How to find CommentLuv blogs to comment where you know you should

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Here’s the video and transcription for the newsletter #47

Oh! and the winner of the first weeks lifetime license is : Savvy Scot who recently wrote about When saving money, be time concious

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Newsletter Transcription

Hello and welcome to another Newsletter live and on video, actually not live, but definitely on video. :)

Thanks very much for the feedback from the last video about the video, about the sales video, about the site, all sorts of things go brought up and now I am really pleased that on video I can address those things with tippity tappity you know what I mean?

So the first thing that got brought up was about the color of the video, red wasn’t really good. A few people mentioned that, David did as well. David mentioned another thing as well that I will bring up. I’ve changed the color of the video from red to blue because blue is apparently a more relaxing color.

And also I’ve changed the name of the girl from Skyler, God knows what I was thinking putting her name as Skyler, anyways well I’ve changed it to Mary so you know that is pretty much a universal girls name. Everybody knows that’s a name of girl, not a digital device call Skyler.
Anyways it’s a work in process and it’s never going to be a final thing until I get some good feedback from people like yourselves.
Also Roberta mentioned something about not commenting on enough blogs. Well that’s the general gist of it anyways. She didn’t say that, but the way it worked out was that she was reminded that it’s a two way street and that made me think: why not I make a video for you to use for how to find blogs to comment on?
one: they are commenting on people or they like to comment,
two: you are going to get a link from CommentLuv and
three: they are going to be interested into you because the other articles they write are interesting to you.
So win, win, win. So at the end of this video is going to be another video with a little tutorial, I’ll separate later, of a little thing, but that will teach you how to find blogs to comment on in an organic way that isn’t passing the list of comments on sites and not knowing the type of site they’ve got and if they give commetnluv and all that blah blah blah blah.

So definitely at the end of this video is going to be another video about how to organically find CommentLuv sites to comment on. How about that? Make sure you watch until the end.

Also I have got to say something else as well. Oh yeah I forgot to take the forum down from the website because I can see the error log that there is loads of really nasty errors from the forum that I was using. I don’t think it was the forum I think it was an attack on the site by bots which happens all the time by the way its rubbish and such a pain to deal with.

But, anyways I’ve removed that forum and I’ll be pointing people toward the support site if they want to ask questions and stuff like that. As part of that I will be doing more videos about how to do the simple things.

The end of this video is start of it so make sure you have watch of that and send me some feedback or any more questions that you want to do and I’ll answer them on next week’s video.

Oh and I’ll mention who won the contest this week, I’ll put that on the bottom of the post on ComLuv and then you’ve come to that site and the person if they are the winner they can send me an email and claim their free lifetime license for CommentLuv Premium.

Once they do that I will be able to send it to them, everybody is lickety split happity dappity. But in fact though the person that wins though does have to do some sort of reaching out to me to give me their details because you know it’s a two way street.

Hello it’s Andy Bailey from CommentLuv in this video I am going to teach you how you can find other blogs to comment on where you know you will get a link, you know the owner likes to comment on other sites which is good because they will be commenting on your site, and also that their articles resonate with you.

Here we go now I could show you as ComLuv as the basis, but what I want to do is encourage you to visit other popular sites, now here are just a few.

Let’s have a go at

Now Famousbloggers is run by Hesham. Hesham is a top guy he writes applications and plug ins and writes really good articles.

So what we are going to do is we are going to see here and have a look at Hesham’s post here. Now this has to do with Tweets. So you could comment on these sites, but also as well as commenting on these sites because they have good articles, you can have a look at their comments.

Now if we look down here we see here this hover icon, this heart, has got a little plus on it.

The only two ways you can get a plus is either if you have registered to the site or that you have CommentLuv Premium.

In this case they’ve got CommentLuv Premium so you know that if you go to this person’s site that

you are going to get a link back provided that you give a good comment because remember they’ve got anti-spam tools for CommentLuv Premium.

So if you give a bad comment you end up getting bad stuff, but anyways. But point is, that if you hover over that you can see some of the other posts that person’s has written. So you can see if they have resonated with you.

You can also see here they commented on other posts on this very site and so they have 14 approved comments, you know they are a commenter.

So it’s a good idea to comment on this person’s site because they might as well come back to your site and comment on it.

Now if you go up here you can see the description about the blogger. Now this blogger isn’t actually Lisa this is a guest blogger on Lisa’s and it tells you there.

Now this is a good thing as well because you know that Lisa accepts guest posts from bloggers and so that’s another way that you can get backlinks, exposure and authority just by writing a post on Lisa’s site.

Now let’s have another

Now this is a site run by Kristi Himes and she’s got loads of expert bloggers and stuff like that writing for her and she also writes for Kiss Metrics and other top quality authority sites.

So if we click through to her post here and you can see it’s got 156 comments, which is really really good by the way

Now this is a large article and its all tips from all of these fantastic bloggers.

Oh look there’s Anna and some other bloggers there that you might recognize from there.

Now this is a very large article look at this, this is going to have a really good afternoon reading on this and all of these tips from known bloggers so it’s worth giving this a really good read. In fact every article that you are going to comment on you are going to obviously read it because if you don’t read it you can’t comment on it, you won’t be able to know what you are talking about, it’s not worth it.

The idea here is not just to get a link, the idea here is to network and connect with other bloggers, but not just these sites. If we scroll do to the comments after we have read the article, which is huge!, let’s have a look here.

Right here Kristi does not have the hover icon because CommentLuv Premium allows you not to show that, but even so you know that people that are leaving comments like this are quality bloggers.

Then you can click through to their post right here if it was interesting to you because they have good comments you know they are going to have good comments on their site as well, its’ just how it works.

Now if you’re not really into the SEO kind of thing have a look at Now Kim does amazing articles about really useful stuff to use like application or online tools, things like that.

Always you can find something of interesting on Kim’s site.

So let’s have a look here. Again here is something. This is a really useful tool how to do the correct sized images and stuff like that online.

Now after we have read the article we have a look at the links below. Now Kim’s got Google+ comments, but below Google+ comments she’s got CommentLuv comments as well or wordpress comments that have CommentLuv on them. And straight away we can see that harlina has a plus on her icon and we hover over that we can see that some of her other posts she’s got some good lists posts as well and some of the other post she has commented on on this site you can see exactly that she likes to comment. 59 approved comments that means that she’s a good commenter and you can see that on you link that we’ve two clicks on this exact comment and have 11 in total so she’s having a popular article that is getting clicked from CommentLuv on through to her article.

So let’s have a look. Harlina has CommentLuv Premium and let’s have a look at this link.

And here we go there is Harlina smiling “Hello”. Right, let’s have a look down in the comments here just to make sure she’s got CommentLuv. Wow look at the size of this article. Now this is a pillar article. No wonder if it’s had clicks.

That is definitely worth an afternoon and you can see here that Shalu Shama she’s got a plus on her little hover icon there and she is talking about India.

If you are an Indian blogger or you talk about Indian stuff this may be a site worth visiting because you will be in your niche and you’ll be able to connect and network with this person.

Let’s Have a look. Yes she’s got some other good comments and posts and she’s commented 106 times on this site () so definitely she likes to make comments.

So if you go to her site you have an interesting and quality comment then you can be pretty sure that she is going to come and check you as well.

And so that’s how you do it.

That’s how you do something called Blog Walking, but you have to do more than just visit the popular sites you have to visit the people that comment on those popular sites especially if they are in you niche.

And that’s how networking is done. You connect with people in your likeminded blogs and they connect with you and then your sphere of influence increases, and your authority increases, and of course your traffic increases too. So that’s how you do it.

That’s how you visit blogs that you know you will get a comment, you know you will get a link, and you know that the blogger is top quality.

Here’s the new colour for the sales video

any feedback?