BOL Newsletter #57 – Contest , Sales dissapointment and New plugin coded

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And this weeks winner is Diatta from femme fitale fit club, who recently wrote about Top 5 mistakes to avoid on your fitness journey

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Hey and welcome to another newsletter.

Well I am moving this time because last time I was spinning around in circles and people didn’t like that and to be honest when I looked back on the video it made me a bit dizzy as well.

And it’s okay. Now I am moving and I am right over there. It’s not as nice weather today, but it doesn’t matter because I spent most of the time in front of the computer this week because I will be putting into practice all of those things that I have been learning on the course that I have been doing, you know I told you about that last week.

And, I programmed the thing, coded it, it was only a little bit of code for the new system for registering and when people register it will put their password as their user name and then when they log in they will get promoted to changed their password to a more secure and less easy to remember and stuff like that. That has been coded and I have tested that and it’s working so I will put it in over this week and this weekend to make sure that it works properly and then when the news comes in that’s sorted. Brilliant.

But talking about new users. Since I had the sale when the sale ended I haven’t had any sales for like 14 days!.

That’s the longest it’s ever gone, ever in the entire history of the business of Commentluv. Now I put that down to something that I’ve changed during that time and one of those is the sales video and the other one is that’s it’s on a new system.

There might have been a little friction with people getting a little confused or whatever and like that. I’ve switched it back to the original video and I committed myself to making another video that is similar to that one more modern, more up to date with the things you can do with the anti-spam measures and things like that.

So that’s nice, I’ve got loads more work to do for that kind of situation and well you’re probably used to on this types of newsletters  and

things that people talk about their products. You are used to people saying “oh it sells like hot cakes”, It’s always selling, it’s always selling. So maybe they are not being completely transparent with things when sales aren’t happening.

The whole point of these newsletters is that you could learn from my mistakes. Especially lately I’ve made lots of mistakes! , loads, and you won’t have to spend lots of money learning stuff the hard way and you can do it the easy way for me doing it. You know I hope that’s okay and  it’ll have to be because that’s how it’s going to be.

All right, now I’ve told you about the coded thing about the user names and password and that’s all sorted. I’ve told you about the sales and things like that. The sales video having to go back to the old one because apparently the new one that I made that I thought was really awesome; isn’t. You know but when in sales always be testing. If you are just going to switch it on and leave it and then you are going to ask for trouble anyways. So it’s all well and good. It’s all fair and good. Fair and safe here in business and plug-ins.

And also if you remember last week or the week before I asked what was your favorite plug-in or premium or your go to premium plug-in. Something that you always install and when you create a new site and stuff like that. I am still interested to hear about that, and you can let me know with the link in this post and/ or you could just reply to an email, this email, this newsletter email. And let me know which is your favorite premium plug-in. What one is the best and if you’ve got time you can also tell me why that’s the one that you chose. And that will really help me with some of my research that I am doing that’s applying to the stuff that I’ve learned in the course that I did from the money I got from the sales.

It wasn’t a complete failure. I did make some decent sales, but you know I couldn’t really hope for more because I didn’t do any kind of lead up to it. You can’t just send an email to your own internal list and expect miracles to happen and I really didn’t expect miracles to happen. It would have been nice if it had but whatever I don’t mind this is the way business goes. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad. And, if it’s bad then you do stuff  to it and you tweak things and keep changing stuff until everything is good and then you become bankrupt, but there is no chance of that because I don’t have loads of property and staff and another extraneous expenses for this plug-in. It’s just the plugin and the hosting , and the hosting and the graphics or advertisements and the affiliates and the other stuff for that. So not really that much to worry about.

Okay, so that is me and that is good bye, and I was trying to say it at the same time. Okay so let me know by replying to this newsletter what your favorite premium plug in is and / or you can do the survey form and you can fill it in there, but if you put in this email address then for sure you will get entered into the contest to win $50, which I think is fair enough. I’ll pay you to tell me what you want to use.