SEO: Why Its Important?

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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is an important part of Digital Marketing, where a series of continuous work is complied in the form of on page and off page activities for a website or a web page, which affects its perceptibility on a search engine’s voluntary results. As the Search Engine Optimization commonly referred […]

Why Go for Digital Marketing Training

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We live in a world, where the evolution has stated looking visible. Post computer age, the internet started to evolve over, and thus slowly took over everything, starting from everything we do, we search, we socialize, and we buy, in short everything we do on Internet. It is a like a viral fever which soon […]

Image SEO Tips For Better Ranking

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Your ultimate image SEO tips for better result and ranking. In this article you will find 5 different most important image SEO tips. Actually they are well known but still most of them get neglected by almost everyone. You all must be having a question. Why? to take so much trouble, after all its just […]

10 Steps to Overcome a Google Penalty

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Recently Google has started to penalize websites or blogs that use SEO practices that go against their Terms and conditions. By using different algorithmic factors, Google looks for sites that are building links artificially by using a variety of different methods, & penalizes them so that these websites or blogs do not rank well in […]

10 Killer Ways To Drive Lucrative Flow Of Organic Traffic

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Everyone present on the internet knows how huge the competition is on the web. Earlier it was just the market that you used deal with but now it’s the whole world you have to fight with. Most of the entrepreneurs who are present on the internet would like to take challenges. The internet is an […]

6 Must Follow Tips For On Page SEO

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SEO is a vast topic, it require many tasks to be done by the webmasters to rank their site or blog higher in the search result. SEO is basically divided into two parts OFF page SEO and ON page SEO. In this post I will share some On page SEO tips which you should follow […]

Understanding SEO for Meta Description

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Meta description is a set of 155-160 characters which can be added to each page or post or to homepage to give a sneak peek into the content. In other words, it is a brochure for your website whose job is to lure the users (clients) in. You can also call it a summary of […]

How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging?

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We bloggers wanted to share and help people (That’s is Our Goal), But not all the bloggers blog for helping others. There are many bloggers who blog for different reasons like, Some blog for Money, Some blog for Fame and respect, the list goes on. But the only think is that Consistency in blogging. It […]

WordPress SEO Mistakes – Are You a Victim?

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Even though WordPress is user-friendly, and even search engine-friendly, are you sure you are taking its SEO potential to the fullest? Even if you are certain of your on-site optimization skills, you can’t be sure you are not making a single mistake and risking poor rankings. Browse through the following mistakes many WordPress users are […]

Top 6 Tricks to Make Your WordPress Site Faster

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  Hi guys I have some great tech tips which will make your site faster. As most of the blogger use WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System) that’s why these trick are specially designed for those sites, which are on WordPress. But before starting let’s answer the most basic question here. Why the load time of […]