Statement shoes – An element of seduction in your closet!

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Florence Art Jones
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Florence Art Jones
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Red High Heels

Red Peep Toe High Heel via Flickr CC Attribution

And then the fairy waved her magic wand!

We’re all used to seeing bold statement outfits and most of us have that daring, audacious colored dress in our closet. But are our shoes as bold as our wardrobe?

The French shoe designer Christian Louboutin have justly argued that “there is an element of seduction in shoes“. Go and search for the girl whose foot this slipper fits, the prince commanded his ministers, in that all time tale, invoking prime passion towards shoes. Carrie Bradshaw’s affinity for designer shoes overshadowed friendships and romantic relationships in the big apple. And yes, I also have come to realize that I am a shoe-o-phile - I love a statement shoes, and nothing says statement like a courageous color. Red high heels and sophisticated navy blue pumps are my personal favorite.

When is the right time?

But when is the right time to wear bold footwear? You certainly don’t want to turn up at work wearing your black skirt suit and a pair of cerise shoes. Yes you will look hot, this is a given, but the office is neither the time nor the place for such extravagant foot wear.

The bold shoe should make an appearance when you want to be noticed, but subtly. For instance if you’ve been invited to a wedding, then you can’t wear a brash dress. Bold prints and overly bright colors are a big no no for any wedding. The focus of any wedding is of course the bride. If you wear anything too flamboyant then you risk looking

like a complete simpleton, possibly attempting to outshine the bride, which is certainly not appropriate etiquette.

Statement Shoes

The answer here is the statement shoe. You can wear a simple line cocktail dress, of course avoiding black or white, and pair it with your remarkable shoe of choice. For example a dark navy blue swing dress with pair of hot pink shoes will get you noticed for the right reasons without going overboard. A fragment of individuality will naturally manifests a fashion-forward thinking.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you get invited to the opera or ballet, this is where the overstated elegant dresses and your fabulous shoes can come out to play. Unlike conventional theatre, opera and ballet audiences are unafraid of expressing their fashion views, and these events are certainly the place to show off your shoes. Première nights are peacocking in its prime, and the bolder and edgier the better. Although, I would avoid dress-shoes color matching, as it can be seen as terribly dull and unimaginative. The last time I went to an opening night at the opera, I wore a gray brocade knit dress with crimson red suede pumps. The dress and shoes counter and balance each other, the shoes bring the splash of color where the dress is devoid.

A night out is an obvious place for donning your colorful foot wear friends. Again, you need to be careful what outfit you pair the shoe with. You don’t want to have too many colors, as the whole picture will be too busy. Black skinny jeans are an absolute must have in every woman’s wardrobe and look amazing when paired with brightly colored pumps. Together they define smart casual, but remain timelessly sexy.

The Rule

As a rule, if you go with colorful shoes then wear a plain colored outfit and vice versa. Shoes are unquestionably a multiple outfit accessory that can genuinely make a statement. Almost as when the fairy appeared in that tale, and waved her magic wand to make Cinderella appear shining with smartness and elegance.

Yours truly,