BOL Newsletter #55 – Winner of the best category contest & big news !

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Here’s the video and transcription of this weeks newsletter

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Contest Winner

And this weeks winner is Joe from Cepumas, who recently wrote about KOMISYEN KE-68 DARI JOBDIRUMAH.

well done!,maybe someone will leave a comment on your blog to say well done (hint hint!) and get a backlink for the trouble :)

(it will be up to you to claim your prize of a lifetime license to Commentluv Premium, you have until next weeks newsletter comes out)

why not head over and leave them a comment to let them know the good news!


Transcript: Newsletter #55 

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

Oh I’ve got a few things to tell you today. The first thing is who won the subject that I asked about you remember with the email, I said what would you like to be taught when you were a beginner blogger and I will get the right to who is getting paid thousands of dollars to write stuff about that.

And I said whoever gives me the best suggestion gets $100. I made the thing right then and there on the video, but these subjects have been sent over to the writer and I’ve got a winner of the suggestions and I will show you those suggestions in a couple

of videos time when I explain who won and how they won and what they are going to win.

And the other thing I want to say is for my birthday on the 12th of June I am going to have an extravaganza that is not too extravagant because you know I am sick!

So what we are going to have is we are going to have some way of helping me get a new video editing suite, and I really need one because the old one is just too old now.

Its old hardware, old software and I want to get a new one. And so, what I can do is I am going to use this as a litmus test to see where Commentluv is going to go.

And also If I get a new video editing suite oh it would be so sweet to get a suite and be able to make loads more of extra tutorial videos  just for Commentluv members and all the other things that I’ve got planned for Commentluv after this mini little launch.

So this is what you do, on the 12th of June keep an ear out because I am sending the email out and making  a video on Facebook on twitter and stuff like that and I will be giving you a chance to get Commentluv premium for more than 50% off.

And, it’s using a special coupon code which I will tell you now: helpandy. All one word, all lower case letters, and use that as your coupon code and you will get more than 50% Commentluv premium and all the extras and stuff that I’ve got in line for Commentluv premium updates.

Okay then, so keep an eye out, keep an ear out, keep an, –oh I don’t think there is anything else to keep… keep a figure tip out if you are reading braille. So keep everything out if it’s not too cold and I will get back to you nearer the time and just let you know how you are going to get extra 50% off, –more than 50% off Commentluv Premium, it’s totally worth it.