That was fun, let’s do it all over again (but bigger)

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After 8 days, hundreds of emails, tens of support tickets and literally tens of thousands of dollars it finished. The great big 7 8.5 day sale of CommentLuv Premium is over.

Things Learned

This was my first ever paid plugin launch and I learned an awful lot of things. Some things that I’d thought were obvious were not and other things I really worried about just didn’t happen.

here’s a small list

  • No matter how many times you say it is a WordPress plugin, people will ask if it works on blogger.
  • People would rather ask than search
  • The willingness of some people to help others makes you believe in the human race again
  • People just want it to work, always.
  • Sometimes you just have to slide the keyboard away and release it
  • You can’t please all of the people all of the time
  • For some people it is easier to reply to an email with the word ‘unsubscribe’ than click the unsubscribe link :)
  • Feedback is good. It makes things better
  • Detailed feedback is great. It makes things awesome
  • Even questions you as the programmer think are lame can help.
    (if lots of questions come about why isn’t X in there and it actually is already in there then you need to make X a LOT more obvious!)
  • Downsells actually work!
  • You should write your emails a lot sooner than 1 minute before you send them
  • Don’t argue. If someone wants a refund, just refund them and get on with the day
  • Communicate with affiliates and make them feel special, even if that means offering up prizes and other incentives
  • There
    is no better feeling than waking up and seeing you’re thousands of dollars richer than when you went to sleep. seriously, it’s better than the feeling you’d get if you took the Red Bull version of crystal meth (I imagine)
  • Making money with something you wrote for fun makes it feel like you’re dreaming
  • Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker, David Bass and Jon Benson are worth listening to
  • there’s more but my fingers hurt!
  • What next?

    Well, I already did my accounts. For some serendipitous reason, I had just got an accountant and registered for a free trial of an online accountancy software called Kashflow which talks to Paypal and gets updates every half an hour so all those transactions which I’d normally have to laboriously enter into a spreadsheet or other accountancy program were done for me. sweet.

    Fix small issues with the plugin. There’s a small discrepancy in reported comment numbers in the top commentluvver widget and some extra code I want to put in to the feed generation functions so the rare cases of xml errors can be fixed.

    Plan the next launch!! I have deliberately set aside 2 whole days to do nothing other than mind map the next launch. Everything to how many emails, what I’ll offer up as affiliate prizes, how many videos, what they’ll be and even what I’ll say when I win my Oscar, oh wait, different dream :)

    Join the fun!

    I’ll be releasing a free video course on how to get noticed on the internet by doing some really easy, free and fun things as part of the pre launch content. If you want to be part of it, head on over to and add your email to the list and you’ll get notified as soon as it’s ready.