BOL Newsletter #54 – Help me get a new video editing suite.

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Transcript: Newsletter #54 

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

Well actually this newsletter wasn’t supposed to be happening because  I was supposed to have a week off, but you know I do what I normally do when I’ve got time off and I start fiddling, tweaking, and tweaking stuff and, as a result of fiddling and tweaking, and tweaking stuff my video editing Suite had been declared shit and unfit for purpose.

It took ages to edit these videos. I was playing about with the staff I was making it good, and it looked good. I’ve got a voice over, music and stuff like that. Then someone pointed out to me that it had a typo in it, it said “the the”, and I just hadn’t seen it before. Al l that time I spent looking into the video and I didn’t even see that typo. So I had to redo it all again, and another 18 hours of rendering and another editing and oh blahahahah.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely positively something must be done about my video editing suite. I need to get a new one; new software, new hardware. It used to be good but that was years and years and yonks ago.So I want to get a new one. And also this month it’s my

birthday, which is brilliant by the way because now I get to be older!

So as traditional on my birthday I do something good for the customers and for non-customers and stuff like that and so, I am going to combine my absolute desire and need for a video suite that actually works with my birthday, and I am going to do some sort of extravaganza, but it’s not going to be too extravagant because you know I am sick. So you’ve got an opportunity now within the next couple of weeks to get something really special and really good. I’ve got to work on that this week and I will let you know by email and by osmoses you will find out what’s going on.

And if you are a Commentluv Premium user then I would love it if you would send me an email and get in touch with me and connect with me because there may be some way that you can help me get my video editing suite and it won’t cost you anything more than just time. I mean talk about articles or videos or even just promising to do a tweet on a particular time. I would really love it if you’d get in contact with me. Of course I won’t reply straight away, but I will reply I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise. Oh god what have I set myself up for now?

But, definitely I need a new video editing suite. It’s so horrible to have to wait hours and hours and hours for something to render and think it’s done and then it’s not; and then having to do it all over again. Such a pain in the ass. I really want a video editing suite and then I could do really cool tutorials for like really good stuff that I can show you and then you can say ‘oh I am really glad you got the video editing suite’ or something like that.

So watch out in the next couple of weeks I am going to be emailing and Facebooking and videoing too, and I will be telling you about my new video editing suite. And, there is something special that I am going to do for my birthday for everyone.

Actually I think it will be good because every time I’ve done it before people say ‘oh that’s brilliant’. And it will be brilliant again, mark my words. Just keep an eye out. And if you’ve got a Commentluv premium membership already please, please, please get in contact with me and I will let you know what some of the stuff that we can do over the next couple of weeks that might be mutually beneficial.