legs. Pastel colored chino’s are great summer wear and keep the same chino class without having to stick the mundane beige of traditional chino’s.

When it comes to the style of chino/khaki pants, you can’t go too wrong. For smarter occasions there are more tailored chino’s which are suitable for office wear or more formal events and meetings. If you’re looking for something smart casual, like an outfit you could wear to a bar for example, then the skinny chino is a great option, in any color. There is also the loose fitting straight legged style which does wonders for the appearance of a longer leg.

Short chino’s tend to sit just below the knee and are usually a more summery option to be worn with flip flops. That said, the shorter length of chino looks great with a pair of heels. Avoid the cargo pant style as it does absolutely nothing to flatter your figure, or gain you any points for style. They may be comfy, but sometimes comfort just isn’t worth looking that frumpy.

The chino in all its versatile greatness should be a sure resident in every woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s a trip to the beach or an office meeting, there is quite literally a chino for every occasion.

Lastly, there’s a chino for every taste and when it’s just right you know it, or as wisely expressed by Goldilocks (and three bears) when tasting the steamy sweet porridge: “OWW!” she yelled “this is too hot!”, “Brrrr!” she complained “this is too cold!”, and then… the inevitable, invincible “YUMMY!” when it’s just right!

Your truly,